Good Ventilation. PawHut has heard the suggestions of its customers this time around and has made this new coop extremely easy to access. When I say kit-style I’m referring to the types of coops that you often find in your feed store or that you can order on … ], Here are a few I found while surfing around online: (These are Amazon Affiliate links) Pre-Made Wooden Coop with 2 Roosts; Small Square Coop … Maintaining this chicken coop is also easy thanks to the four doors and the pull-out tray. "mainEntityOfPage": "", But, that’s easier said than done since chicken coops vary in shape, size, and quality. The first thing that stands out when you look at the Rite Farm Products Lifetime Series Chicken Coop is its color. Totally fox proof. 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Chicken keeping starter kits. 3Kg capacity Feeder. What makes this feature stand out as compared to other coops is that the solid asphalt roof runs the length of the chicken run, providing your chickens with added protection. The stand-out feature of this chicken coop is that the fenced area allows the hens to move around freely, and the spring-bolt latches keep away predators. Features a galvanized metal tray for easy maintenance, Coop design features tongue and groove treated timber, Non-raised design can get the wood soggy in rain, Advantek offers its lineup of environmentally friendly. New Age Pet Fontana ECOFLEX® Tan Jumbo Chicken Barn (3) Model# ECHK503_B $ 477 41. 64. The raised housing area of this chicken coop is going to keep all of your chickens safe during inclement weather. POULTRY KEEPING STARTER KIT Chicken Hen, just add coop and chickens! 2 x 10L bags of Organic Hemp Bedding. The 80” wooden chicken coop is the ideal choice for those who are looking for something small and compact, that still provides the chickens with ample space to move around. Animal House Large 74 in. This means that it can comfortably house up to four medium size chickens with ease. that features more than one roost, which is a good thing. Tangkula Large Chicken Coop, 58‘’ Wooden Hen House... Confidence Pet 2-Story Chicken Coop/Hen House. Premier’s starter kits contain everything you need for brooding chicks or game birds. Chicken Coop Kits, Heated Chicken Coops, Large and Small Coops, Chicken coops on Wheels, Chicken coops for sale. There are two top hinges that are used to get access to the eggs. The slanting roof panels make sure the rain rolls off easily. The coop has been manufactured with cypress fir, which is both rot and decay resistant, making it the perfect choice for a long-term investment in a chicken coop. Petsfit Weatherproof Outdoor Chicken Coop with Nesting Box... SmithBuilt 7 ft. Put it here, there, or anywhere. Other features of the coop are two screened windows and up to 5 nesting boxes offering plenty of space for multiple chickens to lay their eggs at a time. The company offers high-quality coops along with crates for a host of other domestic pets. Its design also provides lots of space for the chickens to roam around. There are also multiple doors that have been integrated into its design for easy access to all parts of the coop. From large coops to small coops and everything in between, our picks prove you don't need to sacrifice quality or beauty for practical considerations. This is a large and attractive coop that caters to both aesthetic appeal and functionality, making it a great option for those who are either experienced or beginner chicken enthusiasts. When it comes to chicken coops, this is more of a bare-bones design and does not feature any of the bells and whistles you would normally find in other chicken coops that are available in the market. It’s easy to maintain thanks to the easy pull-out metal tray. This kit … Wooden Two Story Chicken Coop. 3L capacity Drinker.