With these 100 inexpensive DIY gifts that are cheap but cool, you are sure to find something amazing for all your awesome people. How to capture adventures. The Sigma 120mm – 300mm f/2.8 lens prices out at $3,799.00. It hangs around your neck by a lanyard. This Sandisk memory card comes in at around $60.00 USD. Gorillapods are flexible and portable tripods that can hold everything from Point & Shoot, to professional DSLR cameras. Take your DSLR for a refreshing bath with a waterproof camera case, like the DiCAPac WP-S5 Waterproof Case for Small DSLR Cameras. Jazz up your work space with this retro camera pen holder — great for making your space look both tidy and artsy. MeFOTO SideKick360 Smartphone Tripod Adapter. These caps are available for both Nikon and Canon and are used to label lenses in your camera bag. A light meter measures the amount of light and is used to determine the proper exposure for a photograph. Snag some photo prints from a place online like Snapfish, where they use fine photo finishing equipment and print on high quality photo paper. 56. There are a number of companies out there that do know this and have spent the time designing straps that are comfortable, distribute the weight evenly and even look good. The Peak Design Sling is our favourite camera sling bag of 2020, and a perfect gift for a photographer who already has a main camera bag.. Photographers are a curious lot. As much as we’d love to say, “Oh I wouldn’t mind a EOS-1D X or a Nikon D700,” the cold, hard reality is if we don’t […] The entire package comes with a nice carry case to make location changes easy peasy! I have paid $30 or more for Filson socks. This would make it easy for your teenage photographer to drop their buddy into a spaceship, or put them on stage at a Rolling Stones concert. For the enthusiast camera lover — these silicone bracelets resemble various camera lenses and let them wear their love on their wrist. You can find these online for $11.00 USD, or less! Anyone, who loves photography, could see this little baby sticking on the bumper of their car. Take a shot with a real lens — followed by a shot with a fake lens. On one end of it, there is a retractable brush to remove the big chunks on the lens, or, dust the crevices of your camera body. That’s why extra memory cards will never go unappreciated! Mirrorless cameras offer the image quality and versatility of the big DSLR cameras- without the weight and bulk. Photographers can at first seem like a tough bunch to gift give (you aren’t exactly going to go out and purchase that #1 camera on their wish list, after all). And our gifts work for all age groups, meaning you can find great gifts for Mom, gifts for Dad, gifts for Grandma, and gifts for 10-year-old girls all in the same place. An invaluable tool for any photographer is the Vello Wired Remote Switch for Select Cameras, which is available for most DSLR and mirrorless camera models. Life: 100 Photos that Changed the World. Photographers need a reliable place to store all those images. There are so many available – and many of the best ones aren’t free – so the one (s) you should get depend on the person you’re giving to. It's guaranteed to bring some smiles. Not a great big builders spirit level but a small one that sits on the hot-shoe of your camera. As a bonus, you’ll also receive a free pouch that you can use to store these sunglasses when not in use. The Click Stick needs no batteries and no Bluetooth connection. Rode Microphones offer premium microphones and for studio, live and location recording — ensuring you’ll get the best audio, wherever you are. I have two, they smell weird and it’s just so lame. Clean sensors lead to clean images. The ultra fast camera fits in a jacket pocket, yet it can shoot 4K video and capture images with quality rivaling that of a pro-grade DSLR, thanks to its 1-inch sensor. They have a quick release mechanism that allows you to pull them off and hang them back on in a flash. Let's start our list from the least expensive and work our way up to the colossal mega-gift. amazon.com The “things” to photograph are numbered, with slots to place your final image above each prompt. It's simply a statement about looking cool and letting the world know who we are. Give that visually distorted feel with the ultra-wide fish eye lens, used to create a wide panoramic or hemispherical image. Better yet — bring it to the birthday or the Christmas gathering to snap some neat memories. Secondly, we tried to find those special items (that everyone under the Sun isn't already talking about, and everyone already doesn't own). We wanted to select items that are extremely useful, but not the obvious. 5 out of 5 stars (580) 580 reviews $ 15.00. It works with virtually every smartphone, although Android users will have to download an App. Get closer to your food with your cell phone than ever before with this easy macro cell lens band. The Cyber-Shot DSC-RX100 VI by Sony is the best point-and-shoot camera money can buy, as well as a great gift for photographers who like to travel light. This camera backpack hooks you up with everything from adjustable tripod straps to a non-removable rain cover. Memory Card Wallet An inexpensive and useful gift to keep track of memory cards. Luxi for All Light Meter 5. If your photographer already has every gadget ever made; we're willing to bet they missed this one. Cheap Photo Gifts That Are Customized For Any Occasion. 73. It works with any phone and takes phoneography to the next level. This drive reads and writes at a lightning fast 410 mb/sec and 380 mb/sec. ND filters work to reduce the amount of light passing through the camera lens (without changing the color of the scene). Create color magic with this programmable LED tool for light painting shapes, words and more. Even if the recipient is not a photographer, one of these gifts will easily make them want to become one! This ebook is a guide to using shallow depths in landscape photography and to help photographers see the environment as light and shapes. The MJ Boutique’s 8-bit Matte Black Pixelated Sunglasses are an ideal gift for photographers who spend a lot of time outdoors. It comes with an external battery supply and standard reflector. So would product photographers. This kit gives you everything you need to mat your photos and prepare for the long-awaited art show (or at least, decorate your living room). A flash drive is always good to have on hand — and this is an inexpensive and high-speed option. Check them out on Zazzle. Framebridge The Fancy Wide frame, $95, Framebridge.com. Design custom drinkware, home decor, custom wall art to add personality to your home. We've saved this beauty for our finale! He has been involved with photography since 1974 and you can get to know him better here. In 2013, Brandon Stanton’s book Humans of New York (based on the blog) was published and hit the top of the NY Times Bestseller List. Bring your editing world to your fridge with Photoshop fridge magnets (and maybe, even edit out the eggsshells in your scramble). It's ultralight, compact, and yet extremely durable. The collection includes some DIY ideas, for those who enjoy handcrafts. Shopping on a budget doesn't mean you are buying cheap gifts. Your friends and family will love your photo gifts because they were … With more ideas than you could possibly make, all … Whilst most camera now have a horizon indicator, a good photographer’s spirit level will allow you to check your levels in three planes. Snag one and make a photo slideshow filled with special moments. This device is invaluable when outdoor photography, or any work that needs critical focusing. Best of all, it's under $8.00 USD. It cleans the lens the same way as a lens tissue: in a circular motion. 39. It's easy on the back and the neck because that weight is being carried by your largest muscle group.