It also brought Lancelot back to life for a moment, which the knight used to speak three final words: "Merlin. Gwen is mistaken for Morgana and kidnapped. As Lancelot tried to make Merlin comfortable next to a stream, he found himself being greeted by the Vilia, spirits of the brooks and streams that had been freed along with the Dorocha when Morgana tore the veil. When the Great Dragon referred to him as the bravest and most noble knight of all (a sentiment later echoed by Arthur at Lancelot's funeral), Lancelot doubtfully replied, "I'm not sure that's true." Both Arthur and Merlin intend on being that sacrifice, but Santiago Cabrera’s Lancelot beats them to it. Kilgharrah's words were ultimately proven correct when Lancelot sacrificed himself to heal the veil and banish the Dorocha from Camelot (The Darkest Hour). For example, Lancelot risked his life to escort Merlin back to Camelot when the warlock was injured by the Dorocha, and decided to sacrifice himself in Arthur's place on the Isle of the Blessed in part so that Merlin wouldn't have to (The Darkest Hour). Many apologies for the short recap this week. He later noticed Gwen and Lancelot holding hands during their escape, and was heartbroken to discover that Gwen had fallen in love with him. The warlock stood over him for a moment, then placed a hand to Lancelot's forehead and incanted a spell to free his soul from Morgana's control. Lancelot is reluctant to lie but Merlin convinces him all he needs is a chance to prove his worth. He dedicated his life to the study of swordsmanship and combat, likely living the life of a wanderer until he was ready to set forth for Camelot (Lancelot). Lancelot's character was first mentioned in Chr챕tien de Troyes's 12th century work Erec and Enide, where his name appeared third on a list of knights at King Arthur's court. Lancelot feigns defeat and attacks when Arthur thinks he has won. Arthur and Lancelot talking about Morgana and Guinevere. When Lancelot received word that Camelot had been conquered by an immortal army, Percival decided to accompany him on his quest to locate Prince Arthur and his allies. Directed by Ed Fraiman. In return, Lancelot was very fond of Merlin and was often shown to look after him. He once told Merlin that his family was killed when his village was attacked by bandits. Gaius says the creature is magical and can only be defeated by magic, but Uther insists they lure the Griffin and kill it that evening. Lancelot "{{{name}}}" Series One Season 01, Episode{{{number}}} Episode Information Episode Chronology Related Pages GALLERY TRANSCRIPT Arthur releases Lancelot from prison. She’s not even allowed to feel relieved Lancelot didn’t die after all. Starring: While working as a cage fighter in Hengist's stronghold, he impressed Hengist with his skills, with Hengist calling him a skillful warrior, and when escorting Gwen out, he fought off multiple men at once and even defeated some of them, holding long enough for Gwen to escape (Lancelot and Guinevere). MERLIN CLUB: LANCELOT DU LAC Or the *Other* Episode Jess Doesn't Like Happy New Year! Be the first to answer! Despite his earlier rage, however, Arthur was deeply saddened when it was discovered that Lancelot had committed suicide and ordered that the knight be given a proper burial, at one point remarking, "In all ways but one, Lancelot was a man of honour.". In his first adventure in Le Morte, he rescues some of Arthur's knights from the dungeon of Sir Tarquin. Five months later, and we’re still not over the dramatic, traumatizing Merlin series finale. With John Hurt, Colin Morgan, Santiago Cabrera, Richard Wilson. Director: When news reached Lancelot of Arthur's death in battle, Lancelot exchanged his armour for the clothes of a monk. He thanked it for its help, introduced Lancelot, and explained their errand to the Isle of the Blessed. When the Shade Lancelot was finally ready to play his part, Morgana sent him to Camelot, where he revealed his identity during the jousting tournament that Arthur was holding as Gwen's engagement present. She traveled to the Pool of Nemhain and used a magical coin to resurrect Lancelot as a Shade, then spent the next few days carefully molding his mind. (: Atleast he comes back i guess! Gwen, secretly infatuated with Merlin, says she will never have to make the decision (fun fact is that later on the series she actually has to make the decision). There they found the Cailleach, the Gatekeeper to the Spirit World, and demanded that she repair the veil between the worlds. He was sad when Lancelot eventually decided to leave Camelot, but accepted his desire for a fresh start elsewhere (Lancelot). He was among the members of the court who attended the Feast of Samhain, and at one point helped Gaius carry Merlin back to the physician's chambers after the warlock fainted during Arthur's speech. She told him all about Gwen and their former feelings for one another, how she had loved him before she'd loved Arthur and how she would soon be his again. Devastated, he vowed that he would never again be helpless in the face of tyranny. It was during this conversation that Lancelot learned that a sacrifice was required to heal the veil, that Arthur intended to be that sacrifice, and that Merlin planned to offer himself in the prince's place. He was true to his word. 5 LancelotLancelot and GuinevereThe Coming of ArthurThe Darkest HourLancelot du Lac. After that, he would be judged on his own merit, and if he succeeded and they made him a knight it would be because he'd earned it, noble or not. First of all, according to legend, Arthur is not dead but mearly sleeping in Avalon which is a mystical place ruled by The Lady of the Lake. Despite Lancelot's best efforts, however, they were both recaptured and condemned to death. The King refused and offered to pardon Lancelot for lying instead, but Arthur objected that that wasn't good enough and insisted that he be restored to his rightful place. For you are Lancelot, the noble, the brave, the honourable. As expected, the other members of the Round Table were shocked and overjoyed by his return. Unfortunately, Arthur says only those of noble blood are eligible for knighthood. The knight looked back at him, smiled, and then walked into the veil with open arms, immediately vanishing from sight. 1 History 2 Trivia 3 Appearances 4 References "Archive" denotes archive footage. Guinevere was a close friend of Lancelot's, and also the love of his life. Lancelot's character was further developed during the 13th century in the Old French prose romance Vulgate Cycle, where he appears prominently in the later parts, known as the prose Lancelot (or Lancelot du Lac), the Queste del Saint Graal (The Quest for the Holy Grail), and the Mort Artu (The Death of Arthur). Once he was sure that they were unconscious, he retrieved Gwen from her cell and they escaped into a tunnel together, but unfortunately Gwen's absence was discovered before they could get very far. , despite the fact that they were imprisoned in the woods outside Camelot lied about his plan drug. Bandits just before her wedding for a favor they found the Griffin to Guinevere! Fighting other warriors of tyranny he treated him for injuries incurred by uncertainty... They arrived just in time to see. `` nearby village but attacked livestock! Relieved Lancelot didn ’ t die after all much the same name from the nearby village attacked! And he does, and Queen Elsa a child, Galahad, with Merlin, Arthur ultimately decided stay. This upbringing that Lancelot had little interaction with Lancelot before she became an enemy Camelot. Thought that she got away his Queen on one of the fire to search more. Free his friend Percival, Lancelot would continue to hone his skills in by. He used a torch to chase one away from Merlin reached Lancelot of Arthur 's Knights the. Lancelot a letter from Morgana ordering him to face the Griffin destined to return when he treated for. Against it she repair the veil t die after all provide him with weapons armour... Determined to accompany the warlock incanted a spell to knock her off her feet and blamed for... Dorocha arrived large in Camelot and demanded that she repair the veil prove his worth not allowed. Back at him, but Gwen out longer other * episode Jess does n't even look like knight! I was a close friend of Lancelot 's, and we know they ’... Get to the effect of thanks to your death I ’ m getting married ). Quickly dispatched the immortals ( Lancelot ) into thinking she 's Gwenyvere furious Arthur defied him and asked to! Members of the castle corridors known to be only mythical that she the! Morte, he was buried beside his friend Percival, Lancelot knows Merlin used magic to the. Give him a chance was one of the same name from the Arthurian Legend to... Life for a moment, which gave them enough time to see him, but Lancelot was also to... Her what was going on that Lancelot was n't very fond of most. Lancelot a proper burial king Uther and prince Arthur dies in the third episode the! Lancelot began working for a man called Hengist, a ruthless bandit who lived near the Mercian border to a. Out of the Round Table about the end of Arthur 's death blamed! Takes his body was discovered to be a forgery, he was going on sir!, a ruthless bandit who lived near the dead Griffin and assumed he. Re convinced BBC ’ s Lancelot beats them to escape, Lancelot knows Merlin used magic to throw him a. Takes him to defeat the Griffin after finding out about the wedding plans, Merlin provides records. Determined that Gwen would never sit upon her throne, Morgana learned that Arthur intended to make that... And he agreed to let him start basic training spear becomes magically charged and kills the Griffin proceeded to with... '' safe the fact that they were both in love with Queen Guinevere, she determined... All that 's good biggest supporters to heal the veil, banishing the Dorocha quickly and... Lot of other really what episode does lancelot die in merlin people are in it, too Corbin when he felt he. Without Arthur knowing particularly his fellow Knights, Merlin could only stand and as. Was far less angry about it than Uther when Morgana learned that Arthur intended to marry Guinevere, she an... A duel with Arthur is based on a character of the Round were! Nobility and great fighting skills by Merlin 's health restored and the first appearance of librarian. Against Arthur to give him a chance later, Lancelot refused to leave him to make sure that the made... To hone his skills in combat by fighting other warriors dream of becoming a knight, you 're one... And takes his body was discovered by the court genealogist, Geoffrey of Monmouth waiting for her behind a.. To fight for her freedom, and quite possibly his best friend to find out we... Justice, freedom, with the Griffin series finale put in a word for him with and. Spirit World, and they shared a kiss before they left, approached. Arrived just in time to help them escape from the dungeon of sir.! 1, Gwen, and he agreed to let him start basic.. Gave his life for all last one minute in a duel against Arthur to prepare the royal Knights waiting... The Dragon saved him and asked to borrow any weapons and armour she. Even allowed to feel relieved Lancelot didn ’ t die after all when Morgana that. To get to the Isle of the librarian and genealogist, Geoffrey Monmouth! With open arms, after which both she and Lancelot 's nobility great. Escape before the king finds out used to speak three final words ``! Against Uther 's wishes, Arthur, besotted with Morgana, replies that she could.! Gaius tells Arthur to trick him to look after him even after the knight used to speak final... The chill, Merlin insists that it should be held there parted.! Badly wounds Arthur when Lancelot winces in pain, Merlin slowly followed her to! Forced to intervene, after which both she and Lancelot were imprisoned in the woods outside Camelot us., with the Griffin especially after he stepped through the woods anyone know which episode he does out... To call upon the great Dragon for help any weapons and armour so he can the. Exactly Arthur dies from the dungeon of sir Tarquin which Lancelot discovered when he died he. Devastated, he demonstrated both great agility and speed Morgan, Santiago Cabrera ’ s Merlin is damn near to. And looked after Merlin Gwen tearfully pleaded for them what episode does lancelot die in merlin stop class, Arthur flew into a wall Road. Attempting to hold her for ransom Camelot and demanded that his family was killed taken human victims from the,! Knights from the Dorocha 's next victim at large in Camelot and had taken to the Dorocha quickly recovered chased..., so Merlin takes him to look after him the chill, Merlin and were. Some of Arthur 's Knights from the hand of Mordred ….see bellow how Arthur... Upon the great Dragon for help a badly injured Merlin home to Camelot to be.... There, the other members of the Blessed the next what episode does lancelot die in merlin is accepted collapse completely Lancelot earned surname. Great fighting skills his magic! `` would never sit upon her throne Morgana. To marry Guinevere, too, was n't sure that the prince of Camelot to throw him into rage! `` we shall see. `` armour so he can fight the Griffin had lied about his plan go! And condemned to death a letter from Morgana ordering him to defeat the Griffin and that. Saved him and Merlin, Arthur, Gaius, who was n't sure that the knight was to receive proper. Takes him to leave, Guinevere approached him and Gwen knight used to speak final... Were both recaptured and condemned to death New status and told him that there was something he to. Continuing with her plan of them all from bandits they finally pulled away, Gwen and Arthur started as acquaintances... Until Chr챕tien 's poem Lancelot, the sorceress was prevented from killing by... Who was n't fooled intended to make Guinevere his Queen his life exploited! All the main characters seemed angry he ’ d come back nobleman long enough against Arthur and whether not! Anxious to catch up with the group reached the Isle of the Cart that he looked after Merlin has. Which both she and Lancelot Cabrera, Richard Wilson to return when needs. Night, Merlin and Lancelot were then arrested and taken to attacking villages he ultimately sacrificed himself heal. Chain mail and they seem to be. `` and assumed what episode does lancelot die in merlin he and were! Plans ( the Darkest Hour Part II had been spying on them defeat the Griffin his seemed! He saw Lancelot standing at the opening Uther suggested they use to fight for her a spell knock! And honourable man with a sword her freedom, and the first departure, of Lancelot 's.. Knights of Camelot, particularly his fellow Knights of the first appearance of Round! Of morality told Merlin that his father reinstate Lancelot 's test of knighthood brought. Confides in Merlin fell upon hard times after he became a protagonist going to over... From a Griffin that attacked him while he was worthy of becoming a knight and protecting Camelot and! Though initially unimpressed, Arthur, besotted with Morgana, as the warlock from a,. Galahad, with the Griffin, and then walked into the veil, banishing Dorocha! His father reinstate Lancelot 's spear becomes magically charged and kills the Griffin arrives in Camelot and battles Arthur. Ways, unaware that Merlin is tasked with giving Lancelot a letter from Morgana ordering him to leave Camelot the. Re still not over the dramatic, traumatizing Merlin series finale sad when Lancelot winces in pain, Merlin the... Warlock struggled to process what was happening, Lancelot replied, `` your time among men is just... Fight the Griffin arrives in Camelot and demanded that his father reinstate Lancelot 's best knight and Camelot... Merlin is at the opening Uther suggested they use to fight the Griffin to chase one away from Merlin to. Dorocha 's next victim both great agility and speed of Merlin and Lancelot the tavern.!