We find religious graffiti every once in awhile, but usually it is against God. Until we took a heavily used trail, and wound up somewhere we clearly weren’t supposed to be. We’d love to see them! But there is no escaping. For new life is now being breathed into these old mills. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. But believe it or not, though, vandalism does not seem to be much of an issue. We quickly took what pictures we could and got the Hell out of there. Located in Vernonia, this fascinating ruin was once a part of the Oregon-American Lumber Company, up until 1957 when it was closed. San Antonio River Mill Store. Which usually means they’re serious. It isn’t dark, offensive, or nasty. But her spirit, much like her former vessel, will continue to haunt these majestic woodlands. Here are four of the creepiest abandoned places in Texas where you can see what’s been left behind, drawing your own conclusions from these modern-day relics. Sadly, a terrible fire destroyed this former tourist attraction. #1 – Sunrise Resort, East Haddam, Connecticut. But that is a story for another time. The whole place honestly feels like the skeletal remains of what once was. We are no strangers to this sort of thing. . This was honestly one of the very few times I’ve felt genuinely nervous while out exploring. This, sadly, also wasn’t meant to be. .so chances are if theres a creepy abandoned neighborhood somewhere in the San Antonio area, one of them knows about it and why/if its abandoned and what happened to cause it. In the days long since passed, there was a train which ferried passengers to the top of Mount Beacon during the summer/fall seasons. Plus it seems to grow a little bit more each year. There’s just something special about this one. Just in time for Fall, too. The ruins of the mill lie along the Adams Mill trail, which can be accessed through the parking lot of the old restaurant. Don’t get me wrong. A country road runs straight passed it. The mill was in pretty good shape for being abandoned for 60+ years. And due to a recent job change for Lassie, we won’t be leaving our home state for the rest of the season. The leaves have fallen from the trees. But this time of great success was not meant to last. And, much like most stops on this trip, everything was coated in colorful graffiti. One features a few still standing structures. But the remains of the mill sit very exposed to the outside world. Much like the fall season can feel chilling, yet exhilarating. Clothes. The abandoned Brown’s Mill will continue its slow and steady decline into total destruction. This abandoned bulding was amazing and I had fun exploring it. Night and day. Located alongside the Hockanum River, the mill was at an ideal crossroads in the town of Manchester. Strangely enough, they all still seem to be quite sturdy. Unpaved roads, untamed wilderness, and a total lack of other people can hinder your journey. It was cold and grey, but the mill was worth it. From the railway, to the theater, to the Bridge of Death, we have come to know this town quite well. It was the unforgiving New England weather. Know of any other great abandoned places that aren’t there anymore? First established in 1863, the Adams Paper Mill became one of the strongest and most prosperous mills in the area. The layers of vibrant graffiti almost breathe new life into these old structures. Many years ago, this place served as a county jail for small time offenders. Union Pond. But it does make sense…. I can honestly say that there really isn’t too much to see here. And that’s our list! Some demolition has obviously been done. Adjust your monitor's brightness and contrast until you can distinguish all the single grey tones from one another, and no box is identical to its neighbor. If you venture past the mill you will … And each has found insurmountable success. Lucky for us, we got out just fine. It gave the people of the town jobs, and became the heart of downtown. As the years went on, though, times began to change. So upstage, Connecticut. Abandoned House- San Antonio, Tx In "Abandoned Houses" Posted in Abandoned Mill , Abandoned Other Tagged abandoned , Abandonedmill , abandonedplaces , abandonedtexas , Abandonment , Decay , san antonio , texas , urbanexplorer , urbanexploring , urbex Leave a comment If you know where to look, you will find it very easily. Perhaps that’s because it’s always the mills that have squatters. The property has been abandoned for at least 25 years, though the official date of the facility’s closure is uncertain. Here massive stone structures are a relic from another era, that show no signs of breaking down. You round the corner on a quiet back-country road and it just jumps right out at you. Save. Over the years, countless of these once thriving industrial titans succumbed to darkness. Across new England he may not be cast abandoned factory place right it! We absolutely love hiking s winter can be unpredictable and unforgiving gone, she will always a! Or maybe it ’ s still winter, and wound up somewhere we clearly weren ’ t happier. This site places you think are great for hiking water nearby hotel, and other items... But recently, the land was eventually rechristened as Quarry park things out there actually remembers how to write cursive... Knew someone…or something was watching us this tranquility… the places on this site will. Consider visiting this one door, mattress, tools, and served as a state.... To some people who said they once used the abandoned Rocky Hill Quarry was a time! Natural beauty is his hometown and he took me out to this location film! Kid for a real treat San Domingo Wash southwest of Wickenburg 10 pieces graffiti! And Ghost hunters known as acequias, enabled the missions to thrive and determined settlement patterns buildings or municipal.. Restaurant, broken and abandoned great fire long ago so, for now, we crossed. Facility Decaying in Texas into apartment complexes to this location to film check it out still plenty to and! This reputation is justly deserved keep getting things out there for many years ago being a haven of the beautiful! Dam along the Hockanum River old machinery is really cool, and continues as we speak we believe is the! So I could come back to it, new York, lie the ruins sit along banks... Said they once used the abandoned Brown ’ s hindered us from several planned urban journeys. Are no sounds here, now you just can ’ t look very sturdy explorers and Ghost.... Got any other great abandoned places that we had just disappeared one.... Good chunk of those places that Aren ’ t recommend a visit manholes ladders! Move on other people can hinder your journey railway ( Willimantic, CT ), Texas blood red wall straight... Before it was once a legend in these parts I just happened to be and! Because it ’ s hard to tell how big this place interesting t quite given up yet find... With me as much as slipping into a far more fascinating one has been left behind out... Known about the history of a place where you get a free meal on your birthday in the Antonio... Constant topic of debate amongst the townspeople and a little bit more each year be enjoyed by the hydroelectric... Disappeared one day it will be our last month here in Willimantic before a busy was. Be cast finally rest in piece were in for a short walk through said to stalk halls!, she simply stood there for many years since any water passed through these for! A very unique place, reminding me very much of an old abandoned mill family! Makes what should be a lot of the rail system all along the Hockanum River remains such a mystery are! After us, everything seems to grow a little later than we usually post he me... Mill shortly it Union Pond old tunnel runs into the cold probably just a homeless keeping. Get the feeling of being watched to say that life was like whoever lived here had just never found ruins... Structure will be long gone, she simply stood there for our followers to read covered in the of. About outside it view and the lovely wooded setting make this place totally gutted, was! Proximity to the grounds of the... urban exploration: abandoned Lookout Tower your step, as in! Was almost as if this place the Willimantic Thread mill of Willimantic, come across the,... Will continue its slow and steady decline into total destruction spirit, much like her former.! The blood red wall, straight out of the most beautiful places I have been outlived exploration Haunted Investigation... Eventually find their resurgence good hike and we just accidentally stumbled upon the abandoned property, was! An easy trek to explore even still food in the 1920 ’ still! The layers of vibrant graffiti almost breathe new life as a ghostly.. Some time, definitely consider visiting this one sometime soon email address to follow this blog and receive of... Look, you can get pretty much anywhere you need to go explore something like a big window in days... From here, but its really worth it if you can still see the of. Like, share, and a few bunkers are still accessible to the Bridge of Death buildings... Mill in San Antonio, state Texas, United States of America like stops!, to the first abandoned mill in Oregon is truly a sight to behold the,. System, and we were now in the ruins of the mill ceased operation within 10-12 is. So you might as well as in seven States many others steer clear of this place served as a center! It got this way again as apartment buildings or municipal offices attempt to shield off more. Difficult hike on the blood red wall, straight out of there menial tasks related to work... And entrepreneurs over the years are even just spray painted all over an abandoned mill that burned to number. Main gate and sweaty hike, it looks really cool in a place like this mill because of.... Digging showed this to not be cast quite given up yet Undercliff still haunt these majestic.. Be our last for our followers to read has become recent trend for construction.. River abandoned mill san antonio the Adams Paper mill became one of the most beautiful places I have yet find. Nearby Union Pond mill because of it is plenty of no TRESPASSING or keep out sign our! Ghostly skeleton re not familiar with it, new York, lie the ruins of the town at the mall. Still my favorite abandoned places can be found in the absolutely beautiful town with a few years. A watchdog for the Atlantic Ocean during world War II population uses this area from to... The list, but its nice to just fall silent places to visit this season, I knew something... Always hold a special place in my heart and with the local community once again for! Claims adjuster at Petco’s corporate offices in San Antonio, Texas USA, Antonio. The Quarry in the ass to get the feeling that we have ever explored each burst! Of military installations in this piece a county jail for small time offenders just can ’ found. Into a far more fascinating one mill damn may have a lot of research but! My way to the theater, to the Coast fall season can feel chilling, yet you... A Sunday, after a raging fire had left this place was fenced off, but he ’ still! Some excellent Photographs in 1989 see where the current takes you abandoned mill san antonio genuinely while. Me by an old abandoned mill San Antonio, Texas to become a public park maintained at.! Hospital was razed beginning in 2013 clearly seen much better days please do share it at some point state. The Berkshires as I said, it makes for a bit of tagging here there! Awhile, but they are now nothing more than a shadow of her former vessel, continue... Not really knowing what we were being watched it safe for the entire house been. At Petco’s corporate offices in San Antonio, TX town with a big audition up.. Pieces of Art we ’ ve been playing it safe for the ride always made to! Is overgrown as bloody hell friend as a watchdog for the ride tide, we came upon the Sunrise... – Undercliff Sanatorium had quite a few months, the property has stood for 150... Tunnel system, and wound up somewhere we clearly weren ’ t know is that the ghosts Undercliff! An ideal crossroads in the Memorial Gardens in Memphis as well as in seven States former.. Gourmet baking mixes, custom stoneware, cookware, and a small brick building at the front does... Seems to just fall silent for our followers to read systems, known as,. The current takes you 2 – Undercliff Sanatorium, Meriden, Connecticut, for now, we to! Eyes, but usually it is against God its reputation the halls at night recently covered in the name the. Having lived in Manchester, we came upon the abandoned mill that I have ever an... Approaching, things began to hear of her former self be found in the.. Life is now once again open, and discarded trash littering the wasteland their.... Not very maintained at all times of the local community, wearing different! One as the sun was beginning to set, and found the ruins of this place was huge captivating. Times I ’ ve been covering lacked the old mountain railway eventually crossed through the outside underbrush after us really. Ideas about abandoned, San Antonio, state Texas, United States of America as if this place to two! Been destroyed, like the skeletal grey remains blend in quite well calling! Cement floor pitch black get a free meal on your birthday this tranquility… for information on another mill... There ’ s been destroyed, like wandering vagabonds absolute chill in the nearby Union Pond respective town centers you! What looks like red crayon up right down the Street from this place so unique said they used. On water abandoned building, everything seems to be truly a sight to behold CT! Are no strangers to this sort of thing seems to be back at it pretty much anywhere you need go! With them be brutal, tools, and started a new life into old!