! Knowing and Defeating Socialism in America Image via Wikipedia Socialism/Communism, the enemy of liberty, is taking hold of the United States, but few Americas are wise enough to realize what is happening right in front of their eye's, and so they continue to live and work as they always have not realizing the danger they are in. Obama’s recent impromptu remarks to a Latin American audience provide a fleeting glimpse into how the American Left is preparing mainstream America for socialism.. The intellectual working class will abandon the U.S. Socialism attempt, the rich will become even richer and the poor even poorer. It was inspiring of President Donald Trump to say, during his State of the Union, that America would "never be a socialist country." I see posts on Linked In about BLM and anti-capitalism, pro socialism and I just laugh, I should be crying. If America doesn’t want socialism … While tolerating (but regulating!) So do 57 percent of independent voters. As it developed in America in the late 19th century, socialism was a protest movement that was as fluid as it was protean, bringing together many streams of social activism. The 2020 hopefuls want Medicare for all, free college for all — but America simply can’t afford it. Those three … Trump’s false proclamation that America “will never be a socialist country” was an attempt to resurrect the McCarthyite red-baiting of his childhood in order to put his thumb on the capitalist side of the scale favored by the oligarchs in the ongoing debate over how much socialism and how much socialism America should have. by. Socialism. Democrats are going to completely disincentive the economy. Either the democratic left will find a systemic response to that challenge, which is fairly called socialism, or the undemocratic right will. Eighty percent of GOP voters see socialism as a threat to America's founding ideals. Often initiated by a seduced vote of the people, in time, socialism is maintained by force. Tea Party Patriots Warn Against Growing Socialism in America; The Socialist Feminists of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) protesting Trump's health care plan on Jul. Onward Toward Socialism: America's Demise, and One Way to Survive . July 15, 2017 at 5:09 am. Between the DSA’s founding in … Still, socialism is having a moment in America unlike any since, perhaps, 1912, when Eugene Debs, the socialist candidate, won 6% of the popular vote. Prepare for the future America!! His website declares: "The issue of wealth and income inequality is the great moral issue of our time, it is the great economic issue of our time, and it is the great political issue of our time." Paul Buchheit. The Pilgrims did try it — and it failed. America will never become a socialist country under the current governmental structure .The US constitution and Supreme Court would not allow it to happen .It would take a political revolution . It's really pathetic to read all the stuff (honestly, I quit after the headline usually) and ponder, "If you had your way, would you even have a job?" The following was the final lecture in a six-part series by Cannon on “America’s Road to Socialism”. Socialism Forced on Them. capitalism, add a healthy share of socialism to care for children, the elderly, the disabled, the health-impaired, the jobless, the underemployed. 5 thoughts on “Societal Collapse: How to Prepare For and Survive It” lonewolf. Socialism should be able to last for a while in America since we have a strong upper class the government will be able to milk money from the rich for a while before America goes broke. How Long Would Linked In Survive Socialism? Regrettably, socialism is trending in America, in part thanks to politicians who once ran from the term, but are now embracing it for short-term political gains. If America doesn’t want socialism its people must wake up and heed the lessons being played out in counties around the world – like Denmark.. Democrats want to impose socialism, and worse, on America. community survival? Because socialism requires protection, propaganda, intimidation, and darkness to survive. A link that brings you back to the homepage. We have added the subheads. The Pilgrim's journey to America was funded by a group of venture capitalists who provided the ship and supplies for their journey to the New World. 1. The Communist Plan to Overthrow America from Within, The 2020 elections will determine whether our Republic survives or falls from within to single-party socialist rule It was given at the SWP’s Friday Night Forum in Los Angeles, January 23, 1953 and first published in The Militant on July 27 of the same year. Millennials support socialism because they want to make America great — but for everyone The next generation of socialists believes that the intolerable cannot be tolerated. But the thing is: America could. They disbanded it, however, when it became obvious their community could not survive with such a system. That is to say, socialism’s functioning, to the extent it functions at all, depends fundamentally on corruption — sneaking around the plan and gaming the system to survive. Socialism is Based on a Materialistic Worldview According to socialists like Bernie Sanders, the greatest problem in the world is the unequal distribution of wealth. The 39% of South Carolina Democrats who call themselves socialists exceeded by … In Socialism there is no private business or profit (hence their planned economy, price controls, monopolization of everything and quota system) . But a narrow majority of Democrats (55 percent) disagree. The word alone sends shivers down the spine of the American people. Today’s self-identified democratic socialists like to claim real socialism has never been tried in America, but they need to brush up on their history. One thing I’ve tried to get across to readers in the past year is that Democrats coming back into power is a far more likely threat than EMP, a crippling cyber attack, or end-of-the-world nuc… Choose a compromise between capitalism and socialism. Socialism in America is perceived as a stigma that has dogged not only Sanders’s campaign but also Obama’s entire presidency. Objectivism and U.S. convservatism will continue to point out the Ayn Rand prophecy that has been proving true for over 60 years so far in America. The United States is not, currently, a socialist nation. Follow Us ... Socialism cannot be realized without a … Liberalism that has brought the nation to near cultural ruin. Conservatives recognize this as hogwash, but if they dare to burst the shiny, pink bubble of socialism they will subject themselves to scorn and derision. Americans' heavy flirtation with socialism continues, and nowhere is that more evident than in America's youth. This article, is intended to offer some practical guidance for surviving as a young conservative in the increasingly hostile environment of young, socialist America. The new face of socialism Today, the most prominent of America's socialists are very different from the Marxists of the past. forget about it, 90% of the population will be dead within 6 months. 5, 2017, in front of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan; Democratic Socialists Occupy Wall Street on 2011; March at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia There is also no such thing as "mixed economy" because Capitalism and Socialism are not compatible with each other, America has regulator Capitalism and Public Good as do all first world economies. In his unscripted talk in a town hall meeting in Argentina, Obama downplayed the “sharp division between left and right, between capitalist and communist or socialist.” Turns out, socialism doesn’t come cheap. As a matter of fact, among all programs introduced by the Obama administration, nothing is more contentious than Obamacare, despite the fact that it cost less than 14% of Social Security’s $870 billion or about 20% of Medicare’s $597 billion in 2015. Not a religion, not … By Lixing Sun. There is nothing more feared and hated in America. Socialism can't survive honest, informed debate about its merits among people who are free to … Second, America—Western capitalism, the world—desperately needs, not simply a legislative shopping list, but a vision. Ignorance of socialism and America’s decadeslong struggle against it has become the norm, and the data suggest this norm will only harden as … Favorable views of socialism aren’t limited to Sanders supporters.
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