Mojo potatoes were popularized by Shakey’s Pizza. Shakey's Mojo Potatoes Recipe - Super easy and yummy snack or appetizer for your next get-together. Tweet. shakeys. You can now buy Shakey's mojos from Robinsons Supermarket: Continue reading below ↓ For only P375 per pack, you get to experience the real deal anytime you want (read: when you're up … You can now buy Shakey's frozen mojos at select supermarkets. Please read our. Find a shakey's near you. Shakeys Potato Mojos is a food that many people can’t get enough of. Crispy Potato Mojos! Ever since the scare of COVID-19 up surged , going out to buy our cravings was not an option. Share. For their Zesty Caesar, they use Lady’s Choice Classic Caesar, and their Garlic Ranch is definitely Lady’s Choice Ranch Dressing. Hence, we ordered the frozen items of different fast-food brands. Comments. Pizza and Chicken Mojos Promo by Shakey's. With this delicious copycat recipe, you can make your own homemade version of Shakey's Mojo Potatoes, and it will taste just as yummy. Search input-2140590756 Locate me. young leader. Free Delivery Available. Best thing about cooking fast food at home, you get to have them in large quantities at a fraction of a cost plus you know exactly what you are getting because you know every ingredient you put into it :) These are typically called "mojo" potatoes, a name given by one such chain. MY SHAKEYS: ABOUT; CAREERS; FRANCHISING; MENU. Skip to content. Shakey's Shakeys Mojos ₱447. Get only the best steaks and seafood right to your doors step today. The ONLY PREMIUM meat and seafood online store. Calorie breakdown: 48% fat, 47% carbs, 5% protein. However, upon ordering 3 packs of Shakey’s fried chicken, I couldn’t order my mojos. While Shakey’s branches in the country are still closed due to enhanced community … curious reader. 2 Combine the dry ingredients: fried chicken breading mix, salt, and pepper in one bowl. Grocery Now Sells Shakey's Mojos...So You Don't Have to Make Your Own. Sarah Vantassel/Demand Media . What makes mojos even better are the classic Garlic and Ceasar dips that come with every serving, and when hunting down a recipe, we came across the Lady’s Choice salad dressings that we are certain Shakey’s uses. ABS-CBN News. applies for orders below this amount. Pin Recipe Description. Last March, Shakey’s Japan also revealed the recipe for the restaurant’s famous snack which counts potatoes, fried chicken breading mix, salt, pepper and cooking oil as its ingredients.. On-hand Support. Make them and let me know what you think!! Ended. Cook Time: 10 mins; Total Time: 15 minutes; Yield: 4 – 6 1 x; Print Recipe. You may want to add Shakey’s frozen mojos to your cart in your next grocery run. Not sure when because I don't go to Shakey's much but about three years ago was the last time I went to the buffet and had the Mojos and they were not good at all. They're easy to make at home, and provide a fine way to use up leftover potatoes. Potatoes dipped in fried chicken mix = AMAZING. hacks. Order Mojos - a Shakey’s exclusive: sliced potatoes, lightly battered & fried to a golden brown. Your mojos are ready to serve! Calling all mojo lovers! Dipped them in tomato ketchup and I'm in mojo heaven! They are just sliced potatoes which we can do at home... i didnt read the reviews when i ordered this. It is a specialty of Shakey’s Pizza, which is a famous pizza restaurant worldwide. Important: This post has been archived. No need to hack it, just order on Rare Food Shop now. I love how this recipe turned out. cooking. Enjoy a free upgrade of Pizza and Chicken n Mojos Supreme when you get the BER Bundle! JoJo potatoes are potatoes that are quartered and sometimes cut into eights depending upon how big the potatoes are. It may not be valid. Choose from a wide range of options from Japanese Wagyu, Kitayama Wagyu, Bolzico Beef, … Shares Share. hi guys let me share you the secret ingredient of shakeys on how to make their potato mojos you can try this at home habang ECQ and dont forget to … Pacific Bay App. Disclaimer: This … These crispy fried potatoes are battered and then fried to where the outsides are nice and crispy. terms & conditions for more informaiton. While various fast food chains and restaurants have been releasing secret recipes of their best-selling items, sometimes we just can’t help but crave the real deal.So if you’re just not in the mood to whip up some homemade mojos using the ~legit~ recipe from Shakey’s Japan, don’t worry.. Shakey’s Philippines is now offering packs of cook-at-home mojos to keep your tummies happy at home! If you’re ready to cook, follow these instructions to achieve Shakey’s mojos at home: 1 Microwave the sliced potato spuds for five minutes-it is preferred that the microwave has a power setting of 700 watts. The best pizza and chicken with potatoes EVER!! There are 216 calories in a 5 mojos serving of Shakey's Mojo Potatoes. Hence, the research to recreate my fave. Potato is everyone’s favorite – probably. The rounds can also be cut into half-moons to provide a higher percentage of crisp, golden surface. DOWNLOAD. Now everyone can enjoy this delicious potato snack even while at home! In a Facebook post, the restaurant chain also suggested … light reads . Get the real thing. They are pretty close to the original mojos from Shakey's. Learn about signature Mojo fried potatoes, salads and sides. Nationwide delivery with no minimum orders required. Promo is available for Dine-in, Take-out, and Delivery. Shakey’s is offering Cook-at-Home Mojos at P375 per pack, available at select Robinsons Supermarket branches. View More Articles About: esky rookie. This as Shakey's Philippines announced Monday that its best-selling potatoes are now available in ready-to-cook packs at select Robinsons Supermarkets at P375 each. 5/9/2020 2:45:00 AM. Returns & refunds accepted. Terms and conditions apply. Toggle navigation. 986. I don't know if you remember Shakey's Pizza but they would serve these potatoes with their famous Chicken and it was so good!! For orders above ₱2,000. Scale 1x 2x 3x Ingredients. You Can Now Get Cook-at-Home Mojos from Shakeys! Mojos are quite possibly one of the greatest snacks ever created. They lacked the taste and texture of the way they used to. Shakey's PH now offering frozen mojos in supermarkets. Everyone loves the Mojo Potatoes from Shakey's, but not everyone has a restaurant close to them. They basically thick sliced potatoes that are cut like scalloped potatoes. Add to cart Quick view. You can eat in any way you want giving you that satisfaction of fullness and flavor all at once. Returns & Refund Policy. tpc-000001. Food & Beverage Offers. Saved by Annette Freeseman. Recently viewed. Recently, their Japan branch was very kind to share their special recipe publicly. Posted at May 04 2020 08:18 PM. No problem! AVAILABLE NOW Taste like Shakeys ️ Breaded Mojos Ready to Cook ‍ packed per kilo ️ Avail yours now #Namilicious Worse, dining in. Search. Cook-at-Home Mojos at Robinsons Supermarket. Note that the breading mix is not included. The Mojos pack comes only at ₱375 for 2.5KG. By Sasha Lim Uy ... Also read: All the Restaurant and Fast Food Dishes You Can Cook in Your Home. MOJOS RECIPE – For people to have something to cook amid the quarantine, Shakey’s in Japan revealed their recipe for our all-time favorite – Mojos. Homemade “MOJOS ala shakeys” cooked by yours truly February 24, 2018 Jessie Joy. Shakeys / Ends 14 Oct 2017. Shakeys, Mojos Shakey's PH now offering frozen mojos in supermarkets. Cut your baked potatoes into 1/4-inch rounds or lengthwise into wedges, if you prefer. This as Shakey’s Philippines announced Monday that its best-selling potatoes are now available in ready-to-cook packs at select Robinsons Supermarkets at P375 each. Each pack is priced at P375—however, this DIY mojos cook-at-home package does not include the breading mix. Forget hacks. Source ABS-CBN News. Wanna know how to this? Posted on May 12, 2020 by freebiemnl. I thought maybe it was a fluke so tonight I went to Shakey's, a different location this time, and just ordered a drink and Mojos and they were horrible again. 3 Toss the potato spuds in the mix until no surface is left unseasoned. Even with the Enhanced Community Quarantine, you can still get these delicious treats from the Swift E-Tindahan! Download for FREE . cvd services directory. I was expecting it to be like mojos served in shakeys, but i Was disappointed that it is not seasoned. Buy Shakey's Mojos, the famous deep-fried potato slices breaded with flavorful seasoning and spices. Ingredients 4-6 potatoes 2 eggs 1/4 cup of water Crispy fry chicken breading A delivery fee of ₱200 .