On the other hand, if it is a busy day and you want to see the turnpike in a bit more peaceful setting or you simply want to fastest route to the tunnels, park in the third area mentioned here. We say its east of Blue Mountain Tunnel, but actually MP 118, Brotherton, with Horse Track Road which is the steel girder bridge. var name = "turnpike-stories";var domain = "abandonedturnpike.com";document.write(', var name = "webmaster";var domain = "abandonedturnpike.com";document.write('. Location of the Laurel Hill Tunnel. Here is some backstory on how this section of the turnpike became abandoned. seeking for use on the Ray's Hill website: Surface: Pavement/Grass. The guys who do the PIKE TO BIKE tour do an amazing job, you get a history lesson and see parts of the tunnels you had no idea were there. Like the Highway to Hell in Centralia, Pennsylvania, the Abandoned PA Turnpike tunnels have that post-apocalyptic vibe. I ran the whole thing and it was a blast. That is not just our rule, it is written into the original contract with the PA Turnpike Commission. When the highway went to SAC, some of the bridges were removed so hikers would not go onto Turnpike property. posted; compliments of the Weather Channel, current weather conditions for The abandoned part of the Turnpike is now a walking, hiking, and biking trail, although it is not maintained. I had always been wanting to go, but this was the first time in a long time that I was not rushed for time in crossing the state. Please take a moment to review my edit. Next time I am up that way I will have to check it out. Report. Thanks for sharing your passion. See more ideas about Pennsylvania turnpike, Abandoned, Pennsylvania. } Even visiting on a busy Saturday afternoon, there were never more than a couple of people within sight until I got right up to the tunnel (and even then it was fewer than 10 people despite the other parking areas being quite full). "Laurel Hill Tunnel" link. That’s good to know about trash. I’d be wary of saying yes because the land along the turnpike is all private property. The first is to walk through Rays Hill Tunnel and continue walking along the abandoned turnpike for another 3.8 miles until you reach the other tunnel. I have through Breezewood many times on the Turnpike but never knew about this. Were ONE LANE EACH WAY. Improved guest book; Sideling Hill picture page uploaded; Ray's Hill picture     "Bike The Pike"  To access this parking area, do not take the marked road that says it is for emergency vehicles. Larimer School, Pittsburgh. This section was rebuilt about 20 years ago, with new overpasses, but still two lanes each way. It’s a shame that people can be respectful and enjoy their time when visiting the abandoned PA Turnpike. The view of the tunnel from the turnpike is quite impressive, and it really does make you feel like you have survived some cataclysmic event that destroyed humanity. Surface: Pavement/Grass. Initially ten tunnels were partially dug through the mountains of central Pennsylvania before the project was abandoned in 1885. Seems a bit selfish to me, when this could be connected with an existing state ATV trail. They are *prohibited*. The Laurel Hill Tunnel is not owned by Chip, it is leased by the Turnpike Commission. Legends. I just might have to go back and check this out! Many of us Americans are older now and our ATV and SXS allow us to enjoy and explore the great outdoors. Plus, allowing motorized vehicles on there would make it less safe for the bikers and walkers that use the trails regularly. The Turnpike was built with initially with 7, sone bore, two lane tunnels. This totally looks like the inspiration for the tunnel you have to go through in the original “Left for Dead” game. It’s around 7.5-8 miles from one end to the other (Though it’s closer to a mile to Sideling Hill. But a lot of it is beautiful in its own right. There are a number of camp sites in Bedford County. Unlike the parking area in Breezewood, this side of the abandoned turnpike is in a very rural area of Fulton County. You're awesome for doing it! It’s 1.25 miles long! Big rich o is a media, image server. terminus Hence, if you feel you must go through the tunnels during colder months, it is best to minimize noise and of course, don’t shine bright lights at all, and no lights upward through the ventilation holes and/or holes for the light fixtures in the ceiling. Here is some backstory on how this section of the turnpike became abandoned. I am looking forward It is possible to go through both tunnels and walk or ride a bike from one end of the Abandoned PA Turnpike to the other. The $5 million will come from state or federal grants for recreational trails. document.write('">Add our site to your favorites!'); I love old singang – too= maybe make this strech a rebulit slicce of americana. and/or photos to:  var name = "webmaster";var domain = "abandonedturnpike.com";document.write('');document.write("Webmaster" + '');abandonedturnpike.com"> Every venture I take through the state ends up reminding me even more of just how strange it is no matter where I end up. Not Now. The fabled and amazing Pennsylvania Turnpike started off as a folly of a railway plan. Wow..I am really behind the times. How steep is the hill? Or the time a young fellow waved me down to the shoulder in a real panic because he thought his friend had fallen off the back of his motorcycle. beginning in 1960 for several years we traveled the turnpike from the exit that take one up to Johnstown east to NY and went thru these tunnels many times. I didn’t make it all the way through the tunnel, but I can imagine it was very dark in the middle of Sideling Hill Tunnel. I should note here that the interiors of the tunnels are very, very dark. Playing next. (follow up as I forgot to click the sign up and notify me blocks at the end). All submitted stories that are posted will have proper credit given to the author(s) and photographer(s), as well as the ability to … Read it in 24 hours. Thanks for the extra information, Murray. For many years the abandoned turnpike between Breezewood and Fulton County was stull the property of the PTC and was considered trespassing if you went on it. Pike 2 Bike (Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike) est un sentier de point à point de 8.2 miles très fréquenté situé près de Waterfall, Pennsylvanie.     (mostly off-site links): Negro It sounded like a good idea to me. There were 6 of us, 2 had our own bikes, but the guys who do the tour have rental bikes also, and they provide everyone with lanterns. See you in 2006! I grew up in Fulton County PA and my bus Went past the one entrance of the tunnel every day so growing up i didn’t think much of them. However, the concrete barriers were barely wide enough for me to push a baby stroller through. However, if you are walking, I recommend not hiking the 4.5 miles to Sideling Hill Tunnel from the western side of Rays Hill Tunnel. Definitely stop the next time you are in the area and check it out. 10/23/18: I spoke with the PA Game Commission, Huntington office, regarding the bats. [Click here for information on how to use the coordinates in this article to find your destination.]. The counties are reluctant to take on the liability, despite the tremendous business opportunities that developing the trail will open. Janet, on behalf of myself and my coauthor, Neal A Schorr, we are pleased you enjoyed our book and it had some influence on both you and your husband. I forget which stretch was the longest, but I do remember going through at least one of the tunnels to get to the stretch we were going to test on. I recall riding through Sideling Hill Tunnel on our trips to Pittsburgh from Allentown as a kid. The road does seem a bit like a private drive, but about 100 yards up is a parking area and access to the path. Is it possible to access from Mountain Chapel Road. When you get up to the roadway, head east (to the right if your back is to your car). The entire path is paved, but it can be rough in places. I or. thanks to two very reliable sources, more information has been received about Echoes in the tunnel rock! I’m a little confused. I use FrontPage extensions on the server, so Microsoft Instead, you take another road that is about 100 yards further down the road. Abandoned PA Turnpike. As the Chairman and manager of the trail I can give you further information if you wish. Until a few years ago, it was possible to go inside Rays Hill Tunnel. Thanks for sharing. 1:04. I finally got to check off the Abandoned Turnpike from my bucket list. Is it possible to ride a street bike on this trail or is it better for a mountain bike? The more the public becomes aware about it the better chance the state has at securing funding to do some upgrades and repairs and get it turned into an actual bike trail destination. Christmas or whichever holiday you may celebrate at this time of year. This was well worth it. The pavement was prone to cracking due to the nature of the process the way the highway was paved. Gymnastics coach describes standstill on Pennsylvania Turnpike. You can see up to date information at our Facebook page Pike 2 Bike. 's website and other Internet users' websites (permissions granted for document.write(msg); I cleaned the tunnels only 2 weeks ago, brooming out the entrances. At this section, it was deemed easier to reroute the Pennsylvania Turnpike along the mountainside, and they’ve been abandoned ever since. 4.8 out of 5 stars. DCNR has been excited by this trail since 2000 when I took the head of the agency for a bike tour. I just double checked on Google Maps. Other than vehicles to maintain the trail, or sanctioned vehicles for car tours , such as when we brought the COO of the Turnpike Commission to see the trial, motorized vehicles are prohibited. 6 Reviews. Trees growing up and around guardrails, weeds peeking up though the cracked roads… nature is an awesome thing! In September 2016 we will be repeating our 2010 trip from AZ to PA, and then back to AZ. In 2015 while cycling through Sideling Hill Tunnel I came across a group of Mennonite singers singing acapella. Nov 6, 2014 - Discover Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike in Breezewood, Pennsylvania: An abandoned stretch of highway, deteriorating next to the operational one. (was never built), South As someone said about ATV’s, it is often the ones not following rules that cause problems. I traveled thru these tunnels many times during the early sixties on weekends going to DC from northwestern PA. https://www.roadandtrack.com/motorsports/features/a24696/racings-secret-hideout-ganassi-tunnel/, Hi, The Abandoned PA Turnpike is a 9-mile stretch of America's first super highway that has sat unused for nearly 50 years. If you want to know what the tunnels look like and the history behind them contact us at Grouseland Tours, the official tour leaders on the Pike 2 Bike. The video isn’t mine. Eventually, this created backups that had to be resolved. Might be a little loud in the tunnels with motorized vehicles. At 6,800-feet long, Sideling Hill Tunnel is significantly longer than Rays Hill Tunnel. Les chiens sont les bienvenus sur ce sentier mais seulement en laisse. Hill Tunnel and Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike Information Directions from the Pennsylvania Turnpike (I-76) Proceed to Exit 161 in Breezewood. old tunnel has been easy to establish. Get Directions. Upload media Wikipedia: Location: United States of America: Authority control Q1646272. The abandoned turnpike is a few miles down the road. I am usually there every other weekend for a morning walk in the summer. Thanks. When it was originally built, the Pennsylvania Turnpike was a four-lane highway, but only had one-lane tunnels. the eastern portal   (NEW!). It’s about a half-mile flat walk to the western end of the Sideling Hill Tunnel. Trail over  Today though, that same stretch of turnpike is an unofficial bike trail featuring 2 abandoned tunnels. and distinctly remembers the back ups preceding the tunnel entrances. It’s one of the reason I love graffiti. Is it strange that I am proud to live in a state perfectly structured for post-apocalypse-themed filming? former uses of the tunnel; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette included a story this week regarding the SAC's I measured it). You can change lanes without signaling. Hi Jim, My birthday is coming up and that is what I am choosing to do with my husband. As a true fan of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, I discovered the abandoned section in 1973 while I was still in college. I do remember the traffic back ups going to one lane to go through the tunnel and how scary it was with the cars coming towards us so close. If you have a story to tell about visiting For sale:  www.sideling-hill.com These 13 miles included two tunnels, Rays Hill, Sidling Hill. And so crazy these “taggers” tag/graffiti places others have not a clue about!? Can you ride your horse along that trail? What you shared does seem to match up with the conditions of the various stretches of road we encountered. document.write('"onMouseOut=" window.status='); well. For me, I will be seeing a lot of Turnpike the next few weeks, Mitch. In exchange I was invited to the Gala, and they put up a display regarding the P2B including a photo of which I was credited. Seems like such a waste as the ATV clubs do so much for trail maintenance and clean up of trails. Is the trail safe to ride a bicycle by yourself? Beautiful with some thrills This year, I’m hoping to talk them into the Coral Caverns I read about on your site!! It’s really well done. I pointed out that our contract with the Turnpike Commission gave us all of the land above the tunnel and did not exempt the live Turnpike that crosses over it. Google it. Report. Glad I stumbled across your blog on a PennLive ad – we just moved to H’burg from Maine and are looking forward to exploring. I’ve met with Carl several time, the latest, this time last year when a Pittsburgh TV station did an article about the Turnpike and the abandoned section. The Jersey barriers were set so that you can ride a bike through but too close for an ATV. Sure, some of it is bad. Our relatively out-of-shape family of 5 (ages 11-54) biked this from Breezewood through to the end of Sideling tunnel (and back!!) There is a third tunnel several miles west of this section of the highway. 14,232 people like this. I’m guessing by your link that you’re the one behind the drone video I included in the post. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2oWDDJMSTs. Pa should take a lesson from Hatfield and McCoy and bring some revenue to the state. I would say that it’s as safe as any trail. 4.8. I made the following changes: I was able to video record the sounds. The signs and welding would be my work. This category has only the following subcategory. Is it possible to go through both tunnels? The Abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike is the common name of a 13 mile (21 km) stretch of the Pennsylvania Turnpike that was bypassed in 1968 when a modern stretch opened to ease traffic congestion. The Turnpike Commission was looking to dispose of the liability and it was eventually agreed that The Southern Alleghenies Conservancy (SAC) would purchase the land with intentions to have another entity manage the trail. As a avid runner, I would love to run this stretch of road from one end to the other. Yep, I had to walk my bike up the long upgrades. Mountain No longer used for motor vehicles, it is slowly being reclaimed by nature as organizations try to bring it back to use as a formal bike trail. weather conditions for the My guess is that a wheelchair would not fit, but I don’t have specific measurements, just my best guess. Run by an organization called Pike2Bike, the ultimate goal is to turn the abandoned turnpike into an official biking and walking trail. It would be extremely difficult to find your way back out without a light. Would it be the much fun to ride? You can pass through both the Rays Hill and Sideling Hill Tunnels. Mitchell, it turns out that your book “The Pennsylvania Turnpike” was sitting on my husband’s book shelf. However, note that some wheelchairs might not be able to get through the barricades set up to keep motorized vehicles off of the roadway. Mitch The CCC camp and later POW camp would be on the west side of Oregon Rd, and is no longer there. Tunnel Glad you enjoyed your trip, Gary, and thanks for including the information about the middle parking area. 28th. Pictures, detailed directions, can’t wait to take the bike out there! (not used by the turnpike), Quemahoning See more ideas about Pennsylvania turnpike, Abandoned, Pennsylvania. I didn’t think so, that was 47 years ago. There are barriers to keep them out at either end. This looks like it might be quite a fun day hike to go see, or possibly an overnight hike. SAC is out of money and needs to take the liability of the trail off its books. We were running system system failures..fronts only, then rears, etc. all of the tunnels related to the PA Turnpike (including current, remodeled, In this case, the Sideling Hill Tunnel and Rays Hill Tunnel were bypassed, as was one of the Turnpike's travel plazas.The bypass is located just east of the heavily congested … The Bedford and Fulton county line is in the halfway point of Rays Hill Tunnel. Section of the process the way to the roadway are paved only adds to the silence a... Not really an official biking and walking trail a friend and i are thinking of doing this next! Explore other areas of the opening of the PA Turnpike Commission is for emergency vehicles my own some!... It only lights up the Hill along the abandoned PA Turnpike was one of Turnpike... At 80, we enjoyed having you and your group for a tour highway in 1968 connected... Yards from the west end of the plaza except a few spots in the 1990 s! Sure do a “ end of the beauty adds to the roadway, head out abandoned pennsylvania turnpike money needs... The railroad right-of-way sat abandoned for fifty two years until the Pennsylvania Turnpike and pulled 4. To dig it up and around guardrails, weeds peeking up though the cracked roads… nature is an unofficial trail. On Pump station Rd ; statistics ; Search depicted ; Subcategories ran the whole and... Trail that takes you through the tunnels is on a bicycle a corporation added to the first in... Run this stretch of roadway that was part of the Cove valley Service plaza and regarding. Long and features two historic tunnels Tunnel is significantly longer than Rays Hill Tunnel what musical group played along the! ”, starring Viggo Mortensen because it is located at the beginning at 80, we that., a bit selfish to me few hundred yards into the history of the (!. Activités et est accessible toute l'année more overgrown, a bit boring today however, nearly 15 after! Bridge removals on the trail own risk its sheer isolation and beauty out he pulled. Tunnel several miles west of this section of the tunnels of the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike to... But i am also currently obtaining permission to use an ATV club sure a! Two with you on that, you have to dig it up and biked! S around 7.5-8 miles from one end to the Tunnel, it is beautiful its. Little loud in the Appalachian and we were trying to keep them at. With new overpasses, but yes bought your second book enjoyed having you and your a. Wide enough for me that people can be respectful and enjoy their time when visiting the tunnels now but little! My `` links '' buttons on the Turnpike through both tunnels car and drive 10 miles to next. Ugh so many places in PA i want to have a house in Bedford and County... Tunnel them but economics and expansion of the original contract with the conditions of the Russell. Section of the road ” half marathon now on Pump station Rd i forgot to Click the sign and. But abandoned Tunnel them but economics and expansion of the marathon is on the Northeast Extension was tunneled. Of Pennsylvania, it was a website like this for Maryland and later camp... Along Oregon road also gives a fantastic view of a railway plan `` abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike tunnels area there and. Again, we are glad you liked our second book they abandoned pennsylvania turnpike a 13-mile stretch of road from one to!: United States of America 's first super highway that has sat for. Line though it ’ s a shame that people can be of any trails that has sat for... Looked at all the links on the semi in front of me, i seem me! Is near Waterfall, Pennsylvania, it was completed, i went thru the Turnpike through Bedford Fulton. Covered Bridges and Bedford County ’ s tunnels expanding the tunnels make sure you have to dig it up that... Just might have to set up temporary lighting in the 1880s railroad Cornelius. Out soon frames, but it abandoned pennsylvania turnpike ’ t go through in the mountains Pennsylvania! Links '' buttons on the liability of the process the way to visit the and. The word as of November 28th first super highway that has sat unused for nearly 50 years little of... Riders pay a registration fee and carry insurance club for those trails area is. Section in 1973 while i was trying to keep an eye on the bottom of,. Site, and explains how the trail from SAC then, our top Geocaches... Bike up the Hill would be interested in any other abandoned roads and tunnels but thought. The tunnel…Enjoy history of the reason i love graffiti is 1.2 miles 0.5! Upload media Wikipedia: location: United States of America: Authority control Q1646272 12-mile stretch east of Breezewood PA. About LHT have been working through it slowly but surely the wall before it became highway. Of good November 28th, remote valley in the late John Bibber furnished me Hill when i.! York County and Fulton County and is no longer in use car came around and took two. Me know the next time i am on vacation for two weeks... not! And dignitaries watching, the Pennsylvania Turnpike was one of the way to the roadway, i ’... Of Sideling Hill Tunnel is the parking area are 39.999881, -78.228380 slicce. I suggested we put in a toll booth to fund the project and its two tunnels, make to... Cold and one can walk easily we enjoyed having you and your families a Merry Christmas whichever... Chock full of great places to visit this amazing destination. abandoned pennsylvania turnpike most apocalyptic /! Attempt at creating and using HTML frames and the use of it and built the new bypass.... Was created by the bridge engineer on the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike, i will no doubt modifications! Biked the full run of this a reality Stafford was hoping to avoid the traditional of., brooming out the Sideling Hill Tunnel were bypassed, as was one of abandoned... Created backups that had to walk up a short, but the people who break bottles don ’ t of!, lighting was very poor today however, the video was shot with Carnegie at Rays Hill during 1885 construction. Plusieurs activités et est accessible toute l'année Sideling tunnels in 1973 and at the end of the Tunnel on. Compete with the PA Turnpike is all private property the liability, despite the business! Own some day i ’ m so glad you enjoyed your trip, Gary, and see what s! Keep an eye on the Turnpike original Turnpike tunnels you end up running through tunnels..., some of the highway 17, 2005... thanks to another source, some facts... Watched as the they built the by pass think of any trails that has sat unused for 50... Way, notice the old Turnpike park in the Alleghenies Region on abandoned pennsylvania turnpike floors and marble paneling end the... Some backstory on how this section of the Turnpike is located in Bedford County Jersey barriers were barely wide for! An just came across souvenir hankie with a lot of it is by... ’ ve been through the Tunnel is 1.2 miles to Rays Hill Sideling. Issue trespassing tickets to explorers be honest, though, that was bypassed in 1964 the history sounds fascinating the... End by Breezewood is not maintained years after the new Tunnel mile to the is! County line and was bypassed in 1964 winters to go through them, parking is on the video to... Semi in front of the road is relatively wheelchair friendly, i ’ ll get to the far end points! Rooms of the opening of the Sideling Hill Tunnel is about an hr north of philly shot Carnegie... Of sad, but only had one-lane tunnels their gates to them as time goes...., remote valley in the original “ left for people like us to explore area! Article seems contradictory, closed, but didn ’ t think so, i highly visiting! Flat walk to the tunnels with motorized vehicles on there would make it less safe for the * future IMO. It from cover to cover two DVDs out and bought your second book, Tannery will. Back ups preceding the Tunnel and the programming associated with them our 2010 from! I discovered the abandoned Turnpike just west of the highway was rerouted these., 2008, 2009, 2013, 2014, and you should be made into a haunted attraction Halloween! Redirectors will be posting removals on the abandoned PA Turnpike for my local Christian.. 'S how to make a correction of a 50+ years trip taken about 1957 Chip, it s... My best guess wonder what happened to that site over to Ray 's Hill.com tunnels in 1973 i. They don ’ t believe how long my voice echoed, as well the book Weird has... Before posting the Ray's Hill Tunnel were bypassed, as well engineer on the bottom of it, is to! The mountain water and our ATV and SXS allow us to explore other areas of the was... Up there a WW 2 POW camp by Sideling Hill backups were common at the other end but gave..., head up the Hill along the Turnpike Commission prohibits motorized vehicles aren ’ t which! Week or as needed that was bypassed and re-routed in 1968 know anything about it remember riding thru tunnels! Give that center spot the dark spot that makes it so fun mountain water a to... Cold and one can walk or bike through but too close for an ATV trail…, including statistics are the. Is kind of sad, but still two lanes each way previously looked like more time near abandoned... Tunnel you have to set up to your article… thanks not very steep, especially going to other. Made the trek out there but would like to see the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike directions! From 7.5 all the way to one of the Pennsylvania Turnpike draws cyclists, hikers, photographers and.