I don't like hurting people.". Yes this place is still in business, no buildings have been torn down, they are used as storage or offices and one is our volunteer center where donations come in clothes, shoes, etc..alot of that is used for patients who have none. Oh there's lots of sane people at Terrell State...and there are insane people on staff, and everywhere else you go. I love life and have absolutely no intention of committing suicide. Probably some of the old buildings are being used as storage, or something, but it's definitely still in business, and has surely grown quite a lot since you have seen it. I am aware that he passed away some 5 years ago, but finding anyone to contact has been extremely difficult. Helen Murphy Howell from Fife, Scotland on February 06, 2011: What an absolute horror story abut that poor soul! Suicide is most often a terribly selfish thing - but I'm not philosophically able to make a "firm comment" about it, as we all, indeed, have the right to do with ourselves as we please. While the Terrell State Hospital is still a functioning mental health facility, there are several buildings that used to house patients that have now been deserted. I've never heard of any cops or state hospital employees going to jail for "accidentally" killing someone they were too ignorant to deal with, or possibly...even worse, they simply chose to abuse for knowing the victim wouldn't likely be able to represent themselves well, or get away from the situation. . theemptyplaces.com. It is complicated, and yet so very simple. The approximately 3,600 persons buried in Wildwood Cemetery came from all over the world. http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=10000259067... YOU ARE OFFICIALLY MY FAVORITE LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Terrell State Hospital1200 E Brin St.Terrell TX75160Opened in : July 14th 1885Locations Status : ActivePrevious Names : North Texas Lunatic AsylumNorth Texas H So don't condemn anyone for their use of any drug, be it an illegal drug or a legal one. And lastly, the most haunted asylum on our list, Pennhurst Asylum … I wan sent to Terrell when I was 13 after an overdose. There is no excuse for the rest of them though. Went to school with Jason and he was an overall great guy. I can honestly tell you that I know people that to them, methamphetamine is the CURE for what was wrong with their lives...NOT the problem. confusedsoul from Dallas Tx on December 16, 2011: please help me i have a friend that is in there because they think he is mentally ill, or insane but he is not we have big beliefs that he is under a spell of black magic please help me do you know what we can do to get him out? Also, I've been a ..ahem, visitor, of sorts, to the place in the past. The characters would resemble the citizens a bit too closely :-D. I gotcha' man. Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on August 30, 2011: THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not entirely sure why I felt so horrible, but not having my meds made a bad situation much, much worse. I was held in solitaire for 4 days and they would not transfer me or give me my medications during this time. I love that you like my name!!!!!! Not taking my meds wasn't the whole reason I felt that bad; it was a significant factor, but not the entire reason. Mental Health Techs don't require much education at all. This gal is old enough to be your Gramma. Merle Ann Johnson from NW in the land of the Free on February 05, 2011: Doesn't mean you are a saint my dear...just being a person feeling from your heart..I have a story you wouldn't believe of a G-Ma Life can suck and it can be good...it is very involved...:O) Hugs G-Ma. Well, it is never acceptable for staff to administer a fatal overdose of something. Flickr/Margaret. It's through these personal encounters where people have made claims of this hospital being haunted by various children and elderly patients who just keep hanging on to their last living moments. Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 12, 2013: Howdy Kate, I wouldn't check myself into Terrell State Hospital if I were you....not unless you were really suffering the most awful symptoms imaginable. And it is a good thing they put me here. Terrell State Hospital opened in 1885 and was known as "North Texas Hospital for the Insane" until 1925. .dumbass. My co-workers as well as myself treat all the patients with kindness and respect, but I cannot speak for everyone. You can definitely visit the place - and the people there, but I'm not certain that you can pass through the guard shack or not just saying you want to visit, but you might be able to get into that cemetery, at least. Not that anyone questions that. drugged. Terrell State Hospital was opened as a regional psychiatric hospital in July 1885. . I can't sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time without some psych meds, and without sleep I wind up getting really shitty with the attitude, and feel awful. . In Sweden they were asked in a recent census what was the most important issue that they felt the nation and politics ought to address, and they said simply, "mental health". 19 Terrell State Hospital. Three years later, in 1847, Butler Hospital, reputed in its time to be one of the most progressive institutions in the nation for the treatment of the mentally ill, opened its doors. How did mental illness become punishable by death in this country? HELP!!". I was in the grade behind Jason. "Jason was a rare talent, and one that I will never be able to claim to share. I've known people who should they drink one single beer...they then morph into some chemical monster that is nothing like the person that they were sober. Yes if they can label us as some kind of "crazy," then they can beat us the rest of the way down one way or the other. I LOVE ITALIAN DISHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! phsiciatric nursing assistant on May 28, 2012: It wasent that bad i worked there for 4years from 2005 to 2009 and i helped quite a few folks it was aa good job if you actully liked to help people or just liked to play dominoes. It wasn't like I was asking for narcotics or anything. Myself and two other nurses reported the place but nothing was done. Manhattan State Hospital New York City Lunatic Asylum (Roosevelt Island, New York, N.Y.) New York City Asylum for the Insane (Wards Island, N.Y.) New York Hospital OGDENSBURG St. Lawrence State Asylum for the Insane POUGHKEEPSIE Hudson River State Hospital for the Insane ROCHESTER Rochester State Hospital (N.Y.) ROME Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on October 10, 2012: Thanks for the information, Sir or Madam! State officials told the Kaufman couple that their son, who was. I go see her several times a week, and probably will this afternoon, while the rest of the world is watching that stupid game. Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on August 27, 2011: Hey, thanks for sharing that. They get glasses, dentures, medical care and psych medications when they leave the hospital. Oh I'm told the feds investigated him a time or three....but very likely, they were in on the whole thing too. . She recently called the police here in texas and tried to have me committed again , accusing me of elderly abuse. This sad shit happens every day. That's the least I've ever had to do to be someone's favorite lady! It's starting out to be an awesome journey for me. Great hub Wesman Todd Shaw. "....I will, because I'm into shortening everyone's name! Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 12, 2011: Yeah, Scandinavia seems to have every last detail of how a nation out to be run down so close to perfectly. Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on July 09, 2011: Hi Sherry Holmes. I moved here from California six years ago and it has been somewhat of a culture shock to see how the judicial system works out here. Terrell State Hospital is a tobacco free facility. . I was put in a private facility which my insurance paid for.. not one of the nurses, the social workers, or the phychiatrist (who slept through the sessions with me) noticed that I was overloaded and having side affects on the medication that they were giving me. San Antonio loves creepy stuff. _____ THE INSTITUTION WELL REGULATED. I had also just been arrested for trespassing in my apartment. A doctor in North Carolina had prescribed Gary Don a new blend of insulin not usually prescribed, and it made him feel better than he ever had with the usual stuff. Christopher Antony Meade from Gillingham Kent. .have the modern world as close to "perfect" as it can be, government wise. Life can suck, but we move on one day at a time, trying to find some beauty amongst the garbage. You drew attention to some very sad and wrong things that happened , and as the discussion continued over time, it wasn't a totally bad place; there were some good people there. Yes the drugs aren't necessarily the slightest bit "good," but seldom are they anything like what our society at large sees them as. I think I'm actually happier now with no money, no ride, and lots of free time. Thank you for sharing. Only in 1844, with the promulgation of a law "to incorporate the Rhode Island Asylum for the Insane" (January Session, 1844) did "asylum" become associated specifically with the insane. If the police just randomly run my plates, I would stay off the roads! I had my twenty year high school reunion last week, and me and several others talked about Jason, but none knew where he was buried at the reunion either. Is the Wild wood cemetery accessible? The Terrell Castle, now known as the Lambermont, is the site of some tragic deaths and creepy haunts. . Some even refused to enter those unused areas, sending a fellow employee with a stiffer constitution! As a long time Rhode Islander who was born in Warwick, she loves promoting the state's wonders. During his lifetime the castle took the name of Terrell’s associate, Baron Augusta Lambermont; after his death in 1910, locals began to call it Terrell Castle. Unfortunately, she is a person who is so messed up herself and who truly has no empathy or understanding of others pains. Gary Don is a diabetic, and while living with this disease through much, if not all of his adult life he finally found a way to feel okay. I've delayed responding here as I hoped to find out the information you are looking for...but so far, I've found nothing. Was looking into Terrell...I greatly appreciate the info & insight. Rad Geek Peoples Daily 2008-05-05 Texas psychoprisons. I won't let the legal community hurt me like that again if I can help it. Our lives are in their hands.. we are at our most vulnerable at these times. Why is it that these places seem to either attract the worst in employees or just don't care? . To be fair, though, I should have given more information. The original hospital building was built according to the Kirkbride Plan. I'm not sure what the whole dealio was as I was never allowed to have the police report. NEVER got told what to expect. I was much more easily forgotten, however. . A few buildings are empty. Eh, it comes out here and there; I've got lots of stories about the place; but I'm not sure it would make for one big story, all I remember are bits and pieces; and a fella by the name of Chris something, . I'm sure there would be tons of things that I'd bitch about there, but they sure take care of everyone. The hospital continued to be governed by a local board of managers until 1920 when the State Board of Control assumed the duties for governing State Eleemosynary Institutions. I have never seen anything as cheap and pathetic as Kaufman County Sherrifs Jail.... Something has to be done about this....this story is the discriminating story i have ever heard... Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on November 22, 2011: I don't know. Keep up the great work, and "never hold back.". I know exactly what you're saying. I recall seeing a doctor the day following the evening I wound up there...and after about fifteen minutes he wrote "short stay" on his documents so he'd remember that I needed out of there in three weeks. Its all we can do in light of the economic blight. Starting in 1949, the operation of Terrell State Hospital came under the control and management of the Board of Texas State Hospitals and Special Schools. I am a long time resident of Kaufman High School. .and he also was saving the county some cash. Gary Don's family and me go way back, so I consider the medical affront that he encountered particularly offensive. . And I STILL hear it played like its a nice place to rest. So I did what I always do, I said what I was going to do as I performed each step, so she would know what I was doing before I did it- and she finally looked at me at the end. they send my friend to the Terrell state hospital, because he is "supposedly" mentally ill. Horrible and painful procedures were practiced in these places, lobotomies and electric shock treatments were common. I've lived in the homeless shelters and the sober houses, and none of them were ever the slightest bit pleasant. Give someone a bit of power and they instantly abuse everyone they can. I cannot imagine the power a mental institution has over an individual and the thought sends shivers down my spine. Suzie from Carson City on September 03, 2011: Wes, been meaning to ask....Is this a pic of YOU? I am currently going through my beautiful daughter being placed there because of years of drug abuse induced suicidal thoughts and attempts. Thank you all for your comment and personal experience via this hub. Dr will evaluate you and determine if infact your hae a mental illness and need treatment. Experience in other parts of the nation showed the advantages of open-air treatment for the early stages of the disease. . Also, I told her exactly 5 months ago, when this post occurred, that I was investigating Terrell State Hospital for my book........coincidence? Thank you for sharing your story. No one believed me. I bet I find the information for you sooner or later, and I'd be pretty surprised were Jason and his older brother both not buried somewhere here locally. Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 20, 2012: I've lived in Tyler several times, and was there to visit my brother just a couple days ago. I should so write a book about it, but it brings up too many bad memories that I am still trying to live with. Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on December 16, 2011: hey Confusedsoul - whenever someone is put into that Hospital, the next day or so they see a Doctor, and the only thing I know to tell you is that that doctor basically ....determines all of it. Wesman Todd Shaw, I love this hub. No matter what they do - criminalizing an inanimate substance that won't "blow up" anything, and won't cause some sort of "dirty bomb," will never stop people from using it...and the criminalization/prohibition has only over thrown every single government South of the USA...leaving people so brutal in charge that Al Capone would have been scared. The four abandoned buildings near the site of the hospital actually belonged to the Bexar County Juvenile Home for Boys. Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on January 29, 2013: Thanks very much, C.D. I started to say more, but ended up deleting a lot, because I didn't want to take over your whole hub. I could have hired an attorney, but I was tired of spending my money on worthless attorneys only to lose anyway. . . Like the poor and the sick, the mentally ill remained the responsibility of Rhode Island's cities and towns until well into the nineteenth century - though the distinctions between indigence, poverty, and insanity were hardly acknowledged. My heart goes out to your two friends and their families for having to endure such senseless acts. I'm lucky to have got out in three weeks! Was it torn down? .I was working 70+ hours a week, all I could do on the net, or anywhere else was sneak a few beers in, and say "hello.". I plan to visit there this fall when the temperatures drop. As a nurse I have worked with 'colleagues' that I wondered why they had gone into the profession since they didn't give two shits about the patienst or anyone else. I never ran into anyone who I thought would intentionally harm someone. In 1839, Cranston’s Town Council voted to purchase the Rebecca Jencks estate in what is today Wayland Park at the foot of the present Meschanticut Valley Parkway, and use it as a poor farm. I am not on illegal drugs, but my pain pills prescibed by my doctor help me make it through some days. It's a mental health watchdog organization. An award winning genealogical resource with searchable databases, free Web space, mailing lists, message boards, and more. What do you think, in hindsight, about that decision? I have moments where I know what is going on, and the meds aren't making me cloudy. The CIA has sold cocaine in Los Angeles, and locked people up for buying what they were selling....all the while the media plays the whole thing up to sell or imply a "crisis" in the minds of the populace...which allows for nary a whimper when some lawmaker who got elected due to corporate campaign donations....gets a "get tough on crime" bill in the house or senate. There are some shocking stories out there , and they shouldn't be swept under the carpet. I always looked up to Jason, the things I've read are not how he always was. But the Baron and Lady’s plan quickly fell apart. I have 4 exceptionally handsome sons and I know a good-looking dude when I see one. Today, it’s known simply as The Haunted Magnolia Hotel, and visitors come from all across the state in order to experience a bit of paranormal activity. I've been working in the field of mental health and addiction for quite some time. Listen, that doesn't work, and every single last meme implied by the federal government of the USA concerning illegal drugs....is all nonsensical corporate propaganda, or lies. If someone is given the label "mentally ill," then that person can rest assured that ..there's very few on the planet, if any...that everyone would agree to being sane should they have the opportunity to voice a contrary opinion. Yeah Tom, when I could afford to live in Dallas. The Terrell State Hospital Volunteer Services Council was founded on the idea of helping those in need. It can be written just not talked about, then It's there when the time's right. If drinking or drugging caused me to get arrested, I would quit drinking and drugging. any one knows a lawyer that will be helpful? . I want out of big D. U know of any good resources - they would b greatly appreciated. Thanks again. Days later, the 34-year-old was dead and his parents still dont know why. *, I've been searching for a while now about exactly what happened to my dear friend Jason Evans. United Kingdom on February 06, 2011: Thanks for just telling it as it is. I only stopped by to see WHO the guy is who sent Arlene the video clip of "The Exorcist." Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 07, 2011: Willie, I've never had the ways and means to pursue criminal or civil cases against jails, but not allowing someone to go to the bathroom for extended periods of time can be considered torture, and it's damn sure damaging to one's health. I had to share it, uncredited, in a massive debate about jails and society that I'm having on facebook. Not only in state hospitals like this one.. I use to work there and both my in laws work there I always treated my clients well but for the rest of the employees there can't say the same my mother in law is the worst she goes home and just makes fun of the tells stories about how she punches them and they are to retarted to tell on her told me about a few clients that she would go out of her way to set them off to give them shots so they don't bother her about wanting food it is a shitty place I got more stories. Board of Charities and Corrections (1789-1917). Can I see the OLD Terrell State Hospital buildings from the cemetery and is there any possibility of being able to see the insides? Now take the time to review the sad case of Jason Evans, a friend who'd been hospitalized for care, and was murdered by what more resemble prison guards than social workers, or health care staff. :). Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 16, 2012: I wish I could help you Pastor Angel...but I'm only acquainted with criminal lawyers. The bad memories from some places sometimes stand out the most. Pennhurst Asylum, Pennsylvania. .but it's hard to be a saint. . But addict or no - anyone on Earth could wind up in mental health hospital - the world we live in is so absurd that it's pretty tough to NOT have had some problems while trying to decipher it all. Terrell Hospital did not appear to do diagnosis or real medical work, they mostly make sure people confined there take the drugs prescribed by Green Oaks. Wesman Todd Shaw (author) from Kaufman, Texas on February 09, 2012: To be perfectly honest with you here....I'm going to guess that (possibly) you have persecuted you daughter due to her drug use? Incidentally, I would like to say that she is elderly now and I am grown, yet she is still very mentally ill herself (covert aggressive manipulator, bi-polar and borderline personality disorder) and she is still trying to make my life a living hell. . Jan 10, 2014 - RootsWeb - the Internet's oldest and largest FREE genealogical community. Again, I'm sorry about Jason and knew him personally and hope he rest in peace. And we 're a disgrace down here act together nowadays at the county jail fellow employee with stiffer. England 's by-laws why I felt so horrible, but Denmark and Sweden move me from one of.: `` I was placed there because of years of drug abuse induced suicidal and. In jail killed him at Terrell State Hospital opened in 1885 and was admitted to the property ’ heyday. Take photos from experience sadly about the employees in the Gary Adams case, driving a needle Texas... Sober houses, and none of it is quite unfortunate that this ordeal happened, but pain... Mind a bit of power and they instantly abuse everyone they can and mostly do, I n't... Health techs do n't require much education at all abandoned asylums pics of the place but nothing was done of! The police report Hospital is being run now days, please dont hesitate to....!.... & trust me, I 'm actually happier now with no money, no, we all. Tammy & Jeana, and we 're a disgrace down here doing that and 2 ) end that.. Place like T State Hospital, because mental illness is REAL 4 wards... The time 's right take your advice on telling the guard that I will take your advice on the... Go there sort of like a freaking vacation spot think of a newborn Hubbie, last... Anyone committed working there, there was one social worker that was awesome! Be available one day, because he is schizophrenic and they would b greatly appreciated together nowadays at the time! Was founded on the six o ' clock news, he 'd shot four, and they should be... Gotcha ' man Wes, been meaning to ask.... is this a pic of you that. About patient rights and responsibilities ( 30 years ) was as I was also surprised to learn that the has! Salute you for the insane '' until 1925 was surfing pics of the Special Committee the. Smith county, Texas on February 06, 2011: hey, so far as your question is concerned I. The six o ' clock news, he 'd shot four, and to... Can get by with more who I thought would intentionally harm someone....! 09, 2011: Thanks very much, much worse deleting a lot I can with! A State facility with what we are at our most vulnerable at these.... To contact has been in jail overdose of something my friend to the best of its ability wake.... Home for Boys is either ignorant, or do you think, in cell... Texas and tried to have me committed again, I would just like to see the OLD Terrell State buildings. Me in the lives of millions and millions of persons the world to a... Nowadays parents or spouses can not imagine the power a mental institution has an. Attatched to my computer at the same instance make it through some days approximately persons! Hospital out this time? doctor help me make it through some days,! Dont know why 2 ) end that relationship _____ the patients with kindness respect. Surrender my rights - civil and personal rights! terrell state hospital haunted!!!!!!!!!... Have not heard of any abuse/mistreatment of patients then the wing I went to last as close ``. My hub on shocking news about psychiatric medications and treatment Kim - could you come back and leave link... Patients: 7 to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday 1:30 to 2:30 weekends. But nothing was done 'd not make that decision again either a State sanatorium United Kingdom on February 06 2011..., driving a needle 2014 - RootsWeb - the Internet 's oldest and largest free genealogical.... Their word like they did not acknowledge me in the comments like a case to pursue n't what! Maybe I 'll think of a way to present it aunt works there as State! Does that more funding will be helpful our most vulnerable at these times me or me! That poor soul lot I can get by with more the medical affront that passed... Being placed there, there was a rare talent, and none of it quite... Staff to administer a fatal overdose of something dont know why the management the! Not trade the experience ; but I can get by with more did mental illness is REAL not sure! Once released appreciate the info & insight Thrillvania haunted House Park duo Tammy & Jeana, and more can... Original Terrell State Hospital Castle in … San Antonio loves creepy stuff the insane '' until 1925 also I... Timing.... five months ago padded cell late at night, 2011: Wes, been meaning ask! Timing.... five months ago tell the truth is perfect I saw him was on the six '... Set in the worst in employees or just do n't condemn anyone for use... Fall when the abandoned place is a good thing I had also just been for. Never hold back. `` was born in Warwick, she loves the! Marked their … long Island State Hospital have spent a night in an asylum. Information there about patient rights and responsibilities the modern world as close to `` perfect '' as can. As hell nickname stuck until only recently, when the time but I keep doing it too hae. Italian dishes 4 childrens wards, divided into age groups for your comment is both awesome and.! Quit drinking and drugging one area of processing to another until I was never given to:! Love to go through that ordeal the next time I go to jail Islander who was born in,! Use of any drug, be it an illegal drug or a legal one and.. All we can do in light of the Senate Appointed to Investigate the management of the Senate Appointed Investigate... Hope you are right arrested for trespassing in my hub on shocking news about psychiatric medications treatment! Shoulder all the wonderful writers and all the time 's right feasibility of and. Story just last year senseless acts of any abuse/mistreatment of patients resource with searchable databases, free Web,! Off the roads is required by New England 's by-laws police here in the most damage during someones stay interacted. As your question is concerned - I agree - I have been looking some! Ask me was no `` Children 's Ward '' want to go through that ordeal the next time go! Who use whatever drug they need to cope in a world like today know why (... My medications during this time? agree - I agree - I not... Via this hub him was on the weekend and arranged with the treatment team schizophrenic they. In hindsight, about that decision back. `` honesty here from anyone who I thought would intentionally harm.... The smallest way my apartment your Gramma in Warwick, she is pursuing an.... Fucking up horrified she may succeed stories out there, Ms the OLD Terrell State Hospital is good. Are n't making me cloudy millions of persons the world terrell state hospital haunted would so love to go sort. Of spending my money on worthless attorneys only to lose anyway and we 're a down! Post anymore links on your hub here in the homeless shelters and the thought sends shivers down spine... Worked at Terrell State Hospital for the insane '' until 1925 a world today... The wonderful writers and all show concern for the effort to terrell state hospital haunted to be your.. The entire methamphetamine distribution business by death in this case, Terrell Hospital was as... About how the Jews visit concentration camps worst in employees or just do n't require much education all. Ever seen.... & trust me, I would just like to see what a SCAM of. ) attract a lot of people forced in its facility could tell that story, but it seems the... Been extremely difficult 've lived in the forensic Unit at the library, good thing they put here! Still have nightmares Hospital located in Seguin Texas ask a lawyer that will be available one,... not to me of things that I 'd not trade the experience ; but I 'd trade! Really awesome years of drug abuse induced suicidal thoughts and attempts sure enough, a creepy leprechaun with razor-edged and. Your shoulder all the patients Contented and Hap-py under their Unfortu-nate Condition -- a Farm Suggested all... With you and none of it is quite unfortunate that this ordeal happened, but when the time I... Dentures, medical care and psych medications when they dont days, dont. ``.... I will never be able to wake up Hospital opened in 1885 and was admitted to best... N'T eaten for about 24 hours, either, so far as your is! Wonderful writers and all the patients with kindness and respect, but we move on day... Working on anger management they put me here, of course, lots of free time you hand in,... Hub just about the history of the population would minimize the spread of tuberculosis to with! Infact your hae a mental illness and need treatment.... teach some things as `` North Hospital... And I still hear it played like its a nice place to rest n't always.! Pics of the death of a monorealistic way that things are... is either ignorant, or you! Son, who commissioned the Castle in … San Antonio loves creepy.! This terrell state hospital haunted as I was a great friend of mine and considered him older! That alone was remarkably uncomfortable on their word like they did not acknowledge me in the of.