As a grown man with kids now I enjoy 'Goatguns' ( which are miniature replica guns. ), Doorknobs (Most hold up well if you want to use them in your home. I have a cousin who collects potato chip bags (empty of course). ), Vintage Paper (There's nothing cooler for a writer than putting their thoughts down on centuries old paper. ), Concert posters (Try hanging your posters on the ceiling for a different look. 6. One of my favorite companies to buy these from is from Mondo, a division of the Alamo Drafthouse chain of movie theaters. The illustrated movie posters definitely look better framed on a wall. There are all kinds of locks. The only reason I don't have more antiques and collectibles than the few I have now is lack of space. My Collection of Things I found the best products, here they are. ), Bonsai trees (Older trees can be worth big bucks. ), Calculators (An accountant friend of mine has a huge collection of old calculators. ), Stamps (a hobby that can be as cheap or expensive as you want), Super Bowl rings (This is more affordable than you might think unless you want a ring that belonged to a star player. ), Paperweights (Even the ordinary-looking ones can be worth money. Hope you can add them to the list, they may go under the toy nich.e. These movies can fetch lots of green by people who collect them. Below is a list of common collecting hobbies, many of which are suitable for the beginning collector and most of which do not take a great amount of space. Showcase. ), Movie props (memorabilia used in the film), Movie and TV scripts (the original shooting scripts), Motorcycles (a great hobby if you have the space and the money), Nails (Many old nails can be pulled from old buildings that have fallen, just make sure you have permission to do it. You may even become an expert in a particular area. ), Cigar boxes (Even older boxes can be used to put your cigars in. He's got one wall with nothing but a glass shelf where he keeps them. Some of these choices are downright weird!! an untidy collection of different things. ), Electric fans (a practical collectible during hot weather), Erasers (the kind that fit on the end of your pencil), Fire pokers (You can often tell if a fire poker is hand-forged by how elaborate the designs are. Below we have listed a number of collection ideas, some rather common, and some unique. ), Watches (You’re not going to have an investment-grade watch unless you’re willing to spend $6,000 to $10,000. ), Maps (Old maps look great framed and hanging on a wall. Handcuffs; Hand well water pumps; Handwritten letters by famous people; Hangman's noose; Happy Meal toys (Complete collections from certain years seem to be more desirable. share. ), Pacifiers (they make some weird ones nowadays), Paintings (Dali, Rockwell, Picasso, etc. I've seen her collection, and they all look very cool. ), Beer cans (Most beer can collections are made up of empty cans that have been opened from the bottom. A box can double or triple the price on some toys, so never pass up a reasonably priced empty box. It's very wise to create a character with an interesting collection in any story. ), Fountain pens (The brands to look for are Waterman, Sheaffer, Parker, Conklin, and Wahl-Eversharp. Pens—ballpoint, gel, fountain—whatever your style, find the type of pen that's right for you, and start collecting now! In the Oven: Chocolate Chip Marble Cake. ), Crosses (Imagine a whole wall of old crosses. share. ), Skulls (You've got to choose between real and manufactured. A collection of things is a group of similar things that you have deliberately acquired, usually over a period of time. Whenever I can get all the things I love in one place, it makes me happy. ), Brochures (Old brochures can be like a trip down memory lane. I think it’s safe to … 1/8. They always pick out things that are interesting. ), Calendars (Some of the older ones have amazing artwork on them. Everybody collects something, even if they don't realize it. I was a huge comic book collector back in the day. report. So thanks alot for the help, I collect toys, autographs airline plane models, reusable bags, all types of cans and bottles, airline memorabilia, books, etc etc, I got so many ideas so I am confused which collection should I keep. He has some all the way back to the 70's. Flutes are beautiful woodwind instruments—totally worth collecting! Now you just have to figure out what to collect (or what your character will collect). For example, the person who clips and saves recipes is a collector of recipes. this is bigger than me getting 1 billion honey badge. ), Corbels (structural and decorative support), Correspondence (handwritten letters from famous people), Cracker Jack prizes (Some of these are worth major bucks and don't take up a lot of space. I'll be sure to come back to it as well. ), Doors (Those that show wear and tear are just as desirable as those that don't. There are a lot of fun things to accumulate in this world, and this article will let you know just how much wonderfully diverse stuff there is that one can put up on a shelf. 7 Awesome Simon Says Game Ideas & Commands, 68 Great Community Service Ideas (for Kids, Teens & Adults), 11 Unique Talent Show Ideas For Adults & Kids, 201 Best Movie Trivia Questions & Answers, 68 Fun Art Trivia Questions and Answers (History & Facts), 103 Interesting Space Trivia Questions and Answers, 80 Best Video Game Trivia Questions & Answers, 100 Fun Pop Culture Trivia Questions and Answers, 15 Best Presidential Trivia Questions and Answers (US), 92 Challenging Travel Trivia Questions and Answers. Do you break down and flatten out your box or keep it in box form? So, how do you decide what to collect? ), Jigsaw puzzles (Choices range from high-end, intricate, hand-cut puzzles made by Par and Arteno to the usual cheaper cardboard suspects made by Milton Bradley and Parker Brothers. As your collecting continues, you will probably find a niche that particularly interests you. Whatever your reason for collecting, we hope this article has helped you and increased your enthusiasm for beginning a collection or adding to an existing one. You can also find suggestions on how to display your collection. Many people collect for the pure joy of having things they love surrounding them daily. I didn't pick something from the list, but it did help me make a decision. If you're a writer, this article is perfect for coming up with ideas for an eccentric character with an intriguing collection. ), Eggs (Fabergé eggs are always popular to collect, but I have some carved and painted ostrich eggs that I love to show off; I've even been offered quite a bit of money for certain ones. Poor lighting can hide all kinds of dents and scratches. ), Keychains (I know a person with so many different key chains that they actually switch them out every few days. Carved Decoupage Ostrich, Porcelain, and Faberge Eggs, Elvis (or another entertainer) Memorabilia, Watermelon (or any other fruit) Collectibles, Pepsi or Coke Merchandise (Old Soda Bottles), Restaurant Memorabilia (KFC, Taco Bell, etc. Our first group of ideas are based upon specific interests. ), Axes and hatchets (Most 18th-century felling axes had a cutting edge on one side and a flat, hammer-like head, also called a poll, on the other. ), Tiles (Some people like to make whole walls out of different types and kinds of tile. ), Blueprints (Famous or well-known building blueprints can be framed. Great list of options for anyone out there! ), Olympic medals (easier to collect than you might imagine), Original comic book art (Original cover art for popular or key issues go for big bucks; splash pages of key scenes within the comic are also desirable. If you play guitar, you've probably already started a collection of these! Seeking to classify and understand each item in your collection also teaches systematic thinking. i started to wonder what a collection of things that i love would look like in one place, and that is where i got the idea to start a blog. Books. ), NFL memorabilia (Raiders, Broncos, Cowboys, etc. I would buy something for her, and then buy a more expensive collectible for my collection. Collection of miscellaneous things (4) OLIO: Some of this, some of that (4) "This and that" mixture (4) Ragout, for one (4) Some of this and some of that (4) Mixed dish (4) Hodgepodge dish (4) Dish of many ingredients (4) Salmagundi, e.g. ), Wanted posters (Very cool, but beware of reproductions. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. ), Microscopes (Well-made microscopes, even old ones, are still useful. Collecting helps build organizational skills. ), KFC memorabilia (You can substitute KFC for any restaurant. :0. Warmed Bakelite smells like camphor. 3. the works of art, specimens, or other items collected for exhibit and study in a museum, and kept as part of its holdings. Your collection becomes a hobby when you have a number of items and they are catalogued or arranged in a particular method or order. ), Apothecary jars (Early glass and ceramic apothecary container labels are in Latin. Collecting violins (especially old, valuable violins) can be extremely expensive, so don't even think about getting into collecting these unless you've got the cash! Gunfighter pistols from the Old West can still be fired if they've been maintained. Robert's collection of prints and paintings has been bought over the years. Spoons are beautiful and often under-appreciated dining tools—why not start a collection? ), Bars of soap (A lot of the specialty soaps made nowadays use beautiful wrapping. This is the British English definition of collection.View American English definition of collection.. Change your default dictionary to American English. Basically, if it can be collected, it probably is by someone. ), Oil cans (Cans that are intact, in good shape, and unopened are extremely desirable, though quite rare. All the best Things Sketch 33+ collected on this page. Collecting is not only fun. Wall space is very precious in my (very collected) home" Close. ), Carved decoupage ostrich eggs (Some of these delicate collectibles can be quite ornate. 136 Followers, 1,537 Following, 41 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from (@collection_of_things) Serious collectors avoid impulse buys and research excessively. The photos are really wonderful, there’s no graphic design (I mean someone laid it out, but literally the book is hand-written). You might want to make photocopies so you can view them regularly without having to take them out. Log in or … Collection of things I found five or six. The list of weird things to collect is endless, but there are plenty of ordinary and popular items that lots of people like to collect, and I fall into that category. You can collect antique quilts, candy, and candy machine’s. collection. Anyway, in the mid-'80s, I was spending a fortune buying old Golden Age books from the late '30s and '40s, and I was making personal appearances at a lot of sci-fi and comic book conventions all around the country here so that I could find books for my collection. Remember, if you collect anything vintage or antique, the value only increases with age. The motivations to collect are as varied as the collection contents. Downloadable. 0 Like. We even have a name for someone who collects everything compulsively – a hoarder. save. But if you group things with even spacing, it can be a simple and easy way to give prominence to fun collections like tickets and tags. Although a list of the most popular collecting hobbies can change, we have listed those currently considered the most popular. Don (author) from Tennessee on January 09, 2014: @anonymous: I actually saw a very old box of tea at an antique shop the other day back from the 1960s, I think. ), Belt buckles (Road King buckles are my favorites. ), Vintage labels (whiskey, food, medicine, etc. ), Buttons (You can sew them onto cloth for a neat presentation. ), Blotter art (A quality frame is a must for this beautiful artwork. One thing I thought should be added was antique pocket watches. ), Masks (Even old ones can be worn if you're careful with them. The colors and artwork were amazing. How to use collection in a sentence. ), Movie posters (I'm most fond of the posters from the 1980s. TINA'S COLLECTION OF THINGS FOR SALE | Please go to my page where I have all my items for sale. Can you imagine firing the same weapon as a famous gunfighter; that would be cool. ), Happy Meal toys (Complete collections from certain years seem to be more desirable. AGuyWhoCouldntSignUpForThisWebsite123 on December 31, 2016: You should add wine corks. ), Bottle caps (Bottle caps are often referred to as crowns. ), Collectible statues (Sideshow Collectibles, McFarlane Toys, etc. ), Cigarette cases (These make for beautiful keepsake boxes. Sadly, cover art is always quite expensive. ), Car antenna balls or toppers (These make it much easier to find your car in a parking lot. ), Dollhouses (Really old dollhouses are often more ornate and better built than newer ones. Almost everyone collects something. Pooof! For example, many kids have a collection of comic books. 374 reviews #1 New York Times bestseller Who is the greatest dunker of all time? You may have some things around and wish to know if what you have saved counts as a collection. I can't be the only one. ), Vintage toy boxes (Empty boxes of highly sought-after toys such as Star Wars, G.I. ), Barn doors (I know people who use these old doors and entry doors to living rooms. The list that follows concentrates on small, easy to collect items. Collecting can build one’s expertise in a particular area. 1. countable noun. ), Business cards (You can collect these without even realizing it. 34 Views 0 Comment. ), Election buttons (Political campaign buttons are usually made in mass quantities, but most end up in the trash after elections are over. As she's grown older, she has begun to buy me things as well. ), Bookmarks (Nothing like an old bookmark being used in an old book. Wildflowers—you can collect them for free, and they're beautiful! ), Model ships (These are fragile and beautiful; keep them out of reach of small children. ), Beer steins (My brother actually drinks from some of the metal beer steins that he has in his collection; of course, they're not in mint condition. Plus, the more you collect, the better your view of the world! ), Bowling balls (another collectible that can be used in most cases), Boxes (There's nothing like keeping antiques in antique boxes. ), Dice (Dice can be made out of bone, ivory, animal horn, amber, and other materials. Free thesaurus definition of collections stores and sets of things from the Macmillan English Dictionary - a free English dictionary online with thesaurus and with pronunciation from Macmillan Education. 6 comments. Joe, Transformers, etc. Animated Downloadable. Making the Greenedge CS2 the perfect ebike for commuting and leisure cycling. ), Dinosaur bones (Digging them up yourself is even better. … One way to make sure what you're getting is the real deal is to put it in hot water, remove it, and sniff. ), Swizzle sticks (This collecting idea is fairly cheap, doesn't take up much space and will catch people's attention. ), Back scratchers (The ones that have intricate carvings are the ones that collectors want most. ), Postcards (The practice of collecting postcards is called, Restaurant menus (from places that are no longer around), Seashells (The optimal times to collect shells off of a beach are at low tide or after big storms, such as hurricanes. ), Depression glass (Bubbles were quite common in older glass, so don't get discouraged if you see some, it's a sign of age. Every now and then you stumble across something really neat or something you've never seen before. Next, we will share some things people collect, from the common to the unusual. This is a single place to collect things I like. ), Photographs (Handle your vintage photographs as little as possible. Start a Zippo lighter collection—they're cool and refillable! In 2011, Rob Hull’s collection had a whopping official record of 571 daleks. hide. If you ever need a crash course on a wide variety of collectible and what to look for when collecting them, then the PBS show Antiques Roadshow is the way to go. 581 Like. The world has all kinds of mysteries and unique things waiting to be discovered. ), Bicycles (Knowing how to repair them is essential if you ride them. Many collectors sprinkle their most prized possessions with talcum powder to avoid the sticking issue. ), The bones of famous people (A leg bone would look good up on a wall. The best items to collect are ones you'll actually enjoy collecting—the process of building a collection is fun and exciting when you've selected the perfect collectible. Look for banned or discontinued movies such as Disney's Song of the South, low-budget horror films, or Golden Age wrestling tapes from the '80s. Daleks. Interested in this unique woodwind instrument? Easier - A collection is a group of things gathered or collected. ), Cassette tapes (Make sure you have a working cassette tape player so it won't eat your collectibles. Feel free to explore, study and enjoy paintings with He gets a lot of them from Sideshow, which is a leader in these kinds of collectibles. Our list has items most common for collecting, but remember, you can choose to collect anything. ), Coins and money (There are some people who only collect coins that have been in circulation. ), Bookends (I prefer the metal ones; they're better at holding lots of books. ), Hats (If you plan on wearing your vintage hat, it's a good idea to find out your size and what looks good on you before starting your collection. You did a good job introducing people to collecting ideas. As a kid POGS and 'Techdecks' were among my favorite things to collect. You can be as general or specific as you wish. My collection of things Saturday, March 12, 2011. May 21. I would think if you're gonna collect celebrity hair, you need some DNA test papers to go along with it (for authenticity). ), Greeting cards (Folded greeting cards first appeared around 1910. These posters are based upon great movies but illustrated by some of the top artists of the day. There are many collection ideas. ), Meteorites (Many first beginning collectors start out by buying one example of the three main meteorite groups: stones, irons, and stony-irons. Collectible items can be as common as cereal boxes or as hard to obtain as dinosaur bones. Unused ones are the only cards most collectors are willing to pay a lot for. Whatever you enjoy, there will be a number of collecting options available. Collecting telescopes can be an expensive hobby, but if you've got the cash, why not collect them? ), Cash registers (Some old country stores still use old registers to add charm to a place. Synonyms: assemblage, library, accretion… Find the right word. Looking for something new to collect? ), Wooden barrels (the kind that distilleries use to age their spirits), Yellow things (collections based solely on one color), Yo-yos (most can still be played with no matter how old they are), Zippo lighters (They produce Zippos with all kinds of designs on them nowadays, which make them quite collectible. ), Coal miners' helmets (The more ornate ones are generally more desirable by collectors. ), Candy wrappers (Arrange these into a collage and frame them to create a wonderful piece of artwork. ), VHS tapes (There are a lot of movies out there that are nowhere to be found but on VHS. The more creative; the more collectible. Finally, thanks to /u/vaguepagan, we have a massive collection of the same kind of threads posted over at r/paranormal. The first old game I paid a lot for was Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2 for the PS2; I paid $40 for it. ), Birdbaths (Imagine a back yard full of old birdbaths-and birds), Birdhouses (It's more interesting to let the birds use them. Posted by My collection of things at 11:16 PM No comments: Sunday, February 13, 2011. Tricia Deed from Orlando, Florida on October 06, 2013: Collecting things is a very inexpensive hobby. 81% Upvoted. ), Bronze statues (Most are rather large, but you can find a few smaller pieces if you look. The ones they make nowadays, excluding the limited edition companies like Mondo, will never be highly collectible in my opinion. ), Washing machines (A few years ago I ran across a laundry mat that had working older washing machines that customers could still use; sadly it's now closed.
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