Other New Hampshire Ghost Towns. 8 ghost towns Grafton County contains the most, with 4. The presence of ghost towns in Maine owe to this north-easternmost state being home to some of the earliest US settlements. Most of the lumbering towns and villages came into existence in the last quarter of the 19 th century. The United States alone plays host to well over 50,000 ghost towns, near ghost towns, semi-ghost towns, and tiny backwater burgs that have faded greatly from their peak times. Buried Treasure in New Hampshire Sites. The Seabrook beaches, located approximately fourteen miles south of Portsmouth has been known to contain English and Spanish coins from the 1700’s. He called them ‘marginal spaces filled with old and obscure objects,’ where people can see and feel […] In his book Ghost Towns of New England , Fessenden Blanchard names four New Hampshire towns meeting the criteria of ghostliness : Lempster, Lyman, Roxbury, and Success. And: Metal Detecting Maine – Coins, Relics & Buried Treasure . Once the New Hampshire Land Co. owned much of the land in town, and the logging railroads were built and logging increased, the town of Thornton Gore vanished. There are 3 ghost towns … Livermore was established in 1876 in the White Mountains to support a logging industry. I believe it should be left alone, as it is a sacred place, and the only reason I went there was out of respect and to honor those who were buried and those who disappeared. View waymark gallery. Keeping Watch by LJG2886. Continuing down that quaint New England road I come across a few signs regarding the abandoned town of Monson, New Hampshire. Ocker photo) I like my ghost towns with spooky names, but sometimes ironic ones are just as good. Find enough of ... 10.28.14: Ghost Towns. Tim Edensor, a geography professor at Manchester Metropolitan University, studies why people like abandoned places. New Hampshire State Hospital 105 Pleasant St. Concord website. This is an incomplete List of ghost towns in New Hampshire.. The White Mountains are in New Hampshire, and the place spoken of I have visited. Really cute place, great for two adults (not great when we had kiddo #1 which is why we left - too small, no yard, etc.) Article by Only In Your State. Livermore is the best known of the White Mountain ghost towns, but there are plenty more for the interested hiker. What is so appealing about abandoned places? New Hampshire is a state located in the Northeastern United States.This is a list of the 221 towns and 13 cities in the U.S. state of New Hampshire. This makes research an absolute must. Livermore, NH - Ghost Towns on Waymarking.com. Photos: Ghost towns of New Hampshire's White Mountains. Livermore, Passaconway, Zealand and Gale River and more than 24 … (J.W. Scary Places Haunted Places Abandoned Places Places To See Creepy Ghost Granite State New England Travel Beautiful Castles Exotic Places. New Hampshire. Both books are long out of print, though copies may be available at libraries or through the used book market. If you're looking at areas in New Hampshire with the worst economic situations, where there's higher than average crime, and not a lot to do, this is an accurate list. The land sales policy of the state of New Hampshire was one; the other was the expansion of railroads in the North Country. And in the end, Rochester ranks as the worst city to live in New Hampshire for 2020. New Hampshire Ghost Sightings. 1 of 8 There are ghost towns in the White Mountains. There are plenty of examples of intriguing ghost For detecting in New Hampshire, town, village and city parks, you'll need to check with those local officials. 6. Monson existed for only 33 years from 1737 to 1770. Seven former college friends, along with a few new friends, gather for a weekend reunion at a summer house in New Hampshire to reminisce about the good old days, when they got arrested on the way to a protest in Washington, DC. Beebe River [clarification needed]; Kilkenny; Livermore; Monson; Zealand; Others. Also Read: 5 Old Ghost Towns in New Hampshire Worth Exploring. I cannot be responsible for any outdated laws from the time of this posting. Cyberspace abounds with photos, videos and bloggers waxing elegiac about abandoned old mills, mansions and malls. New Hampshire is organized along the New England town model, where the state is nearly completely incorporated and divided into towns, some of which the state has designated as "cities". Like most other eastern states, the vast majority of ghost towns in New Hampshire are barren sites, marked only by foundation pits and outlines of buildings. It had the figure of a human. Reply; Holly June 2, 2015. 300. When we first moved to Concord, New Hampshire in July 1995 we lived in a small 2 bedroom condo near downtown. The coins were most likely washed up onto the beach from ship wrecks. Livermore, NH. Posted by: NorStar. The first “New Hampshire Asylum for the Insane” was built in 1842, though it’s name was changed to the “New Hampshire State Hospital” in 1901. Check back often! Votes: 1,896 | Gross: $2.00M Notable. Pick your state to find treasures and ghost towns in your area. Test Your Courage With A Visit To These 6 Creepy Ghost Towns In New Hampshire. A glimpse of the ghost town of Livermore. N 44° 04.463 W 071° 22.639. in Ghost Towns. Buildings have been updated and added over the years, but the originals still stand. It was some weird figure or anomaly out of the corner of my eye, and it moved. Like the ghost town of Livermore, New Hampshire. I saw something. People were made to leave the town so the could flood it and build the Reservoir but they didn't flood the entire town. Monson, Hillsborough County John Phelan / CC BY-SA 4.0. Be sure to visit before dark. There are ghost towns in the White Mountains.Livermore, Passaconway, Zealand and Gale River and more than 24 logging camps near Lincoln Woods … These sites can be accessed via the Tripoli Road near Russell Pond Campground. The woods of New Hampshire are scattered with signs of civilization: crumbling foundations, railroad spikes, scraps of unidentifiable metal. 19T E 309637 N 4882882. Village of Livermore, New Hampshire – Incorporated by the state of New Hampshire in 1876, Livermore was a logging town in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.The village of Livermore was located along the Sawyer River Railroad, on the Sawyer River, in the White Mountains.Both the railroad and town were owned by the Saunders family. New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York North ... as of the end of the third quarter of 2020 to identify the 30 ZIP codes with the highest vacancy rates — America’s ghost towns. Monson met its demise by being annexed (geo-political term for land absorbed absorbed or taken over) into a few surrounding towns. Lyman and Roxbury were mining towns; Success a logging town; and Lempster lay on … He’s been intrigued by the various ghost towns of New England since reading a few books on the subject in the 1970s. The Ricker Basin town was established in the mid-1800s as a farming town but quickly grew into a lumber town because of the presence of many mature timbers in the area. 11,101) Here are five places to begin your search for buried treasure in New Hampshire. Ricker Basin, Vermont . ... at rallies in the biggest cities and smallest towns here, where he has unabashedly decided not … Tilton, New Hampshire The ghost of a 12-year-old girl named Laura who was killed in a fire in the 1800s is said to haunt the historic 1875 Inn, once called the Tilton Inn. 11 ghost towns Burlington County contains the most, with 3. Top New Mexico Ghost Towns: See reviews and photos of ghost towns in New Mexico, United States on Tripadvisor. Her apparition has been seen by many guests, and the inn has been featured on TV's Ghost Hunters. Director: John Sayles | Stars: Bruce MacDonald, Maggie Renzi, Adam LeFevre, Maggie Cousineau. We even discovered what appeared to be a cellar hole on a recent off-trail excursion on the way to Guy’s Slide. Bloomberg Hovers Like a Ghost Over the New Hampshire Primary. ghost towns Once a Boom Town, Now a Ghost Town, Always a Hometown The Soto family has lived through Arizona's mining booms and the broken promises that come with them. For any hobbyist, ghost towns hold a strange attraction and they allow you to detect in some out of the ordinary locations! Carrigain; East Weare; Johnson; Little Canada; True Francestown [better source needed] Also unlike the western states, New Hampshire’s counties are divided up into towns … Each region has its fair share of ghost towns – relics of both gradual changes over the course of history and sudden, dramatic events – and Maine is no exception. New Jersey. An earlier book, Fessenden S. Blanchard's Ghost Towns of New England: Their Ups and Downs (1960), is an excursionary guide to abandoned places, and is partly a local history of the places covered, and partly a travel journal. My home page is all about metal detecting in eastern ghost towns. All that remains of this ghost town are cellar holes, a cemetery, and the bare remnants of the old saw mill. There are 6 ghost towns within 50 miles of Nashua. Visiting any of these ghost towns will be like a blast from the past for any detectorist, as you stroll through the dusty roads to get a glimpse of an era long gone. And while the natural ice business has largely died out in the age of subzero freezers, it still lives on in a few small New Hampshire towns. Best ghost towns for metal detecting inside USA. These are the most recent ghost sightings in New Hampshire New Durham, New Hampshire - I was at Alton Hall and was waiting in there with my mom. Two factors combined to stimulate the growth of these towns. Do you know of other ghost towns or treasure stories? If you're curious enough, here are the best cities to live in New Hampshire: Durham (Pop. Here is a repository for ghost towns, almost ghost towns, stories of lost treasures, lost mines, and buried treasure, and other treasure information. I am seeking info on ghost towns in Connecticut.