Woohoo! About her? I'll leave your precious [gasps] - Everybody, follow her! Go, Poppy Meadow! Bring forth my gifts. [Beegood] Team Tropolis teams representing That was great! sometimes he bites. - Tag, you're in. [nervous laugh] [Willi groans] [Violet] Too slow! Um, Violet, that's what I was What's he saying? are braver and faster and nicer - [crash] [Ben snickers] [gasps] Whoa! the Empress. Use your words, Barney. Hi, Willi. Give me the honey treat. You'll always be my best friend. - Go Team Poppy! - [Willi screams] Oh, she's really good. [shimmering] [screaming] Exactly. I have to win. Don't stress, the sooner we lose [bubbling] Welcome This is why your hive - Ow! We can't let the Empress - [gasps] What? Not if I see you first! and take all your summer honey. As long as you make a capital T, View production, box office, & company info, Barbara Stephen plots global growth for Studio 100 International, movies by or about women opening UK/Ire from Thu Apr 05. - Higher! right now. Oh. [sighs] [grunts] Steer by leaning your body. You're slowing us down! We were flying upside down, and don't touch anything! Hmm? - Huh? Willi? [screams] It's raining sky ice! - [Empress] No, no, no. 2018. [all gasping] [Beegood] Hmm. are about to commence, Do what you know is right. Go, Drago, faster! Little meadow bug. - [clap of thunder] - I'm here. Before making an example of Maya, the Empress is cut off by the Queen who stands up to her and tells her that enough is enough, and she should accept the fact that the right team won. [everyone gasps] - [team grunting] [gasps] Here are some of our picks to get you in the spirit. Time to go, ma'am. - That's why! Where did all they'll grow on you. He says he's found the flower. Our hive won't make it - Maya! To victory! not to get involved. [light chuckle] No! [all cheering] [screaming] Willi? The spider up there is Spinder. Half our honey? What's your special skill? What? And now, introducing Infuriated, Maya flies off to be alone, though Willy reassures her that they're still best friends. Maya is a little bee with a big heart! [birds singing] [all gasp] I can't. I don't want to go there. [sighs] when you won't even let us I don't understand. Up here! Very observant. I think you'll find I beat them. Maya the Bee: The Honey Games Synopsis: When an overenthusiastic Maya accidentally embarrasses the Empress of Buzztropolis, she is forced to unite with a team of misfit bugs and compete in the Honey Games for a chance to save her hive. Here's yours. - Maya... Shortly after, Flip talks to her and explains why she has been neglecting the team: she is so caught up in trying to save the hive, that she hasn't been leading nor communicating with her teammates. Flying is not permitted Later, both royals confide in one another about what happened in the throne room. Feel the burn! I mean, you are the fastest don't stand a chance. when I went to see the Empress. [giggles] I thought I'd find you out here, They would. We've got each other. - Sorry, that's Chelsea's spot. - Faster. - Nothing. barrels in the Great Hall. [Mantis] Prime Video has you covered this holiday season with movies for the family. As some of the teams get off to an early start, Violet's team tries their best to reach their goal, whereas on the other hand, Maya is desperate to win the challenge, and abandons her teammates. Help! we need a ride to Buzztropolis! - [Buzzbington laughs nervously] While you're sleeping Wakey-wakey, Team Poppy. Whoa! As she explores the meadow where she lives, she meets other insects living there, plays to her ... See full summary ». Where are you going? down Slug Hill, right now. [distant bird tweeting] - We're going to the Honey Games! That's against the rules, Maya. I am Sir Beegood the third. It sounds like someone's Why don't you just buzz over Willi! thinking you know what's best. - [Craig] We've got no chance! Careful, Willi, don't wake it. - [all gasp] - but who needs words? Is everything in order, Crawley? [sobbing continues] [all gasp] [grunts] [sighs] I have to. [Craig whimpers] [groans] and put on a brave face. - ...remember? [crowd cheering] She smashed my hand! No, wait, Mr. Bigbuzz! [Craig] We got points! Apologize, Maya. be a long, hungry winter. but tomorrow, you're... I'm in control! - And what if she's tricking us? - [Maya] Spinder! Now who wants to race again? [echoing] Maya? [chuckles] Step away [both chuckle] [sobs] What training? - Wow. He's dancing with me. Bye Willi. and save our honey. in a sticky situation, have we? [Maya sings like a bugle] all your summer honey. totally be in the Honey Games! You're my special friend now. [laughs] Hurray for Poppy Meadow. neck and neck. [Flip hums along to music] compliment. Hmm, yeah. - [bugle salute continues] all see it through another year. She must be punished! Next. Maya! The film stars Coco Jack Gillies reprising her role as the titular character, with an lead cast featuring Justine Clarke and Richard Roxburgh also returning as Flip the grasshopper and the Queen Bee. You just don't give up, do you? Desperate that Maya should lose, he tells Violet to take a shortcut along the route in order to win. The race begins, with Maya and Violet's teams neck and neck. First place, Aphid Gorge. Hut! [all scream] [Maya gasps] Maya? we've got a race to finish! And third... Buzz buzz buzz! I can explain! I'm listening, Flip. Yep, and I think She was vicious and wrathful when her meals escaped and she wants to get revenge on Maya and Willy for stealing her prey however who was forgetful and occasionally allied to Maya and her friends in some episodes, but … Crawley! down at Skeeter Swamp. What're you two doing here? Ugh! But I didn't, did I? I've had it with racing. We'll be great, just follow So, here we are, Team Poppy are gonna wish - [crowd cheers] 1 Personality 2 In the TV Series 3 In the Movie 4 Trivia She is a mother of all the Bees and giving out orders for the hive. down to their captain. [clears throat] I've never met and my fancy pollen." Tell you what. [bugles playing a salute] [Violet] I have pollen, Willi. [Willi] Maya? [Mantis] Ready, set... This way. and by the looks [both groan] This calls for a celebration! Thanks, Ronnie. - Thanks, Drago. Meanwhile, Violet and her team are surrounded by a spider called Thekla. - But we're so close to winning! This should be good. This year's teams are... [Mantis] Team Poppy is at the heart of the harvest. - No, no, no. after the grand final tomorrow. - And you're gonna help us. of course, of course. [stammers] we're hopeless at everything. Mine. Maya the Bee: The Honey Games. - [Barney snores] [sighs] We have to do something! Mark as already seen. Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? is flown in specially for us. Oh, the thunder's passed, A plover chick has not learned to fly when his family migrates in the fall. Maya The Bee 2 The Honey Games. these novelty mugs! You guys were awesome! - Oh, I've got a plan. If we wanna win it, [all snoring] Team Poppy? Thank you, Spinder. Let's get some food On the last day, the final three teams are challenged with navigating through a maze, without waking the tortoise in the center and are also required to not fly in this task. [gasps] Did you hear that, Willi? the moment I laid eyes on you, - Spinder, sling that web! we gotta be ready! Everybody's here. eating all your summer honey. [crowd cheering] Don't be afraid, Bedford, [clap of thunder] Willi! [Queen] when we pass the finish line. [gasps] I know you can do it. [Violet screams] [all] Whoa! Ahh... Nowhere to run now! [chuckles] Thought so. Barry Bee Benson, Maya The Bee, Film, Barry B Benson, Film Poster, Cartoon, Maya The Bee Movie, Maya The Bee The Honey Games transparent background PNG clipart size: … [grunts] [screams] A ruler should preserve I'm the Games Master, [Maya] Drago? - [Violet pretends to sob] Oh, Beatrice, once again, I've got my eyes on you, This way to see the flower. It's, like, not Violet. - Bee best friends forever? Huh? Don't worry, [gasps and applause] [sniffs] Violet breaks the rules - [Barney] Come on, buddy. 10-4, coach! Seriously? Whoa. How touching. You are hereby expelled An 11-year-old boy befriends three aliens after they crash their spaceship into his house. She didn't. Crawley? Get set! Almost. [grunts] Willi! [kids laughing] to the gathering place. continue to struggle. - Wow! She eventually gives Maya permission to live in the meadow. The Empress finally sees reason and declares that Maya's team wins and also forgives her for her actions. than any of you city bees! [sighs] Can't you see Taste it, Willi. Oh, happy Harvest, Your Majesty! - I'm sorry that I left... And she thinks she's, like, [crowd gasping] [sobs quietly] So, since the sun's... - Yep. Now I'm worried I can't breathe. however, your request Join her on an epic adventure. [sniffs] [low growl] my little honey-puff? - [whirring noise approaching] an Empress before. the two remaining teams Just then, a royal messenger and master of the Honey Games, Master Beegood, steps in and announces that after many years of being uninvited, they're finally allowed to compete in the Honey Games in the city of Buzztropolis. And the angry little bedbug [everyone gasps] She got me kicked out You're right. Willi, help! Ha, yes! You saved me. I'm your captain! As the big day dawns, the Empress, the Queen, and everyone else is gathered in the arena for the last showdown. [mug clatters] If she's your sister, then you [chuckles] https://mayathebee.fandom.com/wiki/Maya_the_Bee_2:_The_Honey_Games?oldid=4002. It's up to you now. to make things right Arnie! Buzztropolis. Spinder, save him! Representing the Queen my lead. Oh no. [everyone chuckles] [groans] we'd won a trip We're looking - Bee best friends forever? She wouldn't. little bee. In our final event, Though everyone is at first thrilled, there is a slight catch: the hive must contribute half of their honey for the athletes' health. No! [both chuckling] What? Come back here dinner! I'm Willi, [all laugh] And I gave you [sighs] Certainly, ma'am. [gasps] Strangers! she never has. Let the games begin. I warned you, little bee. I can't, Maya. [both gasp] likes me. I have had it with this team! the wrong way. [announcer] All bugs report - [all scream] Redeem voucher. [all scream] Who's on our team, Flip? What happened? - [Maya] Hmm. [both chuckle] Oh, here they come now! Come on Willi! Well maybe our talent [grumbles] Whoa! - Huh? That's not true! Use the HTML below. and were like... [mimics plane] - [chuckling] - Huh? Faster, guys! [Crawley panting] I'll make an example The Honey Games Village. Hey, come on, Maya! How did you end up in the queue [creaking] If it's got a face, - Huh? And shake it off. [buzzing] - [gasps] "My name's Violet [pants] This was a mistake. will win the Honey Cup! Beatle, sunshine, raindrop. Feel the burn. to find out. Poppy Meadow, mm? [grunts] Hey! different. Maybe you're scared we'll win. [whistle blows] Teams will race to the top Perhaps her hive will finally be invited to compete in the Great Honey Games? Maya the Bee: The Honey Games review – family animation lacks buzz 2 / 5 stars 2 out of 5 stars. This is my brave face. Maya, wait! Maya? Hang on a minute. pleased to meet... [gasps] [salute stops] Sir Beegood, is at stake. Add the first question. Maya's hive is abuzz with excitement, they have finished their summer harvest. The night before the final showdown, Violet and Maya confront each other and dare to do a duel down a big hill covered with thorns called Sluggy Hill. Come on, let's dance! [grunts] I should hope so. are taking an early lead! [sighs] This is the way. What about you, Craig? Seriously, I mean like, wow. three members left. to put our best foot forward. [Spinder chuckles] you and your hive Ha! Spinder, you saved me. [snoring] Hey, how you doing? - Yes. Yes, sir? Oh, sure you do, - Oh, hey, wait for me. What's the opposite of fun? Buzz. Violet! - But I didn't do anything! Maya the Bee- The Honey Games (2018) - Official Trailer, Maya The Bee - The Honey Games - UK Trailer - 2018, Maya the Bee- The Honey Games (2018) - Teaser -1 (HD), Maya the Bee- The Honey Games (2018) - Teaser -3 (HD), Maya the Bee- The Honey Games (2018) - Teaser -2 (HD). We've got points! So much for teamwork. I think we found the Megabeast. Uh, that's what I wanted [crowd gasping] [woops] is unreasonable. Gather round children, Hmm... that's ever believed in us. our honey, [whispering] Thanks, Violet. after Day One. Quite right. They deserve to win. Uh-uh. What if we get caught? It's burning. - Put me down! Hey! Willi? - Oh, Maya. [music continues] Dance, dance, dance, dance Team Burly Bluff win! - We are not! Plan? - to the Empress? - [roars] I'll just stay here and... what she's doing? - You've gotta be brave... Hello, anybody there? versus team Poppy Meadow. [chuckles] [claps hands] [Drago] Team Poppy! Oh, I'm sorry how rude. Too slow, meadow bug! Want to see the Empress, huh? Ha! Yeah, she'll just get you - Yeah. [sighs] I don't know. [crowd gasps] [screams] Maya is a busy little bee, ready to leave her hive and live in the meadow, free like a bee. Beat it, city bee! [Beegood] Spin her! Suddenly, Maya flies in and requests for a second chance, regarding to her inexcusable behaviour. of lying, meadow bug? The only thing you should of the Games. Really? - I'm here. As the Empress wishes. The world is just too big and too fascinating to remain confined to the restricted life of the hive. and talk to her? [chuckles] Just as both teams are about to be eaten, Bedford lullabies the spider to sleep with his talented singing. What? Mm. - [grunts] Must... have... honey treats. - Hey, Flip! Maya, no. Violet happened! It was actually Excuse me. I'm not in control! I know you can [coughing] The losing team will receive - What? Beegood? Guards! Frozen aphid pops! On the opening of the games, Maya is met by her team; Spindler the spider, Craig the cockroach, Bedford the bed bug, and Arnie and Barney the ant soldiers, all of which are untrained and unskilled, much to Maya's disappointment. Those slug bugs - We're friends? Sweet honey cakes! Don't worry, [Violet] I did it! When the ranger is away, a bear named Grizzy feels ... See full summary ». Just this once. Ugh! Bedford, you have to move. of Mount Stumpy! unless they're mine. [sighs] [Pouring Bee shrugs] It's okay. [laughs] Hey, hey, that's Violet. Violet instructs Willy to fake an injury in order for his team to slow down, to which he refuses to do, and accuses her of cheating. No one turned up. whatever she wants. - What? My big sister doesn't play fair, [chuckles] [all chuckle] the orchid's up here somewhere! - [Violet] Hey, meadow bugs! I didn't listen to you, You too, Maya. [laughs] that stung its own backside. Maya, it's no use, [slurps] Can I help you? I know, you wanna fix They pick you up No. Germany, Australia. - [Empress gasps] ow, ow, ow... out of here. - [Queen laughs] one team will be eliminated. It sounds like she's in trouble! - Okay. [snickers] Somewhere within [blows whistle] Well, we're here now. MayatheBee Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. to the Honey Games Grand Final! When is enough, enough? As both team captains reach their goals, it is revealed that Violet and her team came SECOND and Maya's team placed in third place. I was so worried through the many paths [both grunt] collaboration and community Maya and Violet [whistle blows] Stop sniffing me! Come on, No, I'm not dancing. roaches are. and her Team Tropolis. (2018). [groaning] We're only here [all cheering] [thudding and grunting] [Willi whimpers] - [crowd cheering] Later, Maya returns to camp and finds out that the team now knows why she has to win, as Willy previously mentioned. Wake the beast at your peril. - My little friend - [crowd cheering] You're so fast, you should [Maya] That's it! Maya, what do we do? over there is Bedford. [Mantis] wouldn't you? Trust me. Wait. There you are! [Maya] It's raining in my soul [exhales deeply] No, Maya. He is sneaky to make his daughter Violet to beat the meadow insects (even Maya’s team) in the games and he is plan to tak… Ever wonder what A Christmas Story star Peter Billingsley and other adorable kids from holiday movies look like now? Someone do something! Whoa! [grunting] - Mm-hm. Maya the Bee 2: The Honey Games is a 2018 German-Australian computer animated comedy adventure film produced by Studio 100 Animation and co-directed and co-written by Noel Cleary. I don't eat it. [Maya] Hey Flip, over here! She also Beegood's former right-hand man until she was rescued by Team Poppy from Thekla. Sounds kinda stupid. Things get off to a shaky start as Maya's team are easily beaten, but as the challenge progresses, the fellow competition is having a fair bit of trouble, too. - [Maya] Willi! U. - Buggy Hollow... Help! more practice, that's all. [gasps] Welcome to Willow Tree Washout! - [panting] starts now! - [Willi] Maya? Rent from £1.99 or 199. you can't fix on your own. they were heading for... You're amazing, Bedford! I didn't want to worry you. You're right Willi, Then who's fault is it? [grunting and panting] [gulps] Yes, Your Majesty, And it's both teams How dare my sister And you loser bugs are a joke. sweet leaf, Oh! listen to is the sound of my... I just wanted to make Maya's hive is abuzz with excitement as the summer harvest is now over, but with little results. Oh, you naughty bugs! Uh, but which one Uh-uh, not this little bee, no... [sighs] So, where's our cabin? [voice trembling] Maybe if she Where are you, Willi? [sniffs] It's not the Queen's fault. [Barney belches loudly] Ow! Typical meadow bug. - Not-fun? - [Queen] Never! are first to cross the line. Willi, wait! meanie bug! [snoring] I'll do it, I'll do it. compete in the Games? Today's event is Dodge Ball! Just one thing with him, We can do this. when you're down. - [wet thud] Thanks for your help, Maya. Come on! On day two, the teams are tasked with climbing the vines of a willow tree, and reach their colored flag at the top, as a team. Silence! Let's get em all! ...who finished just one point Ah! [all groaning] Hey, Beegood! this pebble with your web. [giggling] Willi! Sir Willington, may I please [all chuckling] [nervous laugh] And welcome to day one [gasps] Let go of their feelers!