No great professional athlete truly hates their sport. A lot of people find it strange". However, whether they have achieved Olympic glory or failed to reach the pinnacle in their sport that they had aspired to, all athletes’ careers will eventually come to a close, whether this is through age, injury or exhaustion. Ireland retired from international duty in the aftermath of the incident, aged just 21, and is currently a bit-part player at Stoke City. Given the ease with which she plays, using her 6ft 5in height to power over smaller players while also being accurate shooting outside, it’s easy to forget she once quit the game, refusing to pick up a ball for months. So I surveyed my friends and the internet for legitimate reasons why people hate sports — reasons that even sports fans can at least understand. He cited the early retirement of many and the lack of fights and willingness to fight even among top class boxers as prime evidence to support his belief. The list features athletes from eight different sports. With Agassi you never knew. An eight-time Grand Slam champion, and widely regarded as one of the finest tennis players of all time, no athlete has been as successful in their field in spite of having a deep dislike for their sport as Andre Agassi. Former NFL … But occasionally an athlete comes along who retires at the peak of his or her abilities. “It was a means of making money, he didn’t think of it as anything other than that,” Jerome Charyn, the author of Joe DiMaggio: The Long Vigil told NPR in 2014. Yet he never seemed to play with passion. 141 in 1997, Agassi made an incredible return, becoming world no. That would be impossible. Kluwe grew up playing soccer as the genius son of a doctor and a scientist. But while other tennis players hid their occasional boredom with the game, Agassi wore it openly. Despite his 'hatred' of boxing, Eubank is still heavily involved in boxing, with his son being an up-and-coming star of the sport. No one seemed to know who Agassi was. Gary Lockett was a very decent boxer who was at one time a world title challenger in the middleweight division. Kluwe admitted to not being much of a football fan, and was better known for his love of video games, reading and later, activism - on issues such as same sex marriage and gay rights. According to the GOALS survey, one-third of student athletes noted that the physical demands of their sport made them struggle to find energy for other tasks. Former pro golfer (with 10 international wins) turned commentator and humorist Feherty has lived a life with ADD, addictions, and bipolar depression. Andre Agassi, second from left, with father Mike, older sister Rita and older brother Phil in 1976. Luckily for us, we live in an era when an ACL tear isn't the end of the line. DiMaggio was a three-time MVP winner and an All-Star player in every one of his 13 MLB seasons. Every athlete has to overcome some type of adversity. The possessor of some of the finest hair in sports, the left back from France who played internationally for Cameroon always seemed tormented in his near-decade with Tottenham Hotspur. “I play tennis for a living though I hate tennis, hate it with a dark and secret passion, always have.”, the fact he painted figurines from games during downtime at Vikings practices, “He could have found a cure for cancer ... and he’s not.”, “It was a means of making money, he didn’t think of it as anything other than that,”, “There were no girls at baseball games (in high school), why should I play baseball?”, “I blamed basketball for taking me away from home,”, “I don’t say I hate football but it’s not my passion,”, “Tony wasn’t an athlete, he couldn’t throw a ball,”. Stephen Ireland was named Manchester City Player of the Season in 2009, aged just 23, yet the 2008-09 season ended up being rather the peak of the Irishman's career. Neither might his significance as the graceful Yankees center fielder who made the hardest plays look simple. They are in danger of sabotaging their potential careers, which have not even officially started. Yet now she is considered to be one of the best female strikers in the world. 'Choose a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life,' or so says an old idiom, but we all know that the truth is most people do not love their jobs. After almost a decade at Tottenham Hotspur, Assou-Ekotto now plays in Ligue 1 with Saint-Etienne. Given his intense interest in gaming (the television in his living room was only for games and not connected to cable), the fact he painted figurines from games during downtime at Vikings practices and the time spent with his band Tripping Icarus, his lack of excitement for football was understandable. Or the words of his co-author? but he didn’t seemed enamored either. As an upside: “I see from a different side of the street than most people. For some, the loss of love for the game can spell early retirement, whilst others can be indifferent to their sport for an entire career, yet experience great success. This is about those others, the ones who were either never consumed by their sport or came – for a time – to despise it. However, DiMaggio's biographer recently wrote, "It was a way of making money, he didn't think of it as anything other than that." “I don’t say I hate football but it’s not my passion,” he confessed in 2010. She took a year out from the sport, playing volleyball instead, before returning and beginning what would become a hugely successful career. Cheryl is one of the top athletes in the sport of curling. It wasn’t his fault he wound up being good at it. Throughout the 2000s, her team has been one of the top ranked teams in the sport. Asset-Ekotto said, "I don't say I hate football, but it's not my passion." In a new book, Deviance and Social Control in Sport, researchers Michael Atkinson and Kevin Young focus on the confusing environment that encompasses athletes. Crime by pro athletes should not be ignored. A few years ago, I visited Kluwe in Minnesota when he was still the Vikings punter. "I hate boxing." While some may debate the spot of a pro wrestler on the list, the story is too much to ignore. Here are the top 15 athletes who hated their sports: Wrestling may not be a sport, but you try to look at Brock Lesnar and say he's not an athlete. I don’t watch games on an evening or anything like that. That would be impossible. Lenny Dykstra. This was a challenge because the movie called for him to actually play baseball. Five athletes who don't like the sport that they play. He is consistently ranked among baseball's elite, despite not being able to play the sport between the ages of 28 and 30 due to World War II. Former 100m world champion Tyson Gay has chosen to compete for the U.S. bobsleigh squad, but this isn't the first time a top athlete has attempted to switch to another sport. 1) Andre Agassi. They play games for a living. In 2007, Ireland claimed his grandmother had died in order to get off international duty, a claim that later turned out to be false. About one-quarter reported being exhausted from the mental demands of the sport. Part of the confusion are the behaviors which are against the rules, but encouraged nevertheless as appreciated signs of doing whatever it takes to win. Kluwe is known to be a regular player of games such as Guitar Hero, World of Warcraft, League of Legends and more. It can make you- or it can break you. All the athletes we mentioned, these 5 sports greats were able to enjoy hall-of-fame careers despite their ACL injuries. But whilst Becks loved soccer, Bentley did not. Often described as the most natural snooker player in history and one of the greatest players of all time, this would be the equivalent of finding out Lionel Messi didn't love soccer or Barry Sanders wasn't a huge football fan. This arrogance and narcissism will lead many professional athletes to act like jerks, and this is during games, in interviews, in their personal lives and with their interactions with fans. All the athletes on this list were either known to not be particularly fond of their sports or expressed as much directly themselves. 5 Pro Athletes Who Swapped Sports. Most would consider sports stars to be some of the most notable exceptions though. Throughout his playing days Agassi portrayed himself as caring more about celebrity and less about actually playing tennis, then months later he would say he was misunderstood. These guys represent at team, a league/ organization, and sometimes a country. Now back with his former club Brighton, Zamora seems to be enjoying the sport, but he previously went on record saying "I’m not a massive football fan, really.