After a few moments of shock and sadness, the film simply ends with a hint that Data may be resurrected in the body of B-4 (which Star Trek: Picard confirmed didn't happen). This was the necessary Star Trek pseudo-science reason Star Trek: Picard needed to both explain how Soji and her synthetic family were created in Data's mold, and also to justify how Data's personality could still be "alive" in the computers of the planet Coppelius 20 years after he died. In Data's poetic logic, granting him death, at last, would mark the end of his story. Picard is still haunted by the loss of his friend, and the heroic sacrifice he made to save his life. Data graduated, despite the social challenges of being the only android in the academy, and served as an ensign aboard the USS Trieste, before being assigned to the Enterprise-D in 2364 – which is where we meet him in The Next Generation. The Star Trek: Picard season 1 finale ended with the death of Commander Data (Brent Spiner), which was especially shocking since Data had already died in Star Trek: Nemesis. This is how Soji knew that Data loved Picard, since her father's life experiences are part of her, which harkens to how a Trill on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine can remember everything about her previous hosts' past lives. He was revived by the Federation, and was accepted into Starfleet Academy when it became apparent that he had achieved a level of sentience never before seen in a synthetic being. In this scene Data saves Captain Picard but in doing so sacrifices his own life. These android twins were designed by Dr. Bruce Maddox, a cyberneticist, using a process called fractal neuronic cloning. In a way, Data's quantum simulation is his own version of the Nexus, the space ribbon that briefly transported Picard and Kirk into a realm of "pure joy" in Star Trek Generations. [This episode contains spoilers for Star Trek: Picard, season one, episode seven.] PS5 restock update: here's the next likely order date if the schedule holds, Where to buy PS5: all the latest updates as more restock dates rumored, Samsung Galaxy S21 cameras show up in first real world photo leak, Disney Plus confirms it's making 10 Marvel and 10 Star Wars TV shows (updated), Star Trek: Strange New Worlds: release date, cast and what we know, New Star Wars movies announced – including Rogue Squadron for 2023, More of a Star Wars fan? When Star Trek: Picard was announced, ... adhering so committedly to canon that it even invokes the spectre of Star Trek Nemesis’ terrible Data substitute B-4. The Star Trek: Picard season 1 finale ended with the death of Commander Data (Brent Spiner), which was especially shocking since Data had already died in Star Trek: Nemesis. "It felt very sad to write it." John can be found @BackoftheHead, counts a Black Canary and an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Data was unable to feel emotion, however, and struggled to understand the many idiosyncrasies of the human race. Star Trek: Picard star Brent Spiner reflects on Data's death in 2002's Nemesis movie, stating that he believes it was the right way to go. A TNG character appeared and shockingly died in Star Trek: Picard's finale. Throughout the first season of the show, it is Data who has hung over much of the story. At the end of the movie, Data sacrifices his own life to save Picard's, destroying Shinzon's ship in the process. In the end, Picard gets to warp into the final frontier with his new crew, but, for Data, his long-awaited death means he gets nothing but blue skies from now on. The absence of Data plays a major part in Jean-Luc's character arc on the new show. After dying, Picard finds himself in a room with Data, even though the android died in 2379 after sacrificing himself to save the Enterprise in the 2002 movie Star Trek Nemesis. Data's death was abrupt and came after a prolonged action sequence that depleted the audience; by the time the android died, there was little chance to register its emotional impact. Related: Star Trek: Picard Season 1 Ending And All Twists Explained. Meanwhile, the post-Data synthetics Maddox and Soong built, including Soji, had access to Data's memories since they all derived from his positronic neuron. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor,