In reply to Season is far from over. You would probably get clocked in the face if you say that in public. You can also get it from Underground Printing, the Bo Store, and Nicola's Books. It wouldn't be a Michigan football season without things going wrong and the righteous among the fanbase to start eating their own own. In reply to Shut up! I know that 5 consecutive trips to the NCAA tournament makes fans want to construct a 50-foot statue of Cooley. Get used to games like this. At least they moved the football that game...just sayin’! Lol , In reply to You are pathetic if you don… by bluewings. Being a fan doesn't mean being stupid and inflating the worth of everything around the program at all times no matter what. College football fans had lots of jokes about LSU's self-imposed bowl ban for this year. Premier League ‘Pathetic’: Arsenal fans discuss ‘infuriating’ thing £110k-a-week player keeps doing. Season over. Overall, England could have done better but considering their recent form, the pressure from the media and the heckling fans, they did well. In reply to Season is over, dude. Geez Bama fans are pathetic. The most pathetic fans are in fact the sevco fans themselves. ESPN college football analyst and University of Tennessee graduate Paul Finebaum has heard enough from Jeremy Pruitt following Saturday's blowout loss to Alabama. A large part of growing up is learning to discard wishful thinking and learning to accept reality. Yea. People have a right to act the way they are right now. Just sayin. Bernardo Silva says the Liverpool fans who targeted him on social media following Manchester City's Champions League exit are "pathetic". A BIG FAT ZERO AND GETTING FATTER. The… by Perkis-Size Me. Celtic fans have taken issue with Steven Gerrard's assertion that there was still plenty to play for at ... 'Pathetic', 'Embarrassing'; Some Celtic fans ridicule Gerrard after new title ... “Across Scotland, from top to bottom, there was so much football to be played. You guys go back and for forth about your superiority... and all you are is a couple of big minnows in a little pond. He deserves the criticism, but not the form of abuse that is sent his way by the likes of the Sun and other tabloids. That, I do not understand. This is the most fairweather, bandwagon, pathetic fan base in all of sports. Yes, the fans have seen insipid … We've never seen a Harbaugh team look like this before. The pressure on these players is unbelievable. What a fucking disgrace. I find out a bunch of fat beer drinking guys are going, so I say NO. In reply to If you could last year, this… by jbrandimore. All the people who just refuse to criticize the players or coaches are the ones who are pathetic. Honestly? Liverpool fans have reacted with anger to the news that Chelsea have stolen a march for Timo Werner. You guys really believe you're as good as the top European nations? Season is over, dude. They rarely ever have cared about their team. — Mark Berg (@shirerabbit31) November 21, 2020 It was made worse by the heckling fans. How does it feel knowing that your team should be called - South US. I play football with friends regularly with friends, but I never watch it on TV. Arsenal fans are starting to give a lot of criticism to defender Shkodran Mustafi, ... Football. Gerrard claimed the second as well before Defoe and Nugent combined for the third. Being a fan doesn't mean being stupid and inflating the worth of everything around the program at all times no matter what. CONCACAF is weak. I don't mean loser in the name calling sense, I mean loser in that these guys are not winners and do not plan or enable the kids to win. See you all at the next coach search. Well, it is a beatdown. It was reported this afternoon that the Blues are ready to activate the Red Bull Leipzig forward's release clause before it expires.. Should the move be finalised, it will bring to an end a long-running transfer saga that often appeared to be going in Liverpool's favour. In the England v Andorra report, you’ll see a half-time video of the fans hurling abuse at the England players and the manager. Andy Nesbitt. Stop. Edit: not sure how this ended replying here. In reply to People have a right to act… by Wolverine Devotee. Football. The reason I like watching LSU is because 80% of our team is Lou And again, Harbaugh isn’t going anywhere.. Granit Xhaka has always been an enigma at Arsenal. We need more teams with a losing record as those are the only teams Harbaugh can beat. Tigers on at 6. HAIL to the Victors 2020: The greatest preview magazine to ever feature a cover athlete who isn't playing can be ordered from us online in paperback or digital format. I love that Harbaugh brought us out of the muck. Just factual. All rights reserved. But do they deserve the amount of crap that’s hurled at them by the fans? I’m just scratching my head at people who can be blind enough to think this team will beat anybody with a pulse. Much better. I think Peterson went mild on the Cooley situation. The team is sure playing like it thinks it is, too. Just the facts. Can they do better? True, they are geographically close universities, but they haven't played each other in football since 1979 as far as I can tell. In reply to OSU got assraped by Purdue… by The Mad Hatter. Pathetic fans. All Rights Reserved | Sportslens, The English media and the fans are pathetic and deserve the worst, Crystal Palace vs Tottenham Hotspur Match Preview, Team News and Predicted Line-ups, Report: Celtic join Rangers in the race for Airdrie winger Thomas Robert, Report: Wolverhampton Wanderers eyeing Dalian Professional striker Salomon Rondon, Report: Martin O’Neill linked with Celtic as he eyes return to management, Paul Merson: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer must drop David de Gea in the Manchester derby, Every Premier League Club’s Best Signing of 2020, Leeds United fans react as Marcelo Bielsa explains Pablo Hernandez decision, Leeds United fans react to Jack Harrison display vs West Ham, Predicted Liverpool starting line-up vs Fulham, Arsenal target Szoboszlai decides to join Red Bull Leipzig. Or on Kindle. A national radio host thinks Michigan football has the most pathetic fans in the country. The team says: "F our fan base and our city." They got worked on the road. When the team gives up, I think it's okay for the fans to give up as well. You're just pathetic and delusional. He certainly doesn’t deserve to hear ‘Steve McClaren is a wanker’. In reply to Oh, so the games vs IOWA,… by MGoBlueFan90, In reply to Nothing matters now by 93Grad. I don’t know... this has been brewing, and it just took a little push to get it going... we had expectations, and we are going to be let down again. Yes, the fans have seen insipid performances and for that the players must be criticised. Some Chelsea fans left at 4-1 down and since hearing the news that it’s 4-4 have returned to the ground. But he's not the answer at this point. Jurgen Klopp has been labelled as ‘pathetic’ by Chris Sutton, following the Liverpool manager’s outburst over the weekend. The last 5 games have been a steaming pile of shit. The second half was a team performance and an admirable one. Shut up! But what about the media, and what about the fans? The guy can't even recruit one qb. Or, to rephrase that sentence using less incendiary language: when it comes to football, intelligent people act stupid. The fans who can't see things for what they are and are the ones who perpetuate the reputation that Michigan fans are all pompous loudmouths. Arsenal Fans Are Sick and Tired of Watching Shkodran Mustafi’s ‘Pathetic’ Displays. Design by Human Element, Hail to the Victors 2020: Digital Edition, The top recruits in the state of Michigan for the classes of 2016 thru 2019 and what they have done, OFFICIAL Ohio State Buckeyes MGoLook-A-Like Diary, Fixing Michigan Football in '21 (and beyond), If You're Not a "Michigan Man," Why Would You Coach at Michigan, Just for Fun: Describe your favorite Michigan games in only 3 words, OT: Florida loses to LSU (and first-time starter QB), LSU wins 37-34 against #6 Florida to go 4-5. Something is going on behind the scenes. You’re not getting a new coach. Brian Cook stands to lose a lot of revenue if M continues to play this way. Apparently, for some strange reason, one of their fans decided to vandalize Princeton's tiger statue. Yes, we have been crap today, but the season far from over. Are we watching the same game? We've been watching this mess since Carr left it in shambles. So the guy that PC fans are begging to stay was unwanted by big blue fans. It's one thing to compete and lose a close game to a good team on the road. Signed for £35m by Arsene Wenger in 2016, it has been an acquisition that has caused endless debates within the Gunners fan base. So I didn't watch. This is has been a flat team for 3 straight games this is a trend. ZERO. You cannot view sports fans from the perspective of reason and rationality. Time to move on. All the people who just refuse to criticize the players or coaches are the ones who are pathetic. In each Tottenham bulletin, we'll bring you the latest breaking news, transfer features and comment pieces, as well as the key talking points for fans. You don't have to say your team sucks, everyone in the world knows they suck. Getting 70,000 hung on you is pretty bad. The guy owes the school a refund. We’ve spent so long criticising and whinging about the England team and the players that we now take it as our god-given right to attack the national team at every turn. I think OSU last year was probably the worst performance. Miami fans simply don’t care about their 3-3 team. It’s justifiable to be disappointed, but that kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anymore. A BBC Sport poll suggests football fans are divided on whether they should be allowed to return to matches before a Covid-19 vaccine is available. Poor players have been failed. Gotta get points here I hope. Edit: At least this would explain a few things if Don were posting from the sideline. The only people blaming the players are the Harbaugh apologists. 80 minutes and not a single try. The only thing I will give you credit for is showing up every year and being a fan of your team even when they move states. Fuck off, In reply to Yes, we are the pathetic… by UMxWolverines. But should Stewart Downing be given this much grief before he’s even given the chance to play well? The idea that I'm not a "real fan" because I say the team is trash when the team is trash is some "no true Scotsman" garbage. The ‘fan’ is egged on by the media and expectations are built so high by footballing hacks living in their vindictive make-believe worlds that anything less than an overpowering copy-cat performance of club football is deemed a failure. I get invited to a Super Bowl party, and I ask who's going. Pathetic standard by Wallabies, Argentina spoiling game survives again. Oh, so the games vs IOWA, PSU, MSU, ND don't matter now? This is a video from 2010 Worldcup when England lost to Germany. I wanted a better result as well, doesn’t mean I want the coaching staff replaced. The Patriots were pathetic at the wrong time and now their run is likely done. .....these guys are pathetic and arent football fans at all, just crazy bunch of Maniac looneys who want to cause trouble and i doubt even watch the match when they are at it Im sure the rest of you watch "Real Football Factories Int'l" good program Just watching the Dutch one on … The ‘fan’ is egged on by the media and expectations are built so high by footballing hacks living in their vindictive make-believe worlds that anything less than an overpowering copy-cat performance of club football is deemed a failure. Being dominant in CONCACAF is like being the tallest kid in third grade. If you can watch this game and not see that we need a new coach, I don't know what to say. British football fans are a pretty sad bunch, they troll anyone who isn't at their club, even players who represent their nation. Privacy Policy McClaren has made mistakes – he made them in Israel, against Macedonia, against Croatia. To be honest they will probably be back in the SPL in about 2 seasons unless they get liquidated again, but about the rest of the teams, thats exactly whats happening, its giving the chance for other teams to get a chance in europe as well. With more $ being spent with zero championships . Harbaugh is out of touch and cannot prepare a team for a big road game. All the people who… by kurpit, You are pathetic if you don’t criticize the players!!! At least both sides are happy, I guess. I don't feel this team owes me wins, but I owe it to myself and family to spend my time being passionate about something else. … by Sparty Doesn't Know. Not that we’d win anyway, but do what you can to at least make it a game. The first half against Andorra was a case of nerves, which wasn’t helped by the get-in-their-faces-and-cripple-them approach used by Andorra. Phillip Cocu's side thought they had snatched all three points in their 1-1 draw at the City Ground when Kamil Jozwiak scored only for it to be ruled out as the Reds had the last laugh What is going through your head when you make a post like this? Shut up and grow the fuck up. Yes, we are the pathetic ones. Posted by jcolding41 on 7/29/17 at 7:52 am to AU4real35 OP's just salty that OJ didn't give the same compliment to the red headed step-children on the plains. 😏 — Football Stands (@TheFootyStands) November 5, 2019. In reply to It wouldn't be a Michigan… by Bando Calrissian. If you count last year, this is six consecutive shit shows. Somebody else should be given the chance to make us elite, In reply to If you can watch this game… by The Homie J. OSU got assraped by Purdue last year. This is a complete beatdown. And yes, that probably includes you. The point is that no matter what that rivalry will always be there. The idea that I'm not a "real fan" because I say the team is trash when the team is trash is some "no true Scotsman" garbage. We'll also send special newsletters when big stories break or there's a special event happening. Expecting them to perform 100% when their own fans are turning on them is unfair – on the contrary, the fans should be cheering the players on even more, trying to get them pumped up so that they can improve. You must view them from the perspective of the absolute lack of anything of value going on in their lives. re: LSU fans are pathetic. I just don't understand why do guys who never play sports want to see a sport on TV. It's another get beat like a drum by a team who recruits way under your team and then the team show no signs of improvement 5 years in. And calling for a new coach is exactly why we’re in this spot. The team has under-performed, and for that the players and the management are equal to blame. Enjoy the season, there may be a few teams with losing records they can eke out wins against. In reply to It’s ok for fans to vent… by Not A. Toomer. Rubbish. What have you seen in the first 3 games that makes you think this team will win more than 7 games? And if you do you see why their otherwise sad, pathetic, and irrational behavior makes sense. Gerrard, that match-winner of ours, put us in front (thanks to lovely assist by Wayne Rooney). Definitely not. The appropriate way to handle this is to just ignore it until Harbaugh and every loser coach on his staff is gone. It sucks, it’s weak, it’s gone too far and it must stop. It’s ok for fans to vent frustration with the direction of the program. The players are doing there best but I don’t believe the coaches have put them in the right position to win. Pathetic, absolutely pathetic. © 2006-2020. Season is far from over. 5 years is a long experiment. SUNDERLAND FAN VIEW: Another manager has gone and my once-proud club is a laughing stock. Broncos fans are just realistic. Stop acting like you’re holier than thou because you’re not as upset as other fans. Seriously? At this point, just spend the next 9-10 weeks prepping for OSU. © 2018 MGoBlog. No. Not the team losing one of the worst performances in Michigan history. If Germans burned the English flag because they lost, people would call them Nazis or something. The England team and the England manager have a lot to answer for, and there are many things that must be addressed before we can call England a team worthy of winning international titles. Football fans are idiots. Glasgow Rangers fans are all reacting to an article from Keith Jackson, after the journalist highlighted an apparent mishap from Dave King. Must not have gone well. Oops...sorry, thought this was the posbang/shutout thread.....well, you can’t shutout the MGOBLOG scents of humor! Plenty of Liverpool fans vented their frustrations at their Brazilian star Roberto Firmino after he was substituted early during their Premier League clash against Manchester City on Sunday evening. :(. Arsenal. It looks like a college team vs a pro team today.