The crosstalk problem appears to be an electrical design issue of the "common audio ground" of the mic and speaker jacks. December 7, 2020 December 7, 2020 Joseph Kenas . But to certain extend In-Ear-Headphones have less leakage. Connecting an amplifier speaker to the headphone jack seem to not cause the crosstalk, its only headphones. So Im wondering what the best way is to prevent/stop … Best Premium/Audiophile Headset (or Headphones + ModMic or Boom Pro) For Gaming Under $250? Edit: I'm running Windows 8.1 x64 I wanted to know if there's a way to make them leak less sound, I was thinking of replacing the px100 earpads with those of the px200, since they looked more muffled, in hope of reducing leakage but i'm not really sure if that will work. It’s physically impossible to stop all sound with limited material used in creating a standard pair of headphones. What you are asking is Sound Leakage or Music bleeding. I own a pair of Corsair Void Wired headphones, and considering Im young I live with my parents. 12 Best Headphones that Don’t Leak Sound: no noise out or lag . Audio: 1: Dec 7, 2012 In most of the headphones, there is leakage. Any light on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Avoid Mic/Headphone Combos - Headphone/Mic combination earbuds or headsets can leak badly even with the volume turned down. USB Headset problem on W7 - Noise in sound, stop working after x mins Good night, this problem is very annoying: I bought Logitech Headset F540, when I connect the base to my computer with USB, first I can hear a noise in the sound, then after X minutes the sound stop working. I noticed when I go to take off my headphones I can still hear the sound coming from them, and they arent even on a very loud level. Audio: 5: Feb 28, 2020: F: Solved! sound mixing, 'listen to this device' etc), but the actual sound from my headphones 'leaking' into my microphone. help! The Apple earbuds are notorious for this. yes, if you're talking louder than "normal" volumes, most closed backs will leak some sound. The higher the volume, the more sound leakage occurs. For those who operate in a silent environment like the library, owning the right headphone that does not leak sound should be a priority. Usually (and I … but apparently people around me get annoyed by their sound leakage. I use a headset for audio and as a microphone and I have confirmed that the sound is not leaking from my headphones into my mic (because it still happens when I mute my microphone on my headset). This will help prevent the other voices in the headphone output from reaching the microphone. The solution is to separate the grounds for the two connectors. Some people tell me that I have to disable Stereo Mix in Sound Settings but I don't even see an option to do this. Try using a microphone that is completely separate from your headphones. Just to be clear: It's not a matter of my microphone transmitting my computer's audio(i.e. Headphones leak sound because some of the air vibrations break through the ear cups and ear pads that are meant to stop it. Sound leaking on a brand new headset: Audio: 1: Nov 6, 2018: H: Gaming headset massive leaking problems. I just bought a pair of sennheiser px100 headphones which i love. I listen at a louder than normal volume and basically all closed backs will leak a little, even the Oppo PM-3 (which has been the best so far in terms of sealing sound).