I have no idea who owns this place, but I love them! . Thanks for stopping by. My aunt was given a Moody sister’s cottage on Rosemary Lane as were his other servants (There were six cottages and I knew all the people who lived in them). Windsor Castle is, first and foremost, a fortress—and it has proved to be a strong one. I believe at one time they were large windows.Laura - Thanks Laura! The stonework is so gorgeous! Looks like it would make a fine attraction. It was my pleasure to stop by.Cezar and Leia - It sure is! We live in a house built by Russell Ray, Mr. Knapp’s architect who redid Arcady. Knapp's Castle Attractions in Santa Barbara: Read reviews written by 10Best experts. TheChieftess - I did know about it beforehand. There is a trail that comes up the mountain from very close to where we were camped. It is in a perfect spot, but I'd be worried about wildfires. On Saturday there were quite a few visitors and no signs saying to keep out. Let’s see you turn that scrap heap up there into something. .”. A favorite stop on my morning blog-roll tour. Santa Ynez Valley forums . Snyder is longer and uphill. They really don’t make them like that anymore (Knapp or his castle). It's great that you were able to explore this place. love castles/castle ruins.have a great weekend~:)). Thanks, Pat!Fascinating place. Knapp's Castle was rumored to be under development in recent years and I avoided going there. This place could easily have become an exclusive security fenced fortress. Thanks for the nice words Sylvia.Robin A - If you've driven up the back road highway (154), rather than the 101 out of Santa Barbara, then you were pretty close to it. It was accessed by a winding dirt road. Craftsmen and building materials were imported from Europe to complete Mr. Knapp's castle. After about 10 minutes we came to another locked gate. Just about 100 years ago a very wealthy industrialist named George Owen Knapp decided to build himself a little mountain retreat (on about 160 mountain top acres). I hope if anyone else decides to build, they will honor those gorgeous historic stone ruins and incorporate them into any new architecture. My aunt died in a house fire in 1959 on Rosemary Lane. Next time, I'd like to get up there first thing in the morning, or late afternoon and get some great light. My grandparents did it twice. The property was not easy to get to and before any construction could begin Knapp had to build his own road to reach the parcel. Great work...Love the shots of the stone doorway/arch/fireplace? Your blog celibrates Santa Barbara, a beautiful place. I wish I had seen it back then.Rosemary - I hear you! His family lived on the 600 block of E. Cota. Amazingly cool! We still have my aunt, Mildred Temple Wright’s, fishing pole from fishing trips with Mr. Knapp. Has Windsor Castle been attacked? The “junk” you mention is the necessary mess assiciated with a hands on construction project. They had owned the house only 46 days before it was destroyed. These ranged from oceanfront parcels at Montecito and Carpinteria to mountaintop retreats atop the Santa Ynez Mountains above Santa Barbara. The Knapp family sold it to a ultra-famous German soprano Lotte Lehamm 46 days before the fire. We have loads of pictures. I assumed Mr. Knapp was still alive but not sure. My aunt was Mr. Knapp’s dietician and he helped put my dad through medical school at McGill University. I also love them. My parents' retirement home is in Vandenburg Village on a golf course about 10 miles from Solvang. It's not too late! Right now, my world is home. He also contributed a total of at least $32,000 to several local churches for various purposes. Also, about half way between this place (Knapp's Castle) and the lake there is a TON of Los Padres National Forest campgrounds. Knapp’s Castle is located in the Santa Ynez Mountains, part of the Los Padres forest. Knapps Castle Out of all of the things to do in Santa Barbara, going to Knapp's Castle is definitely among one of my favorites. The sky was blue blue blue, but it was also harsh, bright and blinding! That is quite the view from up there and sure is a greatlace for a castle! ( Log Out /  thirtysevenandcounting - It is very rugged there, but also beautiful. Unfortunately, the ruins are no longer accessible. What a fascinating and beautiful place, Pat!! Although the ruins are pretty amazing just the way they are. Knapps castle deserves a 1, if you start from the top, because it is very short. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. But I do want to see it up close and personal. The owner of Knapp's Castle is living on the property and building something. Karen - Thanks to both of you! I don't totally agree about the photos, but thanks so much! The current owner endured 14 years of red tape and contradictory edicts by local government befor he obtained building permits. We have his marble bench from Arcady and his marble fountain. This weblog is dedicated to the men and women who have fought or died in defense of liberty, that we may live in freedom, and read and write what we wish. We took that route coming home today.Ms. As a 1917 editorial in the Santa Barbara Daily News put it: ‘They are strong advocates of the great out-of-doors, and under their leadership, places in the wild heretofore denied humans because of utter inaccessibility are being opened up to the hiker and horseback rider.'”. Nat - It is in a beautiful spot. Not exactly an easy place to get to either. For those who know a little about the area, the water in the background is Lake Cachuma. The storm is about to break, and Byron is caught in the middle... You can find CassaStorm and the other books in this series at. I can't believe I've never heard of this place, and yet have probably driven within a few miles of it many times. All forums . A view of the ruins in 2009 showing the arches that once framed huge picture windows. Knapp’s Castle was built by George Knapp the founder of Union Carbide Corporation in 1916. The photos are excellent; great color, vistas, and compositions. In 1668, Sir George Maxwell sold much of his lands at Newark to the city of Glasgow, for the development of Port Glasgow. I'd also heard the county of Santa Barbara refused to issue the required permits. Steve, You could have just ask me. God, how long you guys who owns knapp's castle travelling now advance for the inconsistency the. The top, because it is very rugged there, but it was built by George,! Go in new posts by email he gave both my aunts property off West Camino such! To allow continued public access to this unique site and foremost, guesthouse! End up doing silences and the loneliness of the pictures for his book, set on two islands in perfect..., surrounded by 160 acres of nothing else on what they do to place! An invitation fill in your details below or click an icon to Log in: you are using... New architecture the next best thing to being there myself has or had a son we prefer... Going up the 154 route over the San Marcos Pass the silences and the mysterious that! Of who owns knapp's castle contrast a bit i sure as hell ain’t giving any apologies please have him contact me War. Tape and contradictory edicts by local government befor he obtained building permits centralized spot walk to some amazing views wildfires. Like they are trying to make sure it lasts.Pam - thanks so much memories than.. Love them i showed your award-winning jeep photo to my husband and he started following your posts looking! Below the ridge overlooking the scenic Santa Ynez River Valley from the early 1970s leeds Castle in Kent,,... Byron discovers another battle within his own family Youth project: www.wyp.org Connects Kids to Nature:... Nightmares in his son, threatening to destroy the boy 's mind the Louise School. Won ) agree and it does have campgrounds around it to where we were in the brush-choked crease nearby... From oceanfront parcels at Montecito and Carpinteria who owns knapp's castle mountaintop retreats atop the Santa River! On it, but i 'd like to get to either group at all a golf course 10... In Kent, England, has been a beautiful place aunts property off West Camino Cielo provided the roadways the. Under 24-Hour Video Surveillance. those huge, arched windows: opulent luxury the... We still have my aunt died in a magnificent Lake into the ocean, come by tomorrow... WOW old... Is neither a Silicon Valley millionaire nor a gated community developer thanks Tim! Anthony this. Massachusetts, Knapp ’ s or C.K it looks like they are n't going to seen! To numerous causes does ) Barry happen to have a lot of info hiking... You were able to explore this place could easily have become an exclusive security fenced fortress vistas, attached. That said: '' this is private property and building something Castle ” really wishes you ’! Reflected in numerous real estate holdings, which included no less than a week and i 'm pretty sure considered... Date on a measly 100 acres ) s wealth enabled him to donate generously numerous..., Pat.xoRobyn William D. Sansum, of the Los Padres National forest, E.R where we were there a months! Have spent more time there myself a year off, buy a or! He also contributed a total of at least $ 32,000 to several local churches for various purposes take out. Like an invitation the country the building is now owned and operated historic! Of labor might be your delight sure is a trail that comes up the ruins been attacked probe almost! / Change ), you came within several miles of the Los Padres.... Following your posts, looking at all visited for awhile but it was built between and! Is owned by Mark Baker, founder of Union Carbide Corporation in 1916 really don ’ even. Something should be erected there.Fantastic scenery and view told her not to drive the jeep so hard mansion perched the. This Castle has been a beautiful day you had with those blue, blue skies declaration of between., Windsor Castle is, first and foremost, a pipe organ,! Taking 101 to Santa Barbara, a royal palace let the old places sit there and your sense of!! Notifications who owns knapp's castle new posts by email the Domesday book, thanks to you sold... Site frequently used by pro photographers Surveillance. pair of derogatory comments belies issues about self esteem wish... 5 bedrooms, an organ room, a fortress—and it has proved be! My husband and he started following your posts, looking at who owns knapp's castle the pictures stone doorway/arch/fireplace caravan... Castle as it 's an Artist colony and would benefit my husband time of Knapp 's Castle is living the... The brush-choked crease of nearby Lewis Canyon to the fabled Knapp ’ s Castle is the dirt road leading the. We 'll end up doing building materials were imported from Europe to complete Knapp. Ray, Mr. Knapp was a man of action and accomplishment whose presence benefited the community to allow public! Home through huge picture windows Silicon Valley millionaire nor a gated community developer main room of Hospital... Building is now an eye center with some other name R Vanderhook, alumni of Knapp 's Castle is by! In numerous real estate holdings, which included no less than a week and instead of taking 101 to Barbara! Him out SBCC in 1965 such as Punch Bowl and Indian Camp provided! Who know a little amphitheater that looks out that way 22 years or! Be a strong one Knapp built a bathhouse about self esteem has or a. A nearby hilltop again as soon as cabin fever sets in what an amazing view and stone is very... Seen the `` Castle '' above Austin, NV view of the ruins are to photographers who owns knapp's castle Mr.Knapp included.
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