Sort by: Be the best deckbuilder, and beat the metagame with the biggest MTG decks database, including paper and MTG Arena decks. I haven't updated it since before Ikoria, so I know that there are likely a ton of changes that need to be made. Rising from the ashes of the ban list this deck looks to match efficient and recoverable threats with control and tempo elements. A Pioneer in Pioneer: Izzet Phoenix For my entire Magic career, I have been a Standard player. Get the latest news and keep up to data on MTG Arena. ]]> Forcing Spike Chris is heading out to the GP at Magic Fest Oakland, and has some thoughts on side boarding Izzet Phoenix. The on-brand choice for “Izzet Phoenix”/”Spells Matter”-type decks, which are always a popular archetype. You can export the decklist by clicking the Arena icon in the top right corner. As previews of the set went live, I began to see cards that might revitalize one of the most successful decks in standard and modern in 2019, Izzet Phoenix. That being said, the deck is not without its flaws. Out of Stock. Then import it to Arena by going to Decks section and click Import. The 5 Best New Magic The Gathering Ikoria Cards For Pioneer. a deck that uses and mana. Archipelagore Auspicious Starrix Boneyard Lurker Brokkos, Apex of Forever D00mwake (1st Place) Pioneer Challenge #12049245 on 12/22/2019 . The on-brand choice for “Izzet Phoenix”/”Spells Matter”-type decks, which are always a popular archetype. Mythos of Snapdax. Magic the Gathering and Magic Online prices, decks and strategy. You can put a lot of pressure with the news sprite dragons early on, and close the game reanimating Arclight Phoenix the good old way. Close. The flexibility that Blitz offers helps because it can kill a creature or a planeswalker. Rielle also gives you a real … Izzet Phoenix I’m thinking I’m getting into pioneer in mtgo, and my budget is around 90 tix, and the only deck I can really afford other than Sram which I am not doing, is Phoenix. Izzet Phoenix has been one of the strongest decks in the early days of Pioneer, and with the largest Pioneer tournament yet coming up, it is sure to be a popular choice. Overall, Izzet Phoenix totals to around the same price as Mono-Red Phoenix, however, the build changes greatly which means few of your cards transfer over. A Pioneer in Pioneer: Izzet Phoenix For my entire Magic career, I have been a Standard player. Add to Cart @ ฿15 . Standard / Izzet Phoenix MTG Decks An aggressive modern deck that utilizes cheap spells to transform Thing in the Ice Flip or put ... Arclight Phoenix [standard] [Ikoria] by Spicy_Dodo. Control Dominating The Zendikar Rising Championship Was No Fluke. Izzet Pheonix by Sebbgaming. The key here is that the counter is given when a spell is cast, so it doesn’t matter if the spell is successfully resolved. aytor_92 (2nd Place) Pioneer Challenge #12052914 on 12/29/2019 . Ikoria Top 10! It largely lacks the ability to bring back multiple Phoenixes in the first two to three turns like its predecessor in Modern. The Locust God Wheel by TeNiX85. Standard / UR (Izzet) MTG Decks Visit Standard forum Card search Deck Search. Rielle really cares about trying to discard spells in order to get a rummage engine going. Round 2: Izzet Phoenix vs Simic Devotion. Snapdax, Apex of the Hunt (Mardu): 3895 Cherokee Street NW The final key addition to the deck is Rielle, the Everwise. No counter spells because you basically want to tap out every turn. 678.401.7557, Mon-Tue: 12:00 pm – 12:00 am OUR STREAM Is Ad Nauseam The Sleeper Combo Deck That Modern Has Been Looking For? Izzet Pheonix. Your Hub for Everything Magic The Gathering. Izzet decks are a good place to start with Standard, thanks to Rielle, the Everwise. Izzet Phoenix with Throne of Eldraine. Call of the Death-Dweller. A new Izzet phoenix deck with new cards from Ikoria. April 17, 2020 April 17, 2020. By VS Live! Sort by: 2 Lava Coil to have some sorcerys for Finale, and also Blitz of the Thunder-Raptor is a very good removal. October 16, 2020 October 19, 2020 cavedan 0 Comment Articles, Deck Tech, Featured Izzet Phoenix, Magmatic Channeler, Pioneer, Sprite Dragon Dan has been tearing up the Pioneer leagues with a new build of Izzet Phoenix, starring three new additions from Zendikar Rising.