a defined population or selection of data points) and use built-in or custom data filters to define the desired outcome. The exports can be scheduled to occur on a daily frequency (or more frequently, as desired) and can be run on-demand for those instances throughout the year where you may need to update the campus system more immediately after adding/changing a batch of decisions. Slate also provides email address deliverability and validation, allowing institutions to understand why particular messages may have bounced or skipped in transit. Looking to customize the confirmation page or the message someone receives when they submit a form? We can quickly assign questions and get them answered, as well as document the interaction." The layers update dynamically as users navigate the map, allowing for an easy visualization of effectiveness across a desired geography. Slate’s native texting features enable you to get set up and started with SMS quickly, but before you begin configuring your instance, let’s ensure that you understand the basics of texting within the system. Search and filter through access logs and error logs that record every action throughout your database. Templates can be created to manage the registration, communication, and details of individual meetings. Already integrating with a third-party vendor? It is not a current student of New Mexico Highlands University. For all of that excitement and opportunity, the Summit can actually be a fairly overwhelming experience (in a positive sense). You may determine which documents are viewable based on a reviewer’s role, as well as the order in which they are displayed. The applicant status portal is a standard structure that can be created and configured to communicate with applicants; manage application checklists, fees, and enrollment deposits; change mailing or email addresses; upload materials; register for events; complete additional forms; view decision and financial aid letters and correspondence; and receive additional information about programs. Apart from the standard giving fields, each institution can develop their own custom fields that allow for complete process customization. All Rights Reserved. Slate supports multiple application frameworks within a single database, allowing organizations to design a unique experience for various applicant groups and purposes. When matched, all data is aggregated together, with higher quality data taking precedence over lower quality data. Over 1,200 colleges and universities trust Slate by Technolutions to manage their student lifecycle and application management needs. In addition to the standard data points (opens/clicks/bounces/opt outs/etc. In addition to resources within the Knowledge Base, inline documentation is directly available within Slate and dynamically displays relevant articles. We construct the models using 80% of the historical data defined, and then test the predictive ability of those models on the remaining 20% of the data to produce an approximate accuracy of the model. Will an alum donate?). 22 verified user reviews and ratings of features, pros, cons, pricing, support and more. We announce the feature update, then release the new environment in a side-by-side mode with real-time synchronization, where all existing resources remain in the old environment and the old environment remains the default to allow individual users to become comfortable with the new environment at their own pace. Gifts can be added individually on a donor’s record, imported en masse using the Upload Dataset tool or entered directly by a donor, either through an online giving form, as part of an event registration, or through a donor’s custom gift management portal. Feel free to submit your feedback on anything from Slate's features and functionality—be they new features or enhancements or changes or fixes to existing tools—to documentation. PeopleGrove Announces Partnership with Slate - Helping Universities Demonstrate The Ways Community Engagement Drives Goals Across the Student Journey Contact: info@slate.org. With a bespoke application experience, applicants can quickly and seamlessly complete their application. And with all of those changes, institutions are looking for the best plan of attack to taking on this incredible event. Video Topics Slate.org is a free platform for school counselors, independent counselors, and community-based organizations to schedule college visits, securely upload documents, and track applicant statuses and decisions. Provide a hyper-personalized experience to each applicant by dynamically showing content or embed social media feeds. It is very intuitive, has great customer support, and a vibrant user community." Caseload & Record Management. Set it and forget it. menu. We have been able to build and integrate every aspect of our office into one system. System performance and reliability dashboards within each database show real-time metrics about the health and performance of your individual instance of Slate including CPU usage, database requests, database disk queue, web server requests and response time, network status, Slate release version, any more. Will an applicant enroll? Categories: Customer Relationship Management (CRM) This panel discussion features the points of view of members of the Slate and Slate.org communities who have used these platforms to foster stronger communication and outreach during the college admission process. Encompassing CRM, outreach, travel management, online applications, and online reading, Slate is trusted by more than 850 colleges and universities. Add external iCal feeds into Slate events and scheduler. Should a student register for an event or form without matching to a school, a task could be assigned to a staff member to either correct the school entry or add the new school to the Organizations dataset. ", "Slate.org's functionality and user-friendly interface give new meaning to transparency. No need to maintain multiple applications? Manage relationships with prospects and applicate, automate and personalize communications, organize and host ... Student Success/Retention. Not all webcasting & online engagement solutions are the same. Reports may be emailed to parties on a scheduled basis. Using Slate has completely changed the way I think and the way our team thinks. Pros: My favorite features of Slate are the user-friendly query-building functions, the ease of access through the web and app platform, and the communication abilities through Deliver and SMS Inbox. Projects (comprised of tasks) allow for the creation and execution of tasks that aid in the completion of a business process directly in Slate. It comes with a rich set of tools and features that covers different aspects of the school's operations, such as admission, student portal, alumni portal, administration, counselor portal, events management, forms generation for various applications, and others. Forms can exist on their own or be embedded within an institution’s web properties. Callers can pull from a list of donors and record the details of the conversation – including whether there is a need for a follow-up call. Browning, 29, now works at DePaul University, which pays Technolutions a total of $110,000 annually to use Slate for both graduate and undergraduate admissions. As a counselor, we don’t have a centralized tool to monitor this. Using Slate’s automations and query capabilities, receipts can automatically be run, delivered, and tied back to the donor’s timeline. By overlaying census data from the American Community Survey (ACS), Voyager creates data visualizations for existing territories and explores areas with growth potential. Slate offers more than three dozen sets of criteria immediately upon provisioning. Any code and value translations can be configured within Slate but outside of the query, so the query can be stable and immutable even when new entry terms, majors, and other code changes are introduced. Slate.org is committed to supporting and promoting access to higher education by fostering a stronger relationship between school counselors and admissions offices. Slate is trusted by more than 1,200 colleges and universities worldwide. These include funnel reports, daily visit reports, daily gift production, VSE, and more. QR codes and location-aware links can be embedded within event reminder messages for registrants to either check themselves in once they’re within 2km of the event or allow staff to scan their codes, automatically marking them as attended. These slots can be a part of a trip within Slate and allow for post-meeting report forms to be submitted and connected back directly to the person record. This query tool is used throughout Slate – allowing for robust capabilities in all aspects of Slate’s functions. Query, Reporting, & Data Management. 203-404-4835. This differential option uses notification queues to track which records have changed since the export was last run, so full rows are returned for only the people for whom there has been some change to their record. This tool allows for users to import physical and electronic documents via scanner or uploaded directly from a computer. Slate.org has made my life easier.”, “Gift and Engagement Officers at Illinois Wesleyan now have the ability—with Slate—to see where donor engagement is happening at one time, in real time, and from within a single system.”, Technolutions Slate has developed a proprietary analytic service called Ping that enables the tracking of remote web access across institutional web properties outside of Slate and correlates browsing behavior with records. As a free tool, Slate.org is creating space for both of sides of the desk to deepen our relationships. Here is an overview of how Conduit compares to features & services in Technolutions Slate Share. Implement Technolutions Slate CRM for Admissions. All data is encrypted at rest using AES encryption. Slate.org: Where the Conversation Begins. These file transfers are employed for such integrations via SFTP or RESTful web services. The Slate Reader works online or offline without plug-ins across all modern browsers and platforms, including PC, Mac, and the Apple iPad. Models are leveraged to make an outcome prediction for each member of the target population based on the same data points defined in your historical data. The associated user can be set either manually or through an automated process that evaluates the task assignee based on custom criteria such as staff assignment. Automations can be created that route messages to specific users or role groups and both the inbound message and subsequent replies are automatically captured and associated with the record. Designed and developed exclusively for higher education, Slate by Technolutions is the only solution that can handle the breadth and depth of the modern student and donor lifecycle. Users build queries which create custom layers on a map, allowing institutions to see where people live, organizations are located, and events have been held. We are using it in unique ways to make it the one system that we use for everything, even for aspects of our office that are not prospective student-focused (such as tracking new hires and their training). By submitting an idea, you will receive clear and transparent communication from Technolutions in regards to ideas and the roadmap for product development. Compare Ellucian CRM Advance vs Technolutions Slate. It provides a single, unified interface to CRM, outreach and communications, travel management, online applications, online reading, student success and retention, and alumni and donor engagement. Users can easily add institutional calendars, staff calendars and more directly into Slate including any free/busy information allowing for a single view to rule them all. About Technolutions Slate Technolutions offers a customer relationship management (CRM) solutions built to manage social interactions and communications, test scores, and materials. For example, rules can set field values, apply custom checklists, place records into populations, calculate values according to user-defined formulas, apply application statuses, assign staff to individual records, and so much more. ", “Slate.org has provided me with a one-stop-shop to see and monitor my student applications, but it also allows me to see what documents are missing. In addition to the application evaluation process, simultaneous review process can occur in parallel – in the form of a Workflows. on a scheduled frequency. Undergraduate, graduate, certificate, non-degree, non-traditional, financial aid and scholarship applications can all be managed in Slate. For more major changes to features, we take a very different approach. Population filters allow users to configure messages to send dynamically based on when individual records meet certain criteria. We can poll a remote SFTP server, too, but to the point of SFTP server availability, since we can ensure that our servers remain highly available, the experience is usually most reliable when using our infrastructure. Changed in size, in location, in scope. Transactional messages associated with an event can be automatically triggered upon registration, waitlist registration, and hours before and after an event, just to name a few. Example reports have been created that can be copied and modified for each institution’s own business process. Slate's Scheduler functionality may be used to manage interviews, appointments, donor meetings, and other important one-on-one events. Designed to put your mind at ease, the decision release process follows a step -by-step safeguard system to ensure proper assignation and delivery of decisions and decision letters. In addition to seeing when our students apply, member colleges and universities answer the "has my student taken the right steps to make sure their application is complete" question by providing us with the same checklist of materials seen on student portals. Slate enables users to text students on a one-to-one level, straight from the person record, or send messages in mass via Deliver. With the ability to create, schedule, and invite attendees to events, Slate’s event management functionality consolidates and simplifies office processes into a single, straightforward system. The following types of applications will be sent for review: ... features … It’s the only solution purpose-built to fully handle the evolving needs of modern enrollment management, student success, and alumni/advancement. The Timeline & Interactions has empowered our front line staff to answer applicant questions with one phone call/email.”, “Slate has fundamentally changed our business practices. The venue, the Technolutions team, Slate, my job—everything. Exports can be pushed out to our SFTP servers or to a remote SFTP server. Documents can also be uploaded en masse through either a document import process or through Slate’s Batch Acquire tool. The decision about what elements to create and store can be individually defined by each institution - as it relates directly to an institution's unique process. "The product sells itself as evidenced by the lack of sales staff that Technolutions has. Using Slate’s self-service application tools, a customized and responsive application experience can be crafted by dynamically controlling the display of whole pages, questions, or individual answers within each question. Whether you’re looking to send messages to an individual person or to thousands of people, Slate’s Deliver module allows for incredible control over all components of the message. Disclaimer: Student view highlights a demostration account. Data Visualization & Analytics. All data points and communications in Slate are available for reporting, including first source/contact with a person. Targeting STEM prospects? Manage relationships with prospects and applicate, automate and personalize communications, organize and host events, and facilitate application management and review, Engage students to increase retention and outcomes with case management, advising scheduling, AI chatbots, early alerts, and predictive modeling, Cultivate a community of support with alumni directories, giving pages, gift and opportunity management, events, communications, and prospect research. Technolutions Slate offers the following functionalities: Drag and drop Builder; Forms Management; Self Service Portal; Marketing Automation; Analytics; Multi-Channel Communication; Learn more about Technolutions Slate features. Organizations can then define a target population. Data can be pulled from Slate or pushed to an external endpoint using web services. We’ve peeled back the curtain on all the behind-the-scenes logging that occurs throughout Slate. Organizations can use query builder to define a set of historical data (e.g. We construct multiple models using different, commonly used machine learning algorithms such as Decision Tree, Naive Bayesian, Linear Regression, etc. Events can be aggregated and displayed on custom event landing pages or embedded directly on institutional web properties. Recurring gifts can be created on a monthly, quarterly, biannual, and annual basis. Managing and processing gifts has never been easier. Admissions/Enrollment Management. Once decisions are ultimately released, applicants are instructed visit their applicant status portal in order to authenticate themselves prior to viewing their decision letter. Ever wish you could manage the entire review process in a one-stop-shop? Below are some FAQ's related to the Slate.org Feedback Forum: How do I benefit from submitting an idea? If you are not constantly learning and improving while you are using Slate, you are not doing it right. side remains stable year-over-year, too. Using our easy-to-use palette, fields can be added directly to a form and is updated in real time. Extensive documentation, guides, training videos, webinars, technical articles, and other relevant resources have been crafted and categorized within the Slate Knowledge Base. Slate has integrated successfully with a wide variety of software applications, including Banner, PeopleSoft, Colleague, Workday, Jenzabar, Blackbaud, Millennium, as well as business intelligence solutions, CMS solutions, and more. "Slate is great at taking different types of required application materials (i.e. Materials can be uploaded individually by a person through a self-service portal or by an administrative staff member directly from the person record. ... News & Features; Performances This also ensures that the process on the campus system (e.g., SIS, ERP, etc.) “From top to bottom, Slate has revolutionized the way we approach our work. We analyze every process, every internal user experience, and every external user experience to make sure that we are optimizing every part. Points of interest can be searched from directly within a trip map and then added as a stop on a trip. Slate can handle multiple event registrations with a single form submission using our related events feature. "Slate InBox has been a game changer for our customer service efforts. ", "With Slate, your imagination is your limit. Leveraging templates, recurring events can be created en masse without the need for additional configurations. Alumni/Advancement. Graduate applications are made available for review here once they become complete. 157 Church Street, 22nd Floor, New Haven, CT 06510 Batched exports are built in the query tool and involve the generation of flat files (fixed-width, delimited, XML, JSON, etc.) Utilizing business rules, custom data points can be set based on an individual record's type, giving history, level of engagement, involvement, and any other data point associated with a record. Product Features: Application Management Slate provides powerful reporting tools that enable year-to-year, predictive modeling, and crosstab reports containing data tables, charts, and geo maps. Slate provides a direct and automated data and document integration with many providers including: The Common Application (Slate is the largest consumer of data and documents from The Common Application), The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success, Universal College Application, CAS applications such as AMCAS, CASPA, LSAC (ACES), PharmCAS, PTCAS, SOPHAS, and VMCAS, as well as QuestBridge and state application services. Any data point throughout all of Slate is easily accessible with just a few clicks. Slate by Technolutions Visit Website . Within any campaign or email message dynamic content can be incorporated using merge fields, Liquid markup, and custom content blocks called ‘Snippets’. Those outcome predictions will be stored with each person record and can be accessed individually or in bulk as part of queries, exports, rules, etc. View Details. A lot has changed in five years. Read our product descriptions to find pricing and features info. This capability to process gifts over VOIP occurs in a completely PCI compliant manner – storing only tokenized information about the donor’s payment method. Each task can have a unique status, deadline, and description, as well as task notes that allow for an additional level of detail. Appointments & Interviews. Registrants are empowered to sign-up, reschedule, or cancel their own registration in a completely self-service way. With Slate portals, you can construct custom-built web pages that can access, manipulate, and otherwise customize content based on underlying Slate data. Leveraging the graphical query tool, any data point can be selected and formatted into a desired export type – including XML, JSON, JSONP – and a RESTful web service can be created to export on a regular basis. Tune in to this demo to learn more about Slate.org features and functionality! If desired, payments and gifts can be collected as part of the registration process. These campaigns can mix and match various channels of communications and a single campaign may combine email, text, and print messages. The Slate Reader centralizes all the materials necessary for the entire review process. Trips allow for the aggregating of multiple events, applicant interviews, donor meetings, stops, notes, and flight information in a one-stop environment. Tasks are user aware, display to the appropriate staff member, and can be linked to specific records within Slate. All data transmitted via the web is encrypted using 2048-bit keys with TLS 1.2 as the protocol and HTTP Strict Transport Security. Slate provides powerful reporting tools that enable year-to-year, predictive modeling, and crosstab reports containing data tables, charts, and geo maps. These communications can be crafted to send through any of the multi-channel methods allowed within Slate such as SMS, print, or email. For example, an institution may wish to assign tasks to maintain the Organizations dataset. In addition to hosting the material itself, material metadata can also be captured and stored. Additionally, custom datapoints can be set on individual donor records, allowing institutions to keep track of a donor’s solicitation preferences, affinity groups, board involvements, moves management stages, and more. This data can then be used in queries, reports, and predictive modeling as a measure of engagement, areas of interest, and initial point of contact. All data points and communications in Slate are available for reporting, including first source/contact with a person. Examples of workflows are I-20 review, scholarship evaluation, athletic review, or transcript review. We are more efficient, we communicate better with students, and we have a much richer and more complete picture of how applicants interact with our office.”, “Our office went from 100% paper to a 95% paperless eco-friendly and cost-saving admissions office. Create automated, sequential communications to target specific populations of records based on what you know about them. Either way, the organizational branding elements will make it feel like it’s a native part of your website. Apart from the initial decision release, subsequent decisions (such as ‘accept’ or ‘deposit pending’) may automatically be released based on the applicant completing an online reply form. Extensive documentation, guides, training videos, webinars, technical articles, and other relevant resources have been crafted and categorized within the Slate Knowledge Base. Admission platform for higher education institutions that manages online applications, student records, organize events, trips and more. ABOUT Technolutions Slate. Our annual Slate Innovation Summit draws more than 3,000 attendees from over 99% of all Slate schools and covers best and emerging practices across admissions, advancement, and higher education. Ever wish you could make your own specialty website that can leverage your institutional data? Using the forms feature, the details of each interaction can be captured, stored, and mapped back directly to a donor’s record. Compare Salesforce vs Technolutions Slate. Collect data from many sources using Slate’s drag-and-drop form builder.
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