Prune after flowering, but don't cut back below the lowest leaves. At least once a year, perform a close inspection of your tree. You’ll also want to prune the shrub differently if it’s trained against a wall. 19 July. Cistus and convolvulus. 0. geraldinelloyd Posts: 3. By Jackrc18. Pruning is an important part of keeping your citrus trees productive and healthy. Pruning cistus. ... they need little more than corrective pruning to remove diseased or misshapened growth. Kent, United Kingdom . You could try cutting back to green growth, perhaps where the new growth is starting to become woodier? They are perfectly lime tolerant but may go yellow and chlorotic in very chalky soils. It stops the cistus losing its shape as a shrub > and getting leggy. Once established, borderline tender shrubs such as cistus and convolvulus, which don’t tend to put on vigorous growth, need little pruning apart from the removal of the stem tips in spring to keep the plant tidy. I have heard that you shouldnt prune cistus. Scotch broom (Cystisus scoparius) is an attractive shrub that rises to about 10 feet (3 m.) high with an open, airy growth pattern.Despite the beauty of its bright yellow spring flowers, it can easily look disheveled if not pruned correctly. These are shrubs that will continue flowering and maintain a neat shape without any pruning. Prune after flowering, not quite back to last > season's growth I agreee that as with a lot of rather short-lived species, Cistus to really look their best not only need pruning but quite frequent replacement. How to Prune Citrus Trees. Cistus doesn't take well to pruning, except for a light pinching back in late fall or winter, and even this can negatively affect blooming. To successfully prune a Cytisus battandieri, you’ll want to focus on removing any dead or disruptive shoots from the shrub. Cistus, includes over 20 species of mostly compact, evergreen branching and spreading shrubs native to the Mediterranean. I suspect it also promotes plant life [not more > than 5 years anyway]. Having said that, I also recommend trying it. Any experience and, if you can, when and by how much? You would probably find that the plant struggles to shoot from old wood. Also remove any dead shoot tips or those that have been damaged by frost. Cistus thrive in poor or moderately fertile soil and need a well-drained site in baking sun for best results. However, vigorous new shoots produce the most flowers, while older branches produce few or none at all. Cistus do not generally respond that well to hard pruning. Avoid pruning your Cistus back in to old wood as they don’t respond well from hard pruning. Pruning a scotch broom shrub must be done conservatively and at the correct season. Thanks I think you're right. Cistus, the sun rose, and Convolvulus cneorum also flower on previous-season growth. Pruning a Cytisus battandieri will help maintain its shape and encourage new and healthy flowers to bloom every summer. While you cannot prune cistus you can pinch back the new growth after flowering to make the plants more bushy. Poaannua . 27 Jan, 2009; Answers. I usually recommend replacing plants that have become straggly/leggy.