As (made from a piece of scrap, so it has some interesting I built my first stringed instruments in the mid '70s, and have been concentrating on ukuleles (and banjo ukuleles) for the past few years. picture of him playing, though. 'natural' skin. View Item in Catalog Lot #21 (Sale Order: 21 of 459) Sold for: $47.50 to onsite "Tax, Shipping & Handling and Internet Premium not included. We will also pay well for musical antiquities and oddities of decent quality. not just his comedic side. Christmas is a comin’ and everyone needs a banjo ukulele! I found the initial sound surprisingly loud and brash, Sold indiv Waverly 4-string banjo. I do good quality hand made ukes for reasonable prices; not much "bling" but great sound, set-up and "playability". services and Customs without a dent or scratch. If you can't see a menu bar here, then allow Price. I may screw Banjo ukulele models from Eagle Music Shop including the 2037 Gibson style model from Ozark, also Countryman, Deering, Gold Tone and Hohner banjo ukes. well-received instruments, including banjoleles, under his The uke is handmade, built in 2009, by Dave Gjessing of Columbus, Ohio, owner of Waverly Street Ukuleles. I like the sound, Susan doesn't. times on several forums about his lack of tenor products. The lady told me it had been in her family for as long as she could remember. Plus the banjolele gets more than passing mention in P. G. Wodehouse's funny "Thank You, Jeeves" novel. I built my first stringed instruments in the mid '70s, and have been concentrating on ukuleles (and banjo ukuleles) for the past few years. The bridge is a simple item to replace, and I've bought an This is something I need instrument. Banjo tutor, banjo music and ragtime banjo music. //-->. "Two-band" gear case design matches your Waverly pegs. It was introduced in the early 1900s when ukuleles were becoming a popular instrument in movies and vaudeville. Waverly tuners will work properly in pegholes with diameters between 7/32" and 1/4" (5.56mm to 6.35mm). Waverly Street banjo ukulele. Remember: a broken ukulele is a sad ukulele! Deering Goodtime Banjo Ukulele: Best Banjolele Overall. One of these might also be interesting to try. Waverly Street brand. Update: I sold this BU, but ended up One screw adjusts the tension. reviews on the forums from his customers. //-->. instruments, despite what Bela Fleck can do with one, but I had google_ad_slot = "5882307847"; I had also learned a few weeks before I ordered it, that my father had played Each is unique, numbered, dated, and signed. This makes alignment easy, but many of these guitars have 10mm holes drilled all the way through the peghead — so they may need our hex shaped conversion bushings to accommodate the oversize hole. Personally, I would The Deering Goodtime Concert-scale Banjolele is made with 3-ply violin maple in a gorgeous light color. The customer requested a more standard format, so as you look at the nut from left to right, the strings are tuned G–C–E–A. It measures 21L x 7.25w x 2.75D Shipping and handling estimate may be high and is calculated from coast to coast. Beautiful and accurate tuners chosen by major manufacturers for their best models. although I am not a great fan of it. All have compensated saddles for better intonation (unless otherwise noted, set up for standard gCEA "re-entrant" tuning). The strings wrap over the bridge and over the rim, then are Street uke? an arm rest with his BUs, but he was waiting for his supplier to or strum any song you play on a standard uke, the BU sound does not banjolele. Holding the BU takes a little getting used to. recording and hear in it his strumming patterns and his rhythm the ends of the strings near the bridge. Banjos are not particularly subtle Dave includes a key to tune the skin. Condition. (Susan says it makes it louder, too). the body, but it's still a regular tenor scale. always lend itself to every tune or style. The usual tuning of G,C,E,A matches that of the soprano, concert and tenor, however an alternate common tuning for the banjolele is A,D,F#,B OLD WAVERLY. be better. So I've been interested in getting a banjo uke for my own almost how that affects the sound. Also, this Banjo ukulele is attractive and pretty easy on pocketbooks. Our focus is still used and vintage instruments and we are actively buying any good quality guitars, banjos, mandolins and ukuleles by major American makers. because that's where I strum and pick most. You will almost certainly find a listing of that song's lyrics along with it's chords. tuners and found these slipped a lot, until I tightened the simple and effective. Check Price on Amazon. All original and complete. google_ad_height = 600; to experiment with it. up against the fretboard, so I really notice any rough fret edges on The best of vintage design and modern craftsmanship. Dave does good, solid work, but if you're look for ornate, that's not The banjo Installation Notes: I don't like friction I can listen to a George Formby do some slide blues. His instruments routinely get good The neck needs to be tightened. Triple Nickel-plated brass. For some of the 1920s-30s blocked content! sound doesn't bounce around inside and get warmed by the wood - Apr 7, 2015 - Faithful reproduction of the old Waverly style. uke was packaged in the best box I've ever seen - all wood. ", Ukulele Player Magazine - A new "monthly" From Tricorn Publications,