GoECSaints, The Offical Home of Emmanuel College Athletics. And at the time I was kind of in a career that involved me waking up at 6:00 in the morning and for lack of a better term, really just kind of cold calling people out of the blue, selling them websites and that was got to be a little dull and not all that fun. Coming off of a woeful seven-win campaign in 2017. Michael Houlihan is entering his seventh season as the head coach and 11th with the UMass Boston volleyball program. From a record standpoint, it certainly was a record-breaking year. Podcast made in partnership with Acanela Expeditions, Theme Song - I’ll Just Be Me by Gravity Castle, Contact: +1 323-657-3496expeditions@acanela.com, Contact UsOur ExpeditionsEmail Sign UpTerms & ConditionsPrivacy Policy, Florida Seller of Travel:  ST15578California Seller of Travel:  2090937-50Washington UBID: 603189022Iowa Registered Agency: 1202, Episode 25 - Coach Jason Kennedy of Boston College Volleyball, Episode 26 - Acanela Expeditions Review - Charles' Trip to China, Episode 24 - Coach Eve Rackham of University of Tennessee Volleyball. I had a good amount of success I think with the club program and at that point when I graduated, I was kind of done with volleyball. I know you know, volleyball. This one always exceeds my expectations for both quality, learning, and fun.August 8, 2019: I noticed a very strong positive improvement in my daughter's volleyball … Now we've played down in the Southeast if you will, in Florida and finished it back up with a tournament up here in Rhode Island. It's good I think for us to be able to take them and experience something new. You get one opportunity to do this. Bowdoin Athletics Main Navigation Menu. Jason Kennedy: What am I most excited about? I was doing the indoor sides to the sand, at which point USA Volleyball reached out and asked me to start to become involved with their beach programs, to kind of help them set things up for their technological advances, if you will, as they wanted to get more into the video and analysis side of things. I always, when I was playing, we would always be like, once you hit that 20 mark, it's kind of that little hump that it's just like, hey, we're actually on the right road to where we want to go. And you come out here and you get a little bit more of the whole person experience or we get to take the time to appreciate the kids that we work with. It's something I'm always excited about to see where it goes because you never know what's going to happen. For my entire high school career, if you will, it was Mondays and Wednesdays out on the blacktop in 85-degree heat in the middle of September and October and Tuesdays and Thursdays usually out on the sand down in Ala Moana Beach Park, trying to play six on six and trying to simulate getting ready for a match in a gym on the weekend. During our interview, Jason tells us about how he grew up playing volleyball in Hawaii, the unconventional career path he took which ultimately led to coaching, and his experience working with USA volleyball. This gives players the opportunity to pick the session that best fits their schedule. Assistant Volleyball Coach salaries at Boston College can range from $53,164-$58,079. It was after all of that, I still really enjoyed it, which is somewhat fascinating I think. Nearly a month and a half after Chris Campbell resigned, Boston College volleyball completed its search for a new head coach.On Tuesday, Director of Athletics Martin Jarmond announced the hiring of University of Southern California’s Jason Kennedy. And seeing how everything all fits together is something that's exciting because with such a large group, you're planning on spending time with these kids and getting to know them over the next four years. Sunday, March 22, 2020. We want to see them succeed in the classroom. The official Volleyball Coach List for the Bucknell University Bison. School Major C; 3: Brooke Leestma: Jr. OH/DS: 5-10: Huntington Beach, Calif. / Edison High School I think the thing that's exciting is just, we've been following some of these kids now for two, three years and we've seen them from afar, but actually getting them on campus and starting kind of four years sabbatical for them out of their home lives and this kind of bubble of a campus. Jason Kennedy: For sure. 915 … We have to do a lot of travel to get ready for the ACC schedule.