so there might be an example of “it’s not personal, it’s business.” it’s not saying the landlord does not like the tenant, but he literally has to do what he has to for his own sake. There is a famous scene in the classic movie The Godfather, where Michael Corleone, off to meet with an enemy, says, “It’s not personal, it’s just business.”. When something goes wrong with your cable provider or there's an error on your credit card statement, do you call the 1-800 number and then mash "0" until you've escaped the automated menu and connected with a live, human voice? It’s not personal, it’s just business….. it's none of your business Before, it was a phrase to notify someone not to get involved in whatever the situation is or what you're talking about. As business leaders, we want the personal dedication and commitment from our teams to fuel our company success. Many of us learn that we shouldn't take things personally, it's just business. People never say that, or need to say that, to people they don’t have a relationship with or don’t know. Founded by William W. Scarborough, the bank opened on Third Street between Vine and Walnut Streets, then the city’s financial district. But those situations are not really what I was referring to. It’s pretty sad when when the interest of money is so overtly higher than the interest of people. Which I further interpret to mean I may harbor negative/positive feelings toward you, but I didn’t allow that to affect my decision. But this kind of interaction is critical, as Dave discovered: "The trust we need for driving change will come when we understand each other's motivations, the why behind what we do.". That’s for when people prize making money over the personal relationship they’ have with someone. Covid-19 has not been an equal opportunity virus: It goes after people in poor health and those whose daily lives expose them to greater contact with others. I think the typical situation is having to fire someone you may know or even be friends with. Successful leaders spend time building rapport, empathy and, most of all, trust among team members -- and it doesn't happen overnight. I worked for the same company for 24 years. Money which ultimately put food on my table and a roof over my family’s heads. We’ve stopped making an effort- stopped taking the time. This perfect world you seek does exist but only on the weekends when the vast majority of the world is off work and praying to theirs Gods and honoring the moral code of good conduct. It's strictly business.". Paperback. It’s not personal. Friends Who Liked This Quote. Instead, they think that because they are friends they can ignore … We think our time is better spent "getting stuff done.". Otherwise, they would be forced to observe the humanity of the person or people subject to their actions. I would wager very few enjoy evicting, firing or otherwise hurting others in such fashion but it is self preservation more than survival of the fittest. Berman was an accountant for the mob in the 1930s, a business where distancing yourself from the human impact was a pretty imperative requirement. We all want to be valued and recognized. in your recent answer, you say “those situations are not really what i was referring to.” so then i am lost as to what you really are referring to. And they were right; it was a business decision. Why did you let 20,000 people starve to death yesterday, while you ate your fill? Can people really compartmentalize their psyches so much that they really believe what they do for money has no bearing on who they are as a person? The history of “business ethics” depends on how one defines it. Does buying foods from other countries bother you? I sort of miss the card and not having a familiar rep who I know by name, but the savings was a business decision. When we get back to the office, pack your things. It was purely for the sake of saving money. Even successful mobile app companies like Warby Parker and Rent the Runway understand this, opening brick-and-mortar stores to provide customers with that all-important "personal touch" whether they're shopping for glasses or evening wear. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Something horrible can happen to you, but you shouldn’t be upset about it because it didn’t happen because someone was mad at you or hated you. It’s basically an excuse to be a complete a$$hole and screw up peoples lives for ones own gain. About a year ago, I changed companies in order to save some money. To see what your friends thought of this quote, please sign up! Often this phrase comes back around in the form of an Ironic Echo. It’s business. $13.74. Of course there are some exceptions but it is usually the way it is and I believe should be. This is a commonly used phrase and it's applicable in a wide range of circumstances. Paperback. Today is National Voter Registration Day! It wasn’t personal – you don’t know them, so there’s no reason for me to lie when I say that personally I had a great deal of time for them. are we not understanding each other? If they continue to fail, then that is when the business side has to kick in. It was just business, Their behavior directly affected customers, and their inability to come to work on time therefore directly affected my business’ ability to make money. Technology can do a lot of great things, but it can't treat you like a human being. It’s not hard to figure it out. Not convinced? Business is personal, because we each crave a deeper connection with our work, a connection that transcends position and power and money, a connection in which we meet needs and create something. Murder of course is an extreme example. Should I let my boss in on a co-worker who lies through his teeth? Where can I locally buy bean bags for cornhole? Sometimes, it can be just as bad when they turn on each other. A lot of the confusion in business relationships between people who are also friends arises because the participants don’t practice proper business etiquette. “it's just business nothing personal...” ― mario puzo Read more quotes from Mario Puzo. 05 April 2019. I’ve used the same insurance agent for almost 20 years. And would the world be a better place if the idea that we can screw as many people as we like as long as it’s our job to do so did not exist? For advice about employing family members and other staff please get in touch with Richard Gvero. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, an astounding 53% of the American population felt anxious about personal finances. I don’t know if he ever read it, but I know it represents his sentiments about being in a situation where he was killing German soldiers because “it was just business.”. I have considered the idea that if one does something to protect others from harm, for money, that might be a justifiable reason to do what otherwise someone would never do. All rights reserved. The secret sauce for a small business is its ability to be personal. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do? You're wrong. Dave doesn't just know my work, he knows me. @jca I can get that. We choose not to. Paperback. And so are all the corporate phonies who cite this pseudo-proverb from The Godfather as an excuse to avoid taking a genuine and substantial interest in the people around them. In that time, my job was eliminated ~6 times as the economy fluctuated or the company went through structural changes. A protagonist who Stumbled Into the Plot might hear this, by the antagonist … i gave the example of a landlord, and you said sheriffs usually are the ones to actually remove people from their shelters. As … A phrase added before someone says something really shitty, in hopes of easing the severity of the comment. Please note the contents of this blog are given for information only and must not be relied upon. here’s another example – my boss and i are friendly, she is very good to me. Of course, sometimes it’s both – and in those situations, the third party will try to get themselves off with this. terms and conditions. Money is important, yes, but I think at the end of our lives, we want to know we connected, and not merely transacted. my “landlord” example was pre-sheriff. It’s strictly business.”. do you have other examples that may support your question? The reality is that business today is very personal. I think the statement is beneficial if it’s not coming from a third party. That's not what you want to be. Three of those managers recruited me for future jobs; maybe that is what helped me understand that it wasn’t personal. Whether it's on the ski slopes, at a HighTower retreat or over a quick lunch or glass of wine when we find ourselves in the same town, face time is central to our relationship. I disagree that it’s not scalable. That’s what I choose to believe and strive to practice. After five verbal warnings and finally a written warning, they proceeded to come in late three days later. The terrible tragedies of crashes of the Boing 737 Max 8 aircraft in Indonesia and Ethiopia remind us, once again, how wrong that statement it. You’re right “it’s just business” is a horrible line and it is used so that people can justify their horrible decisions and live with themselves, they try to make it seem like it has nothing to do with them. What is your notion of ethical behavior in the financial world. It’s not personal. It feels miserable to require that someone move on, or worse yet, go to jail. Opened from the Inside: Taking the Stronghold of Zion Bob Sorge. The title of today’s post is derived from the famous scene in the movie, The Godfather . You’re wrong. I laughed and told them I absolutely hate that old saying, “Business is business, it’s not personal.” In fact, I always tell everyone to forget that quote and just wipe it from their minds. Whether we’re the ones selling or being sold to, it’s NOT just business, it IS personal… however I know that if i start not doing my job, and she gets pressure from her boss, I would be disciplined and i would know not to take it personally, because it would be “just business.” it would not be personal, meaning it would not be about (boss) + (me), it would be about our respective roles in the Department, and what is expected of us as workers. They need to tighten the belt when the times get rough, just like individuals do in their home life. “It’s not personal, Sonny. ;-). With regard to the survival of the fittest theory, I always looked upon it as survival of those who work the hardest. It's Not Business, It's Personal Ronna Lichtenberg. I always took it to mean I’m doing this impartially, without regard to any feelings I have toward you. We're both busy, but we've built a strong relationship, even though we live and work in two different cities, by actually spending time with each other. At that point, you won’t have to weigh whether or not … Fifth Third traces its origins back to The Bank of the Ohio Valley which organized in June 1858. I will be celebrating my 20 th wedding anniversary on June 1, 2016, (I married young, by the way). They were from the client that dumped us. I am a landlord (I hate that word, I sometimes say “landservant,”) Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. Huge large corporations lack this, and they only make up for it on volume. Right. Michael: Business is always personal. 52 likes All Members Who Liked This … Ms. Lichtenberg takes the opposite approach, that all business progress begins with sound business relationships. As for “kicking people out of their houses”, I have to agree with @jca . The first time I read it, it made me think of my father who fought in WWII. ©2020 Verizon Media. West Texas is not quite like the moon. what about the landlord who then has to pay his own mortgage, and needs that rent in order to do so? This is coming from personal experience. Those who say, “It is not personal, it is just business,” are really saying they are too busy to care about relationships that drive their business. It takes place when Michael Corleone rebukes his brother about an impending action the family is about to take to avenge the shooting of their father, “It’s not personal, it’s just business.” Competitive gaming ethics should not be applied to business. Sorry, Michael Corleone. Trust me; very few people, if any, enjoy being in that role. Therefore, not personal, meaning not against my friend, but it would be business (again, i don’t have my friends work for me for that reason). Oops. $11.73. You're not alone if you wonder who should be attributed as the author of the famous quotation "It is what it is." So, the best advice is not to assume that a family business can simply appoint family members to key positions without proper consideration. In the AEC marketing world, proposals are usually treated as business as usual, but I believe we need to make them personal. One final note: when I read your description, it reminded me of a poem by Thomas Hardy called, The Man He Killed. I know Dave knows what he's talking about--he's one of my mentors. The inane flaw in this thinking is that support from the right people makes our work easier, more productive, and more fulfilling. This is something people can do when their determination belongs to one or more greater authorities. Although the term is used in several senses and varies somewhat for different countries, its current use originated in the United States and became widespread in the 1970s. or what if the tenant has been spending all his money drugging or gambling, and now can’t pay rent? Indeed, the corollary to this concept is to NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH FRIENDS OR FAMILY, precisely because it’s too easy to be swayed by the personal relationship. That way madness lies. The legal procedure to evict a tenant is long, arduous and expensive so when a landlord proceeds with one, it is business. A lot of the answers here stated very nasty things about people being horrible and needing to live with themselves, and it’s all about the money, but there are times when you know it would not be personal, it would be business. They must be socialist or worse, communist. In fact, the intensity of a union cat fight recalls the famous line from the Godfather: “It’s not personal, its just business.” It wasn’t personal, I’m sure. Walmart will pay its US workers a new round of cash bonuses over the holidays, but critics say the largest employer in this country is not raising workers' pay enough in the pandemic. We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote. I think that’s a limiting perspective grounded in the dollar and not the heart. Why? Please explain. 10/22/2014 03:46 pm ET Updated Dec 22, 2014. I just read Rediscovering Values And Jim Wallis explains it (Much better than me) like the markets and money are a form of idol worship with the pundits and the wall street giants being the high priests. The difference is, that I will try to negotiate payment arrangements if the issue is temporary and there seems to be a reasonable plan that can work, or I will work with them to move and avoid an eviction on their record. This question is in the General Section. Come Monday the gloves are off and it is dog eat dog…survival of the fittest…give me MINE! I fired someone in April this year because they were manifestly unable to appear for work at the time their contract stipulated they do so. I have evicted people before, and often it was “personal.” they broke their promises to pay the rent or abide by the rules. The phrase that was tossed around more than once when this dumping thing happened was, “It’s not personal, it’s just business.” The clients sort of … This can also come in the form of "it's not personal." If that's not mission critical for a business, then it's probably not a business that will be around for long. Undoubtedly, that percentage has grown significantly, with more than 26 … In business you commonly hear the phrase "It's not personal. How is anything anyone does not personal? Many workers are not inclined “to sleep their way to the top." They use their lack of this observation as the justification for their actions that can cause suffering or death. Anything done in the name of profit is good, and anyone who would propose that the free market might not be the best possible way to solve a problem is committing blasphemy. Margins are much better. It's just business." If we want to keep our business relationships personal by offering more than a website can offer, then we need to make them personal. Anyone who uses a phrase like that is trying to justify their refusal to use ethical behavior. How about just kicking people out of their houses or denying someone their insurance benefits because the company you work for is a “boil on the butt of humanity”? (you can give family members money, though). 5.0 out of 5 stars 3. It’s not personal, right? I don’t get it. Her business responsibilities rose in tandem. Every choice we make is personal. to address an example you gave in your question, @tinyfaery, “how bout kicking people out of their houses.” I can think of some instances where someone would be kicking a tenant out of their apartment, like if the tenant had not paid rent for a long time. Sorry, Michael Corleone. Executives with ambitious agendas are often loathe (as Dave admits he once was) to "waste time" on activities like offsites where people can get to know each other by talking about their personal stories, passions and dreams. It’s useful as an internalized mantra when someone criticizes you at work – sometimes, it’s hard to remember that they’re doing their job, and not just trying to be an asshole to you. I am with @jca and @Pied_Pfeffer on this one. 13 years old and agree to the For-profit companies are out to make money. 2 days of good vs 5 days of grab fest seems like a no win situation to me…. While no one said the exact words, “It’s not personal; it’s just business”, the message was clearly implied. While no one said the exact words, “It’s not personal; it’s just business”, the message was clearly implied. "Stacking the Deck" is about leading transformational change, and as Dave points out, you can't go it alone. I find that the above is the most common reason someone uses this phrase … to absolve themselves for doing something bad in business to someone else. The value of investing personally in our business relationships, both with colleagues and clients, is that it gives us a deeper understanding of how we all came together, and how we can use our strengths to accomplish clear organizational goals. You might start thinking about this book by considering what makes anyone want to do business with anyone else. It wasn’t a personal decision, as the guy would send out a birthday card every year. It is all about the money. Whenever you have situations that involve money, reputation, or ego and relationships, it is personal. I hear this a lot, but it makes no sense to me. Yes, there are times when someone may have lost their job and be having a bad streak of luck, but then the landlord should be expected to carry them? If people sign an agreement to pay their debts and fail to do so, most companies are willing to work with a person to a certain degree. If i had a friend of mine do some work for me (this is why i try to keep personal and business relationships apart) and they did not fulfill their obligations, then i would not be able to continue to employ them, because i would need to get the job done and not pay out for something that is still undone. Still others—I’m sure the larger group—do not have that opportunity. It's the most personal thing in the world. @tinyfaery : i re-read your examples, and you talk about the examples i cited, and you talk about killing, but then you say you know killing is an extreme example. Now, it basically is apart of poor defense tactics used when a … He has bills to pay and other considerations. Part of HuffPost Business. In that time, my job was eliminated ~6 times as the economy fluctuated or the company went through structural changes. You need a team, but it's not as simple as putting a bunch of high performers with the right skills in a room and telling them to solve a problem. You want to be where you're making money on quality, because quality is way better than quantity. Cross it, and it’s not personal – it’s just business. But emails, text messages and conference calls alone aren't enough to build and nurture relationships. Don’t sell them your car, rent them your house, or ever, ever loan them any money. If someone does something, for instance kill someone, as a part of their job, how does that not make them personally accountable? To join, you must be at least The US used to be the champion of the under dog, now it seems we have devolved back to survival of the fittest. how long is the landlord supposed to go without his payment? I worked for the same company for 24 years. This is coming from personal experience. And we like to know that we are making a difference when we put our heart and soul into something. Sheriffs are usually the ones to actually remove people from their shelters. Responses must be helpful and on-topic. Watch for scale to be used this way in discussions of things like vacation plans, turn-out-the-vote efforts, and exercise routines: that’s when we’ll know that we’re seeing a real evolution in the everyday use of this word. In business we are engaged in the act of being busy. "It's not personal, Sonny. And so are all the corporate phonies who cite this pseudo-proverb from The Godfather as an excuse to avoid taking a genuine and substantial interest in the people around them. I acknowledge that a persons home is VERY personal and deal with people in a compassionate way. Ryan: It wasn't personal. Please try again. Signifying that what they have done is not wrong because competitive games ethical should be apply to business and not personal moral ethics. I was reminded of this while reading a new book by David Pottruck, a veteran executive who has established dozens of meaningful connections over the course of his storied career. this reminds me of another similiar phrase in common usage; when people say ‘no offense’ or ‘with all due respect’, what they really mean is ‘go [gouda] yourself’. From "The Godfather" a famous quote from Michael Corleone (Al Pacino): It's not personal Sonny, it 's strictly businnes. Of course, we all know that we're supposed to "network" and "collaborate," and technology makes it easy to check that box on the to-do list. I don’t know if I could do something like this which is why I just make a good worker and not a leader lol. What do you think I should do about Evil Companies copying our Company? Often used this way by the Lovable Traitor and the Punch-Clock Villain. “We don’t hate you, we just believe without a doubt that you are completely expendable.”. Share this quote: Like Quote. But it can serve as a handy stand-in. (ugh, should’ve read @jca‘s quip first… deleting main body…). 4.6 out of 5 stars 51. But the vitriol is not always confined to attacking Republicans. Recommend to friends. We had trouble talking to the server. If you work for me and behave in such a way as to affect my ability to carry out my responsibilities as a manager, husband and father, I will draw a line in the sand. 4.2 out of 5 stars 7. But, I still can’t see how one who really believes that killing is wrong would take a job where they might have to kill another human being. Your adding way to much to the math equation, that saying is just a scapegoat to be an arsehole. Through caring and building relationships as a leader, business becomes personal. It is a matter of what we chose to direct our energy to. Business is human relationship first. —Business Wire, 15 August 2016. It’s strictly business. By saying, “nothing personal, it’s just business” he was trying to absolve himself for his poor behavior … and hide his incompetence that led to the situation in the first place. Envy: The Enemy Within Bob Sorge.