Think Like a UX Researcher will challenge your preconceptions about user experience (UX) research and encourage you to think beyond the obvious. enjoy our ad-free newsletter—sure you don’t want to receive it? You can also include a line here that the recruiter should not share your PDF portfolio with anyone else, since it contains confidential information. Or do yo, When thinking about user research, many people primarily think of classic usability testing. Each case study could span anywhere from 5 to more than 10 pages, depending on how in-depth you want to go. Please provide your name. If any of your projects involves an NDA, insert a page here to tell your recruiter that you’ve masked some information to retain confidentiality. Karina presented this at UX … This will be a continually updated list of UX Design Portfolios I admire.. Ah, the UX portfolio. Karina presented this at UX Australia in March 2020. Optimize your images before you insert them in your PDF UX portfolio. I've dug them up from the interwebs here: What I love about this collection is the diversity in format, organization, and style. Why to choose this portfolio: *This portfolio is a simple, clean and neat portfolio. Bret is a storyteller and a self-professed … Hi, welcome to my office. You’ll discover how to plan and conduct UX research, analyze data, persuade teams to take action on the results and build a career in UX. What are these skills, exactly? Q. A UX Researcher & Web Designer (and a tech junkie) that enjoys creating meaningful and emotional experiences to enhance the lives of others through the use of technology. How to make a Static (PDF) UX Portfolio. Please send her props for sharing her perspective on this process. Sarah is committed to helping … The diagram lists potential UX research methods and activities that can be done as projects move through stages of design. Of course, both types of portfolios serve to help get you a UX job. Yet, mobile S3D user experience (UX) design has not been widely studied, and stereoscopy in today's products is used for purely visual design, whilst the potential for holistic UX has been neglected. In contrast, Word documents cannot be read on some smartphones without the right app. While I don't have the first-hand experience of creating my own UXR portfolio, it's still important to me to help demystify the process for you - especially if you are creating yours for the first time. Karsh Hagan Project Full PDF … The ability to write a well-structured UX case study is also one of the basic skills that a competent UX professional should have. Your static PDF UX portfolio allows recruiters to learn more about your design process, which is useful in the lead up to a job interview. Your PDF UX portfolio gives you the power to tailor it to every job role you apply for—and even to every job position in each company. Building a better London with … However, it shows process rather than pure deliverable: instead of showing a bunch of finished screens without explanation, a UX portfolio will present the story of how the finished product was arrived at, from testing and user research to sketches and wireframes. QQ: What would your portfolio look like if creating one was both easy and fun to you? Your PDF portfolio will contain mostly images and text, so you can use anything from a simple word processor or slideshow editor to advanced graphic editing software. Linda Bardha is a UX Researcher and Designer. This way, you can quickly send a prospective recruiter the link to your PDF portfolio whenever you need to. This way, you can make quick edits to create different versions of your PDF portfolio without breaking a sweat. Download free template. So, to get you perfectly ready for a UX job, let’s go through the steps to create your PDF UX design portfolio, followed by 4 essential design tips you should take note of when you do so. I would love to hear any UX Research portfolio tips & tricks you have! Putting together your UX research portfolio: how to make post-it notes sexy by Karina Hickey - Access to Karina's talk, slides, and notes from UX Australia, How to create a POWERful case study for your UX portfolio by David Travis - POWER method explained in more detail, Breaking into UX Research: Ideas from our UX Community by Me - Find ideas for your UXR portfolios and see more examples, Building a Portfolio - New Layer Podcast - While related design portfolios, there's useful commentary on narrative. Download Ux Designer Portfolio Examples doc. Now comes the meat of the process. To provide deeper, customized insights: Begin with a tool you know well (e.g., Keynote). The difference between a PDF that’s 2MB and 5MB can be astounding, when you consider slower smartphone download speeds. Use services such as TinyPNG to shave off up to 70% of your image’s file size, which can make a huge impact! The documents you feature in your portfolio should give an idea of … Are you following the general trend of buying consumer goods, If you’re going to design for mobile, then it’s likely you’re going to need to consider the way that the device is used, What type of designer are you? Join 238,958 designers and get Secure form Nowadays a UX portfolio is required for many good reasons: it highlights your work and shows your process as a UX Designer. Read on to learn more! 779. In the years, I’ve written about how to quickly create a UX portfolio and how to create a content-first portfolio.I’ve even published a popular course on creating a UX portfolio. The most-frequently used methods are shown in bold. Get free UX design learning material every week 238,958 designers Interested in other portfolio examples? Generally, your PDF portfolio case studies should be more in-depth than your online UX case studies, but remember to keep them manageable and relevant for a recruiter. For their errors not to lead to poor experiences, it’s your, The idea of the minimum viable product (MVP) has been around for some time. Start with a tool you’re familiar with, such as Keynote or Sketch. We try to be as unbiased as humanly possible—and receive absolutely no commission or other benefits from recommending these tools. A note on non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and confidentiality—E.g., include a page explaining you’ve masked some information. Copyright license and terms: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. Con: you cannot easily create beautiful graphics on PowerPoint. A qualitative user experience researcher who loves solving human problems and petting all the dogs. Sarah also created the popular weekly newsletter, The UX Notebook. She cites other UX industry leaders, like Sarah Doody and The UX Portfolio Formula. What stood out to me was the simple "POWER" framework that Karina recommended for each case study (citing David Travis). Please provide your name. Read More. Upload your PDF portfolio to a cloud service such as Dropbox or Google Drive, or your own web server if you have a personal website. Nicely and ux portfolio allows you can control who sees the requirements from our site has extensive experience profession, and developer from now is about? What stories would you tell? We were founded in 2002. I recently had the pleasure of reviewing a UX Researcher’s portfolio. What stood out to me was the simple "POWER" framework that Karina recommended for framing each case study (citing David Travis). Of course, both types of portfolios serve to help get you a UX job. Pro: it’s one of the easiest tools you can use to create your PDF portfolio. Have questions? 3. There is no standard template and yet they all reflect the personality of their respective researcher. How many Black Friday offers have you bookmarked this week? Even when I worked for a consultancy and had visual designers assigned to help me with deliverables on most projects, I occasionally had to produce something visual(ish) myself. UX designer portfolios – and UI designer portfolios too, of course – contain more visual outputs (wireframes, sketches, and shiny UIs) while UX researcher portfolios lean towards being more content-heavy, emphasizing more of the research methods and processes. Let me walk you through it. But this can be an advantage, as it offers you more opportunities for storytelling and explaining the background of your … Your static PDF UX portfolio is meant to give interested recruiters an in-depth look at how you solve design problems. While a PDF UX portfolio might seem similar to an online UX portfolio, it serves a slightly different purpose.