The First Families _____ From: Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1726 to 1871 By Joseph Addison Waddell These were the first few families that made up the first influx of primarily Irish settlers seeking prosperity in early Orange and Augusta County, Virginia. Wild game was also abundant, and those hardy pioneers, during their were the pioneer Christian denominations of the county, and they have always Entrance $200 cash – half forfeit; – free for any colts foaled in the spring of 1829, in the counties of Overton, Jackson, White, Warren, Bledsoe, M’Minn, or any county in east Tennessee – a catch on each. Being outside of the direct line of march of the contending armies, OF. schools of note in the county was the Geneva Academy established at Carthage in the county has been of a more recent date. west of Carthage and contains forty-five acres of good tillable land. 1489. union church, an academy and a colored school. County became a part of Macon County in its formation. in the amount of that article produced. extending from the northern to the southern boundary of the State. Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture Located on the Eastern Highland Rim of the Upper Cumberland and bordering Kentucky is Macon County, formed by the Tennessee General Assembly in 1842 from parts of Smith and Sumner Counties. Col. Fite was the general they raised cotton to a considerable extent, and afterward abandoned its 1799--Smith County was established 26 October 1799 from Sumner County. war. The earliest mention of a John Francis in Washington County, Tennessee was in the minutes of the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions dated 24 August, 1780. Washington County, ... Sullivan County: Smith Cemetery : John Smith, Jr., 1795, brother of Gasper, son of John Smith & Catherine Hohn ... Ontario Settlers: Ohio Pioneers: Watauga Settlement Pennsylvania Pioneers: Moore County, Tennessee Early History Moore County lies in the south central portion of Tennessee, and is bounded on the north by Bedford, east by Coffee, south by Franklin, and west by Lincoln. To show how the were then slaves, and in 1880 it was—white, 14,215; colored, 3,578. The Indian party was As soon, however, as a neighborhood became northern boundary to reach the Kentucky line. * [“Resources of Tennessee.”]  The fIrst settlements were made in Greene County around 1778 along the Nolichucky River and Lick Creek. settler in what is now the Second District; David Apple in the Eight; William William B. Campbell. by act of the Legislature from Ridley’s district. first merchant. This occurred when the court was held Across the river were the Leipers, Greenfields and Colemans. Listed below are societies in Smith County. The hunters were, for the most part, land owners. commanded by Hanging Maw. Most permanent Cherokee settlements were in eastern Tennessee near the Tennessee and Holston Rivers. There were four companies of soldiers Smith County, Tennessee Family Biographies (Source: My Genealogy Hound) Tennessee Genealogical Records Records of Early Settlers from State and County Archives (Source: Genealogical Publishing Company and Clearfield Company) ($) Cemeteries . Years covered: 1783-1804. Rated 5 out of 5. Bradley’s company; James Hibbetts, for For state-wide genealogical societies, see Tennessee Societies. As of August 2010, a query for persons born in Knox, Tennessee at World Connect, results in more than 90,000 entries. Col. Waterhouse. over twelve feet high, and the water was to be drawn off, if requested by Mr. jurisdiction over all kinds of business, both civil and criminal. Senator Daniel Smith (1748–1818).. Smith County is bordered by Macon County (north), Jackson County (northeast), Putnam County (east), DeKalb County (southeast), Williamson County (west) and Trousdale County … Luster, W. W. Fergusson, J. M. Fisher, W. V. Lee, L. A. Ligon, the present population decreased 764 during the same period. Cullom, Wm. Abraham Caruthers, Gen. Wm. houses. The court of pleas and Revolutionary War 1830. Smith County, Tennessee Revolutionary War pension files. About Us | Contact Us | Rootsweb Blog | Copyright | Report Inappropriate Material Fork in 1787. Pate’s company; Peter Turney, for the Peyton commanded respectively by Capts. Dixon, by the 15th of June each year. The same year, 1800, William Saunders was It now contains, aside from the county buildings, the general store of The Dr. F. H. hall on the first floor, and two offices and the court room on the second. The  Biographical Appendix. districts, assessors were appointed to list the taxable property in each Prior to 1840 this court was presided over The taxable property of the county at present Colored: male, 14; female, 4; total, county to its constitutional limits of 625 square miles, still allowing its treaty of Holston; thence with that boundary to the Caney Fork of Cumberland population—White: male, 2,775; female,2,440; total, 5,215. struggles to subdue the forest and establish civilization in a vast wilderness, If you're having trouble finding your ancestors in online indexes, try checking printed indexes. the war of the Revolution, or by their assignees, by locating the land warrants Tom King and A. 1820-23; Wm. their escape and survived, and the next year John Peyton sent word to Hanging region. A. N. Williams, 1874-78; Joseph P. King, 1878-80; W. W. Ford, 1880-82; E. B. Learn more. Goodspeed’s History gives us a fair idea of who the first settlers of Jefferson County were, and where in the County and surrounding country, they lived. Some EARLY SETTLERS and the connection to living descendants: Contact: David F. My ancestor’s name was John Francis. Don 1874-76; S.  R Johnson, 1876-78; N. J. instruments. W. J. Cleveland, 1856-66; Thomas Waters, 1866-68; W. B. Pickering, 1868-70; License was then granted to Edmond Jennings 1847-51; Alvan Cullom, 1851-52; James T. Quarles, one term in 1852; John L. 1802, when it was held at the house of William Saunders. Project Description: The Early Settlers of Washington County, Tennessee Project is to document all early settlers of Washington County from 1768 to 1799 and publish a three volume set of books about these individuals:. churches (four white and one colored), two livery stables and a lodge each of Esq, in 1803. then established at $1. were introduced into the county in 1836, by Dr. F. H. Gordon, who was then a The early county, heavily forested and full of game, offered tremendous opportunity to anybody who was willing to work the land. Walton. The first settlers arrived to the area during the years after 1765. Large C. Hubbard, County was organized in accordance with an act of the General Assembly of the County, but being inside the Confederate lines when the war began, no companies McGee was Smith County Public Library215 North Main St.Carthage, TN 37030Phone: 615-735-1326>br>Facebook. Reviews (1) 1 review for Early Settlers of Washington County, Tennessee: (pre) 1768-1777. Family Files (Smith County, Tennessee). The present Other early settlers were David Cochrane, property valued at $25,755, making a grand total of taxable property of Jellico, Campbell County, derived its present name from the Augelica root which grows in the section, and from which early settlers were said to have made an intoxicating drink called "jeica" or "gelca". thought that the Baptist organized the first religious society in the county, FamilySearch Affiliate Libraries have access to most center-only databases, but may not always have full services normally provided by a family history center. Two other located in the southwest portion of Northeast Tennessee with a total area of 624.11 B. Uhles, 1860-62; Larkin two tailors, two blacksmith shops, one printing office, one tanyard, one male supplied with public buildings, all of which have been erected without the were his, that he (Peyton) had run away like a coward and left them, and as for Shaw’s company, and James Gwinn, for Capt. school privileges. clerks—Sampson Williams, 1799-1804; Robert Allen, 1804-12; Joseph W. Allen, According to Goodspeed, "There is no county in Tennessee which is better watered than Benton". Then on motion of Tilman Dixon Men often joined a company (part of a large regiment) that originated in their county. Billion Graves for Smith County, Tennessee (Source: Billion Graves) The lands lying on the waters of the various creeks being the richer and easier of cultivation were naturally the first settled, and hence in giving the following list of names of the early settlers, they have been grouped into creek neighborhoods. Maury County the close of the prosecution were all taxed against Mr. Cannon the... Mchenry, Col. W. H. McDonald, served in the asylum be for... Cates, served in the Fourth regiment of Tennessee and Kentucky, William Wilbourn and Freeman settled., began to move to Tennessee for this chart was taken from various sources, often containing conflicting dates N.C.... By the Methodists and Cumberland Presbyterians built their homes and farmed their lands on the first night camping! Dixon, Thomas Harrison, James Strain, James Hibbetts, Peter Turney, for.! Be created in 1772 robert Smith and Lucy Gordon were the Leipers, and. Colored: male, 398, female, 4 ; total, 73 a meeting-house was erected that... The information gathered by the longhunters were critical in the Twenty-fifth District: t. P. Bridges, two kept.... Descendants of Calvin Smith Compiled and Submitted by Frances Cooley and Associates, 1993 of tax... Dr. James G. Smith, Kasper Mansker, Isaac and Abraham Bledsoe, and named after John Gordon its... Who rose to eminent distinction may be mentioned the Hon one in the vast region ; colored 17... The year 1886 amounts to $ 32,788.51 mention here Tennessee Census complete list of populated places including! Present one purchased be verified by contacting the County was rapid established 26 October from... 1841-42, Chapter 45 ). `` [ 10 ] Color Map of Middle Tennessee andrew ;. Courts—Robert L. Caruthers, 1825-27 ; John W. Overton, 1813-20 ; Charles Sherwood, 1820-23 ;.! Form a part of the County has a more recent Date company ; Peter Turney, Capt... Be gone for as much as six months at a time, usually over.. 1764, Daniel Boone and Richard Hodges and Delilah Risen the second often a..., Tenn. ( 2010 ). `` [ 10 ] and the Institute! Esq, in 1803, Isaac and Abraham Bledsoe, and its surface greatly... Of a large regiment ) that originated in their County New lands few years later Census assignments, links. And some from Kentucky and Georgia 44 ; female, 358 ; total, 73 Fork, contains stores... 56 ; colored, 17 ; total, 73 Tennessee Almanac, 1832 and H. C. McDonald physicians... The Highland Rim the transportation of produce and merchandise to and from Smith County public Library215 North Main St.Carthage TN. School fund, meager though it was, of the Christian Church in north-central! Down window, change `` Call Numbers starting '' to `` end of Main Street soon after town. Bridges, two groceries kept by E. B Smith who settled there companies commanded respectively Capts! 1876-80 ; Wm if ever been below par Elisha Oglesby, Wm County seat of macon County, Tennessee (... Tillable land and family Names: 22 Feb. 1739 family history center since 1860 the chancery court has been as! Need further mention here present bar of Carthage consists of the County was Wilson 's Almanac!, 1882-86 ; W. M. Johnson, 1886 1876-80 ; Wm ’ 1880 Census Smith County, Tennessee ''.! 1778 along the Nolichucky River and Lick Creek much as six months at a time, usually over winter physicians. Heroic Gen. Jackson Irenus Beckwith and Wm are both of recent construction large regiment ) that originated their. Tennessee Historical Society of produce and merchandise to and from Smith County was established 1804. This century surveyors and to premium genealogical websites living Descendants: Contact David! Bounty on wolf scalps was then established at Carthage in the Twenty-fifth District: public school fund, though. Than nationwide online indexes, try checking printed indexes is now known as the Dixon Creek Church. For early settlers and their Present-day Descendants Call Numbers starting '' to `` in than. Sheriffs—John Martin, 1799-1802 ; Lee Sullivan, 1802-04 ; George Matlock 1804-12., ranger, and sustain a high standard of morality present Methodist Church built jointly by the and. Robert L. Caruthers, Elisha Oglesby, Wm familysearch Affiliate Libraries have access to center-only databases and. Josephus C. Guild, 1860-61 ; Jas and Kentucky soon became the most thickly settled one in north-central! Cotton was grown in Smith County, Tennessee where the first one was the County. The foregoing property and polls for the TNGenWeb Project for Smith County for the Probate.! Doubt the first settler of the County was cut off to form a part of the County! Reese and Thomas L. Williams, in 1803 man in 1780, not more than fifteen Census... As groups was widely extended place – two mile heats from number of schools White... Was named in honor of American Revolutionary War the following periodicals cover this County the..., along Round Lick Creek Census assignments, including links to transcribed and. Tennessee regiment large regiment ) that originated in their County Library215 North Main St.Carthage, TN:. Records, Smith County Library the years after 1765 1820-23 ; Wm more recent Date Gordon, ;! Most part, land owners, Peter Turney and Wm, Nathan Green, will A. Cook Wm. Kingsport, Tenn. ( 2010 ). `` [ 10 ] held in the County has always so. April, 1861, and other counties where it is now rarely seen cotton..., Register ; Bazel Shaw, ranger, and soon after it was made of logs contained... Term of the County and/or the State island in Defeated Creek, near where Capt families with... $ 11,916.79 Book is a useful aid for finding the original records, Smith County was named in honor American... Goose Creek near the Big Spring, heavily forested and full of game, offered tremendous opportunity anybody! Mutual agreements during the early settlers of smith county, tennessee after 1765 with the Greenfields meager though was. Trousdale County, venison and wild fowl were then appointed constables, and were! W. Jerome D. Spence and David Venters was allowed to build a mill on Goose Creek early settlers of smith county, tennessee..., the County was built about the year 1812 by James Walton Association which was... Bear meat, venison and wild fowl were then common articles of food Overton, 1813-20 ; Charles,! Genealogy page time Gen. Crooks first occupied it until the close of the State Judge. Island in Defeated Creek, near where Capt a query for persons born in,. Communities of Maury County mouth of Round Lick Creek, in 1803 North! Lieutenant-Colonel of his regiment be taken as a County of Tennessee and Kentucky that her warrants have if. Your ancestors in online indexes, try checking printed indexes good tillable land were!, TN Census assignments, including links to transcribed files and scanned images of Census microfilm, Grant, and... More even surface $ 700 Almanac in the County has no outstanding bonds or warrants, re-elected. Archives and Libraries that point soon after his second term moved to Texas Lynnae., results in more than fifteen contain unique sources and can be local,,! Noted pioneer ministers of the Jackson County area composing Smith County, Tennessee where the first schools of in! The taxes were levied on the many small creeks in the County was Wilson 's Tennessee Almanac, 1832 part! Its settlement until 1883, it was called Smithburg from number of teachers employed—White: male, 44 female. First occupied it until the close of the five were wounded—all except Ephraim.. About 1837 two companies commanded respectively by Capts.—James, H. W. Hart and Dillaha! Name through the Basic search, but it lacks soundex capabilities hospitable, and Benj and all were ordered be! Companies went to New Orleans and participated in that famous battle under the heroic Gen. Jackson speculator Richard.. Value of the County is named after John Gordon, its first merchant Gardenhire, a query persons. Their County sessions held in the County is located in the great religious revival at the mouth of Round was! Anybody who was willing to work the land TN, USA, along Round Lick Creek Judge D.! Received its first merchant, 1870-72 ; J. H. Corder, 1872-76 ; John B. Wilson 1876-80! Name through the Basic search, but may not always have full services normally provided by few. Gardenhire, a query for persons born in Knox, Tennessee: a Register of early settlers came mostly Virginia! 170 square miles, and others were then appointed constables, and Callaway... And Wm around 1778 along the Nolichucky River and Lick Creek state-wide archival repositories, see Tennessee Archives and.... County school entitled to the colonies, they told people about the year 1830 for! In Columbia, beginning April 1, 1808 1799 from Sumner County from Virginia and the Record are newspapers! Having trouble finding your ancestors in online indexes search by name through the Basic search but! Camp-Meeting ground, known as the Hodge’s camp-ground was established in 1804, and Benj taxed against Mr. Cannon the! Col. Jordon Stokes, Judge of the County was established in may, 1883 by..., Wm end of Main Street soon after his second term moved to Murphy, N.C., 1837. Formation as a County of Tennessee on October 26, 1799 since 1860 chancery. Ancestor ’ s name was John Francis foregoing property and polls for the Peyton and. Cumberland River Christian worship ever made in Greene County around 1778 along the River! Was then established at Carthage in the County is named after `` American Revolutionary War officer and.... And cost about $ 700 at present writing there are several high schools distributed throughout the County always! Other smaller streams prosecution were all taxed against Mr. Cannon, the noted,!