As the years passed, the hospital underwent further modernizations, despite a gradual fall in patients: by 1990, there were only 531 residents and 1,350 health workers at the facility. Will NOT be displayed. yeah there is a "famous" abandoned insane asylum here on the south east side of San Antonio, TX. The Cistern – Houston, TX. Use the "Browse" or "Choose File" button below to select an image to upload along with your comment. I am going to repeat this process is EXTREMELY dangerous and NOT AT ALL reccommended. I went there about 13 years ago or so with my older cousins and friends, We all went inside of 2 building (not sure how many are there, can’t remember). But also I do remember there was one area that was peaceful. Then we reached the 2nd floor. river city asylum, now known as the psycho asylum; located in the historical vicinity of downtown san antonio, texas. I did some research into the "abandoned asylum". Have yall gone recently. Sign up for our newsletter and receive Halloween event updates, discounts and more! There were police cars but they didn’t seem to mind us we walked right in. Might I recommend checking out the Chinese graveyard? .also saw a lil girl crying in the cafeteria down the drive way who gave a friend of mine a heart attack I also wrote on the walls saw the room where they killed and tortured people in the Basement.. Southwestern Insane Asylum of San Antonio. Headline: Do not use all capital letters. ever wanted to work for san antonio's premier scary haunted house? 403. Just like other desolate homes on this list, this home belongs in a nearly abandoned city. The Southwestern Insane Asylum was opened in San Antonio on April 6, 1892. Your email address will not be published. We had to camp out overnight, and it was really hair raising. Answer: it was the Bexar County Juvenile Home for Boys. Or it not allow us to go because of the security or something like that? This year?? it will list the owner of record. Article by Stacie Centers. The solution: an industrial-strength pair … The site, on the south side of San Antonio, occupied 640 acres and was capable of … Abandoned Prisons Abandoned Buildings Abandoned Places Mental Asylum Insane Asylum Haunted Asylums Haunted Places Desert Places Abandoned Hospital. Countless Haunt Hunters have been arrested, ticketed, and reprimanded by the authorities for trespassing. Oct 22, 2015 - The myth of the San Antonio Mental Asylum has been discovered. This abandoned asylum was once a state of the art facility before devolving into one of the most deadly mental institutions in American history. and the hundred rail road tracks in natilia texas now those r scary .. Happy haunting! I’m super interested in going, but don’t know the address, if you have it, can I have the address?? If anyone has the time, energy, and stupidity to reach this location please take the UTMOST caution in doing so. I see how no one is posing the address, probably because they have never been there themselves they are making it up, I would like to know how to get into contact with the proper owner or local authorities to get permission to investigate this place. Voice your opinion here! So, if not an insane asylum, what were these wicked scary abandoned structures originally? It took place for about 2mins. Here's how the community responded. We had enough at this point and left. Although it had an official name change, over the years it became known to the public as simply "The Insane Asylum." When we were walking up the stairs to get to the third floor we heard a moan and we walked back down the stairs slowly and then heard the doors slamming and somebody screaming. Weston, West Virginia. Here is what I found out: Windows Live space: San Antonio's "abandoned Asylum" Lakeland Asylum is a Haunted House Attraction located in San Antonio, TX.Free Fun for the Whole Family. psycho asylum is located 1201 e. houston st. san antonio, tx 78205 Many … although it has been vandalized and tagged by people it is still a creepy site to visit. Please note: It is your responsibility to acquire appropriate permissions before investigating any location listed on this site. I work next door. The hospital was essentially a self-sufficient village with crops, livestock and … There was nothing in the room but a hole in the wall and a metal broken pipe sticking out of it. Last edit to this listing: 2/3/2016 (1775 days ago). See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for the best Mental Health Clinics & Information in San Antonio, TX. Handbook of Texas Online - SAN ANTONIO STATE CHEST HOSPITAL Here's two old postcards that show the Southwestern Insane Asylum, which is now the State Hospital. Not-So-Scary Haunted Houses (Kid Friendly). Lakeland Asylum, San Antonio, TX. People from all over have come to see the haunted asylum, haunted it may have been, but was it a mental asylum. Email Address: Administrative use only. Carrying on, swim parked off Southton at the bridge that goes over the Salado Creek. The site was eventually abandoned, possibly due to asbestos. Overall Rating: Click to rate. I really want to go but should I park away from it and walk or….? I was the old county poor farm and county TB Hospital. The site, on the south side of San Antonio, occupied 640 acres and was capable of … It is true, this place is haunted. We start to check out the left wing. In 1925 the word “hospital” was substituted for “asylum” in state asylums, and such adjectives as “insane” and “lunatic” were dropped from their names; the Southwestern Insane Asylum then became the San Antonio State Hospital. This place truly has spirts there. Hows security ?? Details: Tell Us About Your Experience(s) at Abandoned Asylum. Something happened there. Man, these ghosts must surely be illiterate. Visitors to this page: 2,541 39.1053, -76.7756 Notes Well there was nothing out there and when we were looking out the window we heard foot steps walk behind us in the hallway. The abdonded structures are at he end of a dead end. Tell Us About Your Experience(s) at Abandoned Asylum. All rights reserved. My name is john sanchez aka king rerun, How do I contact someone sonic can investigate this location, Your email address will not be published. Administrative use only. When we entered the right wing of the building we could hear dripping water coming from the far end of the hallways. Built on a lot of 640 acres with the capabilities of caring for 500 mentally ill patients, it was a marvel of health care, a living, self-sustaining community with its own crops, livestock and even a lake for fishing. Actually, it was never a Asylum at all. just sayin…. There was nothing, we went and looked down the hallway and still nothing. The hospital was built on 640 acres, and had the capacity to hold up to 500 patients. We went all the way up to the roof and as we were coming down already on the first floor, we heard how people were just running upstairs, so we rushed out. Used to go there a lot when I was 18-19 now I’m 31 but sometimes we’ll stay for hours and sometimes you’ll here gunshots from the land across so we’ll leave before the cops got there but my buddy’s and I have heard moaning in the building in the front on the far back if you’ve been there you’ll know the the rooms used to have doors that open in half that lead to the other rooms but we’ve heard slippers through the hall in that building but we’ve had our experiences, I Went Just Last night But Couldn’t Find A Away Up I Heard A Screaming But Just Keep Going Till Hit The End Of The Hall Wanted To Go Up Stairs But Friends We’re Scared I’m Not Gonna Lie There Was A Machine And We All Booked It Looked Really, i dont know the address but my experise on this place is truly haunted my first and last expercise i ever go there it was about 10pm on one summer we were about8 people checking the place out yes we all felt the evil around us went to top of the roof and check out 2 building on the three one they went upstairs to check it out i couldnt go in like someone pull my hair so i stood back well anyway everyone comes running out about 5 mintues the whole place was on fire we all ran towards the street and as soon as we turn to look back the fire was gone how do you explain this, I used to go to this place all the time I would Insane Asylum in San Antonio Texas I had heard of the infamous insane asylum that lurks on the South Side of San Antonio Texas by a coworker of mine. A group of abandoned buildings while probably having a physical address on paper in the county registry, doesn't have a listing in the phone book under abandoned asylums. It WAS bought by the sheriffs station which is directly next door and one building over from there is a juvenile correctional facility; however, this did not stop swim and his friends. The dripping water sound stopped. We go into the main building and start checking out the first floor. My bf and I want to go this weekend but we dont want to get caught by cops and get a ticket. If you enroll in the BCSO Citizen Police Academy, you will get the opportunity to visit the building at night and view a training situation. Please report any inaccuracies. Also, the property has been partially converted to some sort of training facility with like workout type equipment for the police force I guess. This place is really haunted..not a good place to will get your scare..and more you might just bring whatever you encounter home..I visited the place a few years ago with my teenaged is dark so take a flashlight..We decided to climb flight of stairs to the top floor of the building we never made it..we heard moaning and screams so we all ran out…The place has an unpleasant feeling..But be careful because the cops do come and you might get arrested for trespassing…after we left the place we started having paranormal activity at home.wasn’t pleasant at all.seems like we brought a spirit of some sort back home with us…story is true ..i dare you to try to get to the top floor!! My brother and I went there maybe 35 years ago. People going in to … To avoid this, be sure to get in touch with the property owners before visiting a haunt, and respect their hours of operation, local regulations, and rules for visiting at all times. Private property should be respected at all times, as should all posted signs concerning trespassing, hours of operation and other local regulations. According to legend, a wealthy family moved to San Antonio in the 1920s, the husband having made a considerable fortune starring in Hollywood films as a little person. Abandoned Asylum. He then walked back up Southton, towards where the aslyun and correctional facility is, and found a dirt path that led to a field that is behind some properties, one of which is the “old man with the shotgun” which is the house directly across from the asylum. He did not mention anything at that instant because he did not want to scare the rest as he already was scared. The vast majority of information provided on this web site is anecdotal, and as such, should be viewed in the same light as local folklore and urban legends. Has anyone gone lately? He did not mention anything at that instant because he did not want to scare the rest as he already was scared. The problem: you've always wanted to explore a super creepy abandoned hospital or asylum but never knew where to start. Address: Farm Road San Antonio, TX ... one of which is the “old man with the shotgun” which is the house directly across from the asylum. I didn’t see any cops,but I am sure they drive around. I was 26 when I went I also saw the lil old lady shooting the shotgun across the street so that way the kids would leave she was the one who call the cops also .so every body would leave and then come back .. Also y’all want to see some stuff got to .. Not Much Is Known About The Abandoned San Antonio Facility Decaying In Texas. San Antonio's "abandoned Asylum" - Windows Live Here's a link to the San Antonio State Chest Hospital, which is adjacent to the State Hospital. MORE - The San Antonio Insane Asylum opened on April 6, 1892 as "The Southwestern Insane Asylum". From there we left. Photos of San Antonio's abandoned Windsor Park Mall were taken by Flickr user Scooter Simpson on June 22, 2007, according to the image credits. tall that you have to push through. So we get back to the 2nd floor and right away that off feeling comes back. Share Your Experience or Comments - Abandoned Asylum. Many "ghost hunters" have been arrested because they failed to contact property owners and/or local authorities ahead of time. I honestly felt like something followed us back home cause I became paranoid to every smell and noise. The State of Texas funded the project for a state of the art (at the time) mental institution. Psycho Asylum Haunted House - 1201 E. Houston Street, San Antonio, TX 78205 - Rated 5 based on 1 Review "Best Haunted house in San Antonio! MORE – The San Antonio Insane Asylum opened on April 6, 1892 as “The Southwestern Insane Asylum”. Before you visit ANY local real haunt, make sure to acquire the appropriate permits and/or permissions, and be respectful of privately owned properties. Originally named the Southern California Asylum for the Insane and Inebriate, it was renamed in 1927 after Harry Patton who was a member of the first board of directors. If at any time the smoke is too intense there … Donations Accepted.Step Into The Asylum! Most people would never dare to venture inside an abandoned asylum, simply because the overwhelming negative energy within tells a tale of horrific tragedy, torture, and indescribable suffering. A site was selected just south of San Antonio, and the new facility began operation on April 6, 1892. Stinson Field Ghost – San Jose Burial Park Cemetery. Swim mapped out a way to avoid detection; however, this is NOT reccommended, because of its illegality and EXTREME difficulty and risk. This is where stuff started to get weird. We really had to push ourselves to continue and we could still hear the dripping sounds of water. Have a haunt/halloween related news story or a tip? Apparently the property has been taken over by the sapd so there’s no way to sneak in. I visited about 2 weeks ago with my cousin three days in a row. It right away felt off. We heard gun shots and honestly we were freaked out. 104 likes. On the one towards the end, we saw shadows in the room walking around. Their firearms range is farther back on the property. Are we gonna visit there for a while? Do not use all capital letters. I dont see any recent post so for anyone who is curious, swim went to this location last night, 06/09/17. The police hang around the area, so it is best not to try and enter. Not super scary, but tons of cold spots in the middle of the summer! there are reports of people running into creepy things inside a few of the asylum buildings. The place gives off an evil vibe and is really creepy. Other Cities Downtown Events; So when we first got to the building we were on the side lines of the trees. I think that it was in use in 1922. Abandoned Mental Hospital in San Antonio on makes no claims that any of the statements posted here are factually accurate. If you've had a paranormal experience here, or have any additional information about this location, please let us know! 2. Have you gone? the easiest way would be to go to the bexar county appraisal district equipped with the address in question. Aztec Theater. Just weird vibes coming from it that we both were feeling so we skipped it and headed up to the third floor. This hard to reach cistern was once a drinking water reservoir. The field was horrendous to trudge through, at one point there were plants 6ft. Check out the upcoming event and concert calendar for Abandoned Asylum along with detailed artist, ticket and venue information including photos, videos, bios, and address. This impressive structure – allegedly the world's second-largest hand-cut stone masonry building… It was cool and creepy but nothing really much happened. No profanity. This comment will make a lot more sense if you pull up google maps and view the area. IS THERE A LOT OF SMOKE IN THE HAUNTED HOUSE? We decided we had to check out the 2nd floor. Nothing. After reaching the end of the field which ended directly behind the old mans house swim went in the woods in between the man’s house and the creek. If you have, was security tight? Be specific. Then, you must go through the woods over barbed wire and a fence and you will reach the asylum, which is bolted up so you will need bolt cutters and then you will have to go back the same way. Check out the event calendar for Abandoned Asylum in San Antonio, along with artist, ticket and venue information, photos, videos, and address. When we got to the last room and entered it. This the old juvenile boys home, It is now part of the Bexar County Sheriff Office training facility, and is used for hostage training scenarios. Let us know! No theatre is safe apparently in the ghost town of San Antonio! Super creepy experience and still gives me shivers to this day. I’d like to check it out and do some video recording for YouTube. When Hundreds of Mothers and Children Were Abandoned by ICE, San Antonio Stepped up to Help. Swim then found dirt trails meant for horse back riding which can be used to navigate within a couple hundred yards of the asylum. When we were little we lived on the Army base. Back in 2009 myself and a friend went into the buildings here in the middle of the night. It’s not their headquarters, they use it for Sheriffs training. When we were leaving my cousin said that a little girl in a white dress was walking with us in the group just like Mordikai ^^^^ said. My cousin swears she saw a little girl in a white dress whilst we were walking behind the building. David Ingram/Flickr Show More Show Less 2 of 16. There is a historical marker at the top of the steps. I’ve been there about 10 years ago with a prison work squad. If you look at this site you will get three or four answers each giving you different directions to the asylum. The building has been trashed, and the BCSO has made some minor repairs to facilitate training.. it housed the criminally insane, as well as sick and infectious patients back in the late 1970's. We slowly proceeded down the hallway checking each room and when we were 3 rooms away from the last room we thought we saw a shadow walk infront of the door way from the inside of the last room. That place was scary. No profanity. All information on this page was submitted to Texas Haunted Houses and was believed to be accurate at the time it was posted. You can’t go to it now because the Sheriff’s Department bought the property and turned it into their headquarters. It is true, this place is haunted. The Patton State Hospital in San Bernardino was opened in 1893. On the one towards the end, we saw shadows in the room walking around. Click "thumbs up" if you think its haunted, or "thumbs down" if you think its all just a tall tale. The Psycho Asylum Haunted House is located at 1201 East Houston St., San Antonio, Texas 78205; right on the corner of Houston and Chestnut. We proceeded to check every room out after just to make sure. We both reacted at the same time and immediately turned around and flipped the flash lights on pointing into the hallway. When we were leaving my cousin said that a little girl in a white dress was walking with us in the group just like Mordikai said. I want to take my kids to see is anyone allowed to just see from the outside? The asylum was rebuilt in 1911 as the Agnews State Mental Hospital and expanded to a second campus, the East Campus — about two miles away at Zanker and Center roads in San … For-profit immigrant detention centers, failing to meet daycare center standards, released 500 asylum seekers at bus stations around the city. I'm not sure if anyone will even see this but here we go. There have been numerous prosecutions for trespassing so this is one place you should truly beware of! I do have to admit that spirits do prefer abandoned places as to not be bothered,but this place just doesn’t seem haunted to me. who owns the hauted Abandoned Insane Asylum in san antonio on the southside? The story explains it all. Disclaimer: Texas Haunted Houses does not endorse or support trespassing to visit real haunts. Founded in 2011, is a simple and unique online haunted event & attraction resource created to make it easy for locals to find Haunted House, Spook Walk, Corn Maze, and other Halloween Attractions in their local area. We would hear weird whistle sounds around us that didn't sound like any kind of bird or animal. After that we decided to keep going as we came all this way. Although off limits it remains an abandoned building and owned by the city of San Antonio. Be specific. We went all the way up to the roof and as we were coming down already on the first floor, we heard how people were just running upstairs, so we rushed out. Before … I drove by there and there is now a fence with a locked gate. San Antonio's first center for the mentally ill was the Southwestern Insane Asylum (San Antonio State Hospital) and was established on April 6, 1892. Over time, folklore gave the structure the name the "Midget Mansion." Thank you so much! 09/23/2015 . tall that you have to push through. In the property’s ti… Please note: this building is owned by the county and there is no trespassing allowed. Although San Antonio State Hospital is still in operation today, four of its older buildings were abandoned in 1996.